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  1. Konsa will make mistakes this season, but i fully expect him to develop further and in time could be one of our great CBs that we love to laud. Appreciate it's difficult to see mistakes on the pitch that lead to goals but we've got someone with huge potential here and need to not get on his back. If we bought in a first choice CB, Konsa would get a lot less game time and his development would slow. Not sure how we ever expect these players to become top class players if we just buy players to play over them
  2. After dipping in and out of here the past few weeks seeing you all tear your hair out at the lack of signings, i logged on expecting to see some happy posts for once.....clearly being too optimistic! The price we've paid is the cost of the top scorer in the championship these days, especially aged 24. The club clearly has a strategy. We'll get (and have already got) a lot of value elsewhere. We're not paying J-Rod wages. We're building a sustainable club with young, hungry players, a mix of british and non-british, players who fight for the shirt and not come for one last pay day. Have faith and trust in the team.
  3. Refreshing this page every 30 secs is pure self flagellation. Seeing Sturridge's name crop up again has, however, forced me back to my spreadsheets
  4. And assuming there's a recall clause, we would get back a player who's been playing regularly rather than sitting on our bench!
  5. If you crying into your pillow means we go on a ten game win streak then i'm all for it, soz
  6. fonz

    Pitch Invasions

    Not surprised to hear there was goading and slapping etc, but if it's confirmed then takes away any excuse at all for going on the pitch. I don't care that it's a minority ruining it for everyone, noone should be on there in the first place! Maybe all those so keen to show their enthusiasm for the club could instead channel it to singing for 90 mins every home game
  7. is it possible to de-register a play mid season?
  8. Any basis for this? Smith has been clear in interviews that we want another striker and the club are working on it
  9. If it's Benteke or nothing, then i'd take him
  10. Mate is a regular at Tannadice. Asked him for his view on Shankland "Shankland is a super goal scorer - 27 this season alone!! But his hold up play, interlinks between the lines isn't great and he isn't particularly quick. He isn't the next McGinn. That said, DUFC have said they dont need to sell him, and his goals are far more important to the team than the cash. Plus it would be a PR disaster for the management. However £5m might tempt the club....." The lack of pace comment alone means it's a NO from me!
  11. Would you rather Hogan or EL Ghazi up front tomorrow?
  12. Unless i'm mistaken, this is exactly the approach we've been taking?!
  13. When you say 'type of signing' what do you mean? It sounds like you have no idea if he's any good.....
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