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  1. 12:45am in Oz but still pumped, never gonna sleep now especially after 7 mins injury time. The owners sound like they mean business so onwards and upwards. UTV
  2. Scrum and will never change as nothing ever gets done about it.
  3. At the time I thought the ref should have stopped the game. When he Bottled it Smith should have walked the Villa players off And left it for the EFL to sort it out. But they played on and I think both teams were unsettled by the incident. When McGinn came on it was a different game. Villa started playing through blues who couldn't cope with the movement. super Jack scored and we should/could have got another. However 1 goal aS enough and so glad it was Super Jack. Come on Villa follow up Wednesday
  4. Just need a better start to the season than last year. A win Saturday will give the players a confidence boost and along with Terry's experience we will go on a roll
  5. RIP GT a real gentleman and saved us from freefall. Used to see him from time to time at the plough and arrow with his Mrs, always had time for a quick chat and still loved the Villa.
  6. 9,000 Plymouth fans at Liverpool that's more than small heath get at home
  7. Yeah big loss to Villa but an opportunity for Ross Mc to step up
  8. It's still early days for Bruce and the team. He started way behind the rest of the promotion hopefuls with a team extremely low in confidence. Yes he's made some mistakes but overall has done well. Get a few in to boost the chances we create and I fancy us to sneak into the playoffs.
  9. I think he needs to play Kodger up top as he's the most dangerous out of our top 4 then 2 decent wingers
  10. Fed up with him giving the ball away when he's under no pressure whatsoever. Can't remember the last decent cross he put over and his positioning is shocking. Needs replacing ASAP in January
  11. Yeah I thought he was poor yesterday, gave the ball away under no real pressure and should have done better with the chance in the first half.
  12. Yeah he's certainly not the worst and thought he got done over with the West Ham/Sheffield Utd hoohar some years back
  13. Yeah I would like to see him come back into the side in the next few games even if it's as a sub to start with
  14. Don't rate him at all. He can't cross, his positioning is shocking and he gives away too many free kicks
  15. Yeah I'd say 7 out of 10 so far. Would like to see us score more goals but he's got the team set up better than under RDM. Think he should take another look at Tish in for Westwood but overall good start.

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