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  1. That could be an interesting idea, i'd like to see that one followed up a bit more
  2. I guess the question was, who do we not want playing up front :-)
  3. You're right of course. My previous comments were all assuming we have the cash and can balance it but you make a good point. I think everyone would love to keep buying new and better players but that's not how things work. Being realistic I would be happyish with what we got but I do think we will struggle to score the goals we need to make a promotion push with our current lot.
  4. I agree, he wasn't awful in that match he just had a few bad spells during the game. The weather made the ball really quick and I think he struggled with that BUT I am still pleased we have him at the club and I think he will be a really useful player for us this season.
  5. Maybe, personally I'd like to buy someone but a loan could be one option. I'm of course assuming we have the money to afford someone else :-)
  6. He looks like he has potential. We don't have many players who are willing to run past a few opponents, so i'm all for a player like this. It will be interesting to see him play against some of championship level players now.
  7. I agree. I don't dislike him at all, I just feel he isn't quite good enough. I'd love him to do well but I don't have high hopes. He reminds me of the lad you'd play football with at school, who was never good enough to make the team but would run around like mad trying to impress at training :-)
  8. I think he might have played left back for us at some point last season, for some reason I remember him playing there before when we had injuries. I could be wrong.
  9. If Mccormack is moving on and Kodja still out for a while I think we are quite in need of a striker. Look back at last season without Kodja, we really struggled to score goals. If Bruce thinks our young strikers are good enough, then we could look to them, if not then I do think we need to buy. Personally i'd like to see 3 main strikers, Kodja Hogan and someone new with Gabby as a fourth choice. We know how hard the championship is, you need at least 3/4 good stikers especially with the amount of games you play each week and injuries which occur from this.
  10. nothing to forgive :-). I was just at that game and remember it well :-)
  11. Though i'm still trying to forget out last game :-) I was actually quite impressed with what Hogan showed. He seemed to find chances out of very little, which is just what we need in a team where we create few chances.
  12. I agree, the championship suits him well and I don't think there's any real shame in that. As you said, anyone with pace he really struggles with and it really showed in the prem but championship strikers tend to be different and I think he has been playing to a decent standard. He's made a few mistakes lately but as does every defender, I don't agree with some of the people suddenly calling him awful again.
  13. yes it was, the post says it was a game when we won 1-0 which is incorrect. We may have beaten Man City 1-0 with Weimann scoring but the picture isn't from that game.
  14. In my opinion they were all at fault. Baker and Chester should both never be headering that ball but Elphick also has to cover there, he is ball watching and doesn't notice the free man. I just put it down to reaction time and being able to read the game. Too often these two attributes let him down, he is often slow thinking and it gets him in trouble. So in my opinion you can say he was at fault for the second goal, I wouldn't say to blame at all but if you watch how he reacts to the situation is isn't the best.
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