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  1. This thread is **** up shit. Go back 10 months and this was the guy we were worried about losing to City not the snake who ultimately achieved his desire of leaving. Mans just got to Copa America final, winning the Olympic final but apparently isn’t good enough for us. Give your head a wobble and then give him a big contract - duggie will be a champions league midfielder with or without us.
  2. That’s absolutely fine. We all know now that we can’t expect any loyalty from any footballer. if he gets us into top 4 and then moves on for 80-100m he’ll have done his job.
  3. The point is that he and his agent had already agreed personal terms with city months ago. They were just waiting for the bid to be accepted.
  4. So according to your sources what miraculously changed in the last few weeks?
  5. So when his agent leaked to talksport and the daily mail that terms had been agreed during the euros that was incorrect?
  6. Grealish agreed terms with city months ago. This whole charade about training etc was about trying to get the best payment terms for city re the 100m.
  7. Sorry to break it to you but he’s gone.
  8. They were fully mugged and Jack lied to all of them. Deal was done months ago.
  9. Unfortunately Jack’s the biggest clearing in the woods out of all of them - this deal was done many months ago. Only question was whether city would pay the 100m or not.
  10. When does this move to other football?
  11. His step father said that Bailey will be having some time off In Jamaica before joining up with the squad. He inferred that his grandmother is very ill.
  12. If/when jack leaves I’m afraid it leaves the owners in a really poor light. Failure to convince Jack to stay and a failure to have the strength to basically say no to a sale. I could accept the above due to the reality of football but what I can’t accept is the complete and abject failure to prepare for this scenario by getting our business done first to avoid the grealish premium that’s basically going to turn the 100m into 80m - which is basically 1.5 Ben white’s in this market.
  13. The point is that if there is no release clause and/or active public demand by Jack then it’s the owners decision to sell not Jack’s decision to leave.
  14. Let’s deal in fact for a moment and not the ridiculous and embarrassing amount of bed wetting going on: - is there a minimum release clause - highly unlikely because surely that would have been mentioned or met. - has jack actively said he wants to leave? - no. It’s as simple as that folks.
  15. If there is no release clause why the hell would villa sell him for 75m or even 100m - even if jack secretly wanted to go? if jack comes out publicly ala Kane then it becomes a different discussion but even then if there is no release clause we don’t HAVE to sell. Also, it’s not a figment of media imagination. This is all down to leaks on the city and agent side, agents trying to get the best deal (whether jack stays or goes) and journos trying to get clicks.
  16. You can’t say no if no one has made a bid and where is the evidence that we’re negotiating with City? As for Levy I’m glad that our owners nor Purslow aren’t playing to the crowd - we’re just getting on with our plans for the season. If I was going to bet money on any player going to City it would be Kane and not Jack.
  17. So it appears in all of the leaks from the agent and from city there is no release fee, no ridiculous bid and no mention of Jack pushing for the move. We appear to hold all the cards.
  18. Let’s cut through all the click bait and all the crap. The simple question is whether there is a minimum release fee clause or not? If there isn’t a clause then Jack stays unless City bid a truly ridiculous amount - which they won’t. If there is a clause then he’s probably gone unless we somehow sell him again on the project.
  19. Who is his agent and who else does he represent…..?
  20. I suspect it’s more the impact of the Euros and Copa America. The big transfers will generally only happen when the international players come back from holiday and then the transfer chains will kick off. It’s going to be a crazy last few weeks in the window.
  21. Only one other English manager in history has achieved what Southgate has already. To even begin to suggest that an alternative approach could have resulted in a better outcome so far in this tournament is absolutely batshit mental.
  22. This is now squeaky bum time. Southgate will show his hand (subject to injuries etc) v Denmark. i don’t think Jack will start but let’s see what happens. The other consideration for Villa fans is that putting all the England stuff to one side, Southgate has probably been acting in Villa’s interests in safeguarding Jack’s health and also giving him a dose of reality re what it means to not be the main guy in a squad. I bet he’s thinking twice about playing Pep’s squad rotation game after the last few weeks.
  23. I think Southgate’s doing just fine. You might not like the man nor his football but to suggest he could be doing better when England have just pretty much got our best ever set of results in a tournament since 66 beggars belief. Jack still has a huge role to play in this tournament in the next two games assuming we beat Denmark. It might be as a starter or it may be as a sub.
  24. But that’s exactly the point. If he’s running at 70/80% in bullshit games that’s completely different to running at 100% and potentially picking up an injury that rules him out of the tournament.
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