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  1. I think it depends which way the wind blows. Though there are rumours that Gustavo Poyet held up commuters at Brighton Station by arguing with the clek over the price of a cheap day return ticket to Birmingham. Might be more on Twitter.... A return???? Damn it, he already knows he is going to turn us down Although that is only going to impress Lerner knowing how cost conscious he is.
  2. Realised that you may have meant with the chance of relegation rather than fancy dress in general. Fingers crossed we'll be safe before the game, although probably unlikely mathematically. It will be quite good to lift the mood a bit, Always look on the bright side of life and all that.
  3. Its not exactly a new thing down the Villa, its happened for years. You not seen the youtube vid of Arsenal last season? I don't do it myself but got no problem with it and it does make you smile. Remember Southampton being a good one. Walking in to pub with Al Capone leading the chants with a few teletubbies and a couple of really hot slutty Police women for good measure.
  4. Never rally understood why they sacked Di Matteo in the first place? Thought he was doing a good job at Baggies. I mentioned Di Matteo to the General in a PM. He was available when we went for McLeish as well. In fact, in 2010 I mentioned Marko Marin to the General in another PM. Maybe they can give me a job as a scout! While he's done excellent with Chelsea and was unlucky to lose his West Brom job and he could do a job for us, you really have to have a look at the situation he's in. He used to play for Chelsea winning a couple of cup finals for them Terry played with him and would have looked up to him then and would still do. Its not always how good a manager/coach is there are other factors as well as a bit of luck.
  5. I saw this quote last night after having a few drinks. Upon waking up I had one of those hazy memory moments thinking did he really say that yesterday. :bonk:
  6. Not surprised by the link but would say the timing is more to do with Sunderland or more likely the media trying to unsettle us further.
  7. From what I gather from reading his health and fitness may give him a better chance, but it seems to me like it's a roll of the dice almost. It all seems to come down to how each individual person reacts to chemo and what other illnesses it brings on when the immune system and white blood cells are lowered.. He has every chance but his form of leukemia has like a 30% survival rate in those over 30. As for you mate, I wish you all the best of luck. Not that you'll need it, you seem like you're strong and handling it well.. I think overall positivity is the strongest weapon against any illness including cancer. Hopefully his health, fitness and heart will help him succeed in the battle to beat it. I guess where fitness doesn't help is up till now his sypmtoms have probably been hidden due to him being an athlete compared to the average person who may have shown signs earlier. That's enough negativity, he's a great bloke and only gave his all on the pitch.
  8. Strange what movement can do for you... Ireland was pissed at how static Gabby was, zero footballing intelligence but can run fast. You're obviously not a Gabby fan as you've made comments about him on several threads but I can't comment on his movement as I wasn't at the game and watched it on a stream. I'd also admit his movement isn't as good as some if it was and a bit more composure he'd be closer to the world class bracket and proabably not still at Villa. I still stand by what I said though its not going to do Wiemann any favours playing on his own upfront and it might just help Gabby out.
  9. All for Wiemann starting but as for him playing instead of Gabby or even Gabby playing on the left, are you serious? While i'm sure he'll work is socks off he's hardly the player to lead the line. If he's going to play i'd play him with Gabby upfront. I think the criticism of Gabby yesterday was a bit harsh, he did nothing but it was the usual case of not having any service whether it be for him to hold the ball up or run onto.
  10. Depends how you look at it. You say its a sacrifice but more positively its a luxury to be able to send them on loan. They both need games and this will hopefully help them. Starting to wonder whether Delfouneso is going to make it, more hopeful of Delph but fingers crossed both make it to the level that fans hoped/expected.
  11. The North stand does seem the sensible idea. Personally I would like Lower Holte, although I'm not sure they would do this if it was a tester as it's quite a large area. However if true about the corner it seems like a pointlessly small area to examine how successful it would be. I agree with everyone else in that I can't see how anyone could really be against it. It will probably be 1 area of the ground if it does happen everywhere i.e Lower Holte. I guess the only people who may have a grievance is those who are there currently and would have to move.
  12. Journalist has probably just read the supporters consultation group thread.
  13. Rang this morning and there is only restricted view seats left £43 central or £38 wings, think they're at the back so the roof blocks your view. They may have blocked it online as they have to make people aware the seats are restricted view, just a guess though.
  14. Have no idea whether true or not and have my doubts but was told that we were't allowed the upper tier, due to previous incidents.
  15. No worries it was a good idea, just ashame it was moved, bit of a jobsworth thing to do, you were only trying to help fellow Villa. I got a ticket today so its worked out for me fortunately.
  16. where is this confirmed? cant find anything http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12942,00.html
  17. Yeah just me, can ask around if your still short but most I know are either sorted for a ticket or not planning on going.
  18. 1 interested here, sent you a pm
  19. Can't find it now on OS but pretty sure it said all semi finalists have been told they will get 31,500 tickets. When annoucing this Villa said that all season ticket/half season ticket and corporate seat holders will therefore be guaranteed a ticket. I'm only guessing but i'd say this would be about 25,000 tickets. Leaving the rest for how ever they decide priority should be done, whether its just loyalty points or games attended this season.
  20. Tried the local supporters club but their not running a bus. So i've booked a place on a coach from Birmingham just in case. It just means I won't be able to get back to Gloucester that night and an early start. If anyone can still help i'd be very grateful.
  21. Not great timing but going to be working in Gloucester during January. Does anybody know any supporters coach that might be going through Gloucester for the Blackburn away semi final. Or maybe someone from or near Gloucester that could give a lift to a stranded Villa fan. Thank you
  22. Wasn't sure where to put this but thought here was the best place that i could find. Can't get out of work for this one. My seat is available for £25 if anyone would like it
  23. The Good companion does usually have lots of away fans, never drank there with Villa though, possibly a good option if arriving by car. Right next to ground near away end is Shepherds crook (Goldsmith av), i have drank in their with Villa, been fine not sure it always is though. Other options just down the road (milton road) are Travellers joy which was rocking a couple of years back. I think the other one i went to last season was Brewers arms, wasn't that lively but friendly enough (although there wasn't 3000 Villa in town then). The one to keep away from on that road is the Milton Arms as its definately not away friendly. (I think i've got those the right way round) For those that arrive early best areas to go with lots of pubs are either guildhall, gunwharf quays or Albert road. Those that are stopping its Student night at Walkabout in guildhall, so will either be a place to head for for cheap drinks and plenty of skirt or to steer away from if not your thing.
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