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  1. Would you rather Hogan or EL Ghazi up front tomorrow?
  2. Unless i'm mistaken, this is exactly the approach we've been taking?!
  3. When you say 'type of signing' what do you mean? It sounds like you have no idea if he's any good.....
  4. Not getting in another striker in the summer is the mistake. Clearly. I'm firmly of the view that the majority of the players we brought in will come good - whether that's for us or unfortunately, somewhere else. We've also seen so many times in the past that it's incredibly difficult for players from abroad to come into the prem and hit the ground running. Next season is the season we should be judging them. That doesn't help us right now obviously, but i refuse to believe they're all s***. If we had bought another striker in the summer i don't the toys would be being thrown out the pram.
  5. fonz

    John McGinn

    How is it a big risk financially to turn an offer down? All of our spending has been made without assuming we will sell McGinn. I believe the club WILL see keeping McGinn as key to our success this year and it is absolutely not worth £50m to sell him because of the profit we make on him, especially as would be difficult to replace in such timescales. Clearly if McGinn says he wants to go it may be a different matter but i'd like to think he'd want to give us his first year in the prem
  6. Having watched Moneyball for the umpteenth time last week i'm stunned to see Billy Beane is a part-owner of Barnsley! For those who haven't seen the film, it's fab (if you're into the geekier side of sports)
  7. Don't know about you but noone can ever be bothered to send out minutes quickly following the meetings i go to at work. Two weeks seems fairly normal for a set of minutes and actions which barely resemble what was actually discussed
  8. If we get Mings can see us with a new CB, LB and RB. If not Mings then two new CB too (i.e. a whole new defence!). Just seen Ashley Young's nice tweet about us so he'll prob come in at RB. We'll try and start season with Grealish, McGinn and El Ghazi. New RW to come in. Suspect we'll try Hourihane early doors but will have a new option lined up if not already brought in. I'd love to see him do well next year (any criticism that's gone his way past two years i'm putting firmly at the feet of Bruce) but not sure he has what's needed to be a top prem-level DM that presses, harrasses, breaks down play etc. Think he can do the distribution bit just fine. Please Conor, prove me wrong. Can see us spending big on a new striker. Even if we get Tammy, don't think we'll rely just on him. Recent interview with Edens suggest moneyball approach likely. I take that to mean several players coming in we've never heard of!. I feel confident we've got the right structure and coaching in place to get the most out of these types of players where in the past we've failed, they've left and gone on to play at top level and are in demand (Veretout etc).
  9. fonz

    James Chester

    I know it's the Bham Mail but worth reading if you can find the article among all the adverts. Chester put his long term health on the line for us this year and looks like it will affect him for the rest of his life. His contribution should not be forgotten and him lifting the trophy with Jack was right. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-chester-makes-heartbreaking-revelation-16339525
  10. fonz

    Wes Edens

    Watching the Sky interviews with Wes, Sawiris and Purslow i've never felt more confident that we finally have the right set up and backing to compete at the top level again (not just on the pitch). It seems simple but the last few weeks have shown we actually plan .....plan for opponents, plan for penalties, plan for if we go up and if we don't. The 'one year ahead of schedule' comment from Purslow said everything.
  11. Happened to be in Sheffield for their promotion parade. The term 'damp squib' comes to mind - didn't help that it was pissing it down.
  12. Crouch in his book talks about how he was put up in the executive suite at the Belfry the night before he signed for us. When he went back to the hotel the next day after signing he'd been moved to a room in which you couldn't swing a cat. Made me chuckle
  13. I feel bad for all those journos who made **** up and now don't get their nice deal (for now) to talk about all week. Simon Stone (BBC Sport) still clinging on.... (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46793145) "It is understood Wolves remain interested in the England forward and may yet try to resurrect the deal."
  14. Woops, missed out Hutton! Not quite man of the match for me but helped to put pressure on down the right with Albert and of course showed the great passion we want from him. And that goal.....not much else to say, just a special moment. Everyone around me was beaming for ages after
  15. Looking back at the footage of their second goal (as couldnt see too clearly from where i was sat) it seems Hourihane didnt track a runner rather than this being on Axel
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