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  1. I know when housing associations are the leaseholder (well the one my Mrs works for anyway) Owners have to pay for building insurance through the housing association, which is included in their service charge.
  2. I agree with you, there's so many RB's that Southgate doesn't know what to do and shoe-horning them in and over looking other players potentially more suited. One playing on the left one in midfield ones that have been involved, overlooked. I don't think he will, end up playing for England, it just feels like its one last attempt before the actual decision is made whether he wants to and whether he will be selected for Poland.
  3. I just wonder whether this Poland thing is partly to try and wave at Southgate to say look at me, you are about to lose me to Poland. I half noticed that someone from Poland played it down? I didn't see who it was and there must be some truth in him getting it his citizenship but doesn't seem like it's certain. I'm not sure it's the best move if that was the case, as even if Southgate called him up and played him next month. It could then end any potential international career.
  4. I bit my lip on twitter and resisted saying anything, as I don't agree with using racism as one upmanship. They are very quick do to this when a Villa fan is accused/done for racism and think they don't have a racist fan amongst them and if they did, they'd be a number of lads to sort them out. When the sad fact is they have just as many racist fans amongst them as any other clubs.
  5. Definitely my motto at work also. At a couple of places I also set myself a challenge to use as many toilets as I could. One previous job was at Bath Uni, not sure whether I completed all male/unisex public toilets on campus but can't have been far off in my time there.
  6. Wanted chip shop today, but one of my daughter is coeliac so can only get gluten free on certain days. Though sod it I'll make it, so did some chips and home made lamb doner kebab and chicken kebab. It was actually pretty damn good. Both the doner and chips worked so well. Whether it was good enough to do it again though not so sure, a proper ball ache when I would have took about 15mins to get get to the chippy and back and a lot less washing up.
  7. Not too much help apart from I'm not aware she had many issues but a girl at my old job was terrible for forgetting where she parked. She bought a yellow one, thinking it will be easy for her to spot. Little did she know, I think everyone had the same idea and there would be several yellow Jukes in the car park wherever she parked, so it probably made things worse.
  8. We moved from Brum to Droitwich. It's changed a bit now since lived all over the place but we were like your parents. If we were going to Birmingham we were going to town. If we were going to Droitwich town centre we'd be going to Droitwich.
  9. Pretty sure it was coming through the tile grouting, there was little signs of water anywhere else and not by the shower plumbing which was my main concern. For now I have put the tiles back on and re-grouted, as a short term fix until we are in a position to do the bathroom properly. Hopefully that has stopped the issue and will hold for a little while.
  10. As echoed by others, Facebook groups etc have most you need at a fraction of the price and you can usually get the same back what you paid by re selling when done. Mrs was pretty good at doing all that and your circumstances are different but buying everything new you'll spend a shed load on some things that could barely be used, if at all. Especially with a first child as there's the tendency to want to buy anything that you think will help their development when in actual fact some things really aren't all that and some the child won't show much interest in.
  11. I got tickets to an evening swimming session. Only applied for that and an athletics evening, so got quite lucky. Didn't apply for too much as it would be the 4 of us so didn't want to get to end up paying for too many events. Might have a go for something else in the second ballot.
  12. Bloody house owning! With either renting or living close to the in laws, had little DIY to do which suits my lack off skill and knowledge. A while back we had a leak coming into the kitchen. I put new sealant around the bath and that seemed to stop it. The other day we saw signs of a leak in the room next door. It looks like a lot of the grout was in poor condition. I've been pushing my skills today by taking out the grout to replace. Only issue is now there are a few falling tiles, which I think I can manage to refix but I took a couple more off and found where the water must be getting through as the plaster or whatever it is, is patchy and crumbling. Was hoping to have put the grout in by the end of the day (god knows how that will go) but now wondering whether I have reached my limit. With how crumbly it is not sure if I will be able to re-tile to make do until we can do the bathroom properly or it it is going to have to be sorted first.
  13. We had one when we moved into our house back in 1990. It was great fun as a kid with the bubbles going out of control. As already mentioned the noise it made would counter any relaxing benefit. Ours was operated by a cord from ceiling. Every so often a visitor to the house would mistake it for the light switch, resulting in jets of water shooting to the ceiling.
  14. You can see why rehoming centres don't have many dogs they will let families with young children have. Like dogs they can be a bit unpredictable. Our 4 year old girl is pretty good at knowing what she can and can't do with ours and other dogs and we'd consider ourselves responsible owners. We still caught her this week putting her denim jacket on her and putting a book over her head like a tent while she was lay down. Ours is quite endearing when she takes the girls toys, you can tell she's just done it as she has a certain pace as she scampers past, or you hear her upstairs. It's not too much of an issue though as she's not possessive and never chews or rags them like her own, just sort of mothers them and gives them up when she sees one of us.
  15. Cats, squirrels and birds she'd be off like a shot after them. There's a cat that is sometimes over the road at the front of the house and she gets really frustrated she can't get out to it. Other dogs we're still quite wary of her with. We try to meet as many as possible. She gets very excited to see other dogs, again can get frustrated if she doesn't meet them. The majority of the time she is very friendly when they do meet. Some other owners and their dogs are put off a bit as she is eager to meet. People and children she is great with, but can be a bit too licky. Did have one kid ask if he could stroke her, which is good for a kid but then he put his face in hers and his hand virtually in her mouth. She was good as gold as always but parents need to guide their kids more. I won't let my kids doing that with her, let alone an unknown dog.
  16. We had a break in the Lake District this week and took our rescue Shar Pei. Up to this trip we were convinced she hated water. First of all we went to a waterfall and she wanted to explore the water at a level section. The following day we went to the coast. She very much likes to do things on her terms, seems water is no different. Would love to have her off lead but her chase drive is high, it's too risky. So a long line it is for the moment.
  17. Maybe I just like to look on the positive side and it goes against the grain but I think time is right for club and player (if wasn't going to stay for his career) although many will disagree. I think we can improve massively as a team and push on. Clubs spending money after a big sale, notoriously find it hard to spend wisely but it looks promising. He does come across as someone who loves football full stop and I imagine Grealish wants to play big games against big players as much as the trophies and money. As much as success with Villa would have meant much more than at City. We are maybe a minimum of 3 years? from competing well with Europe's best (optimistically) he will have regrets whatever his decision but what happens if he gets injured in 2 years and doesn't do either? The last few years it's said he should give us one more year, how long can that go on? until it's too late? I don't think his head was swayed in the England camp but do think that not playing as much as he should have was the final nail in a decision I reckon he's been considering, well pretty much since we went down. We are where we are because of him, a massive part anyway and if he wasn't a fan he would have been long gone. Last year's contract announcement has fuelled the resentment, and you can see why, especially as I think Grealish and the club knew this was a possibility of happening this summer. My personal opinion is Purslow stretched the truth on the release clause. I don't think it was an amount that they didn't think would be reached. It seems like an amount that was negotiated between Grealish (Agent) and the club as fair value if someone did want him. I'm sure there's lot more I could say on it but that's long enough.
  18. Did see that on Twitter, but I've just ordered some.
  19. It will be interesting what the plan is for these players in terms of integrating them, loaning and selling. There's so many highly rated youngsters it will be difficult to manage if they fulfill their potential. A good problem to have though. Always good to remember, reputation and 16 is far from reaching potential. I watched Eng v France under 16s at Aggborough maybe 1997ish? The only England players to really have a high level career from that day were Ledley King, Scott Parker, Francis Jeffers maybe Bywater was one of the keepers. Matthew Ghent was the other from Villa. I don't think any of the French really became household names at all, in UK at least.
  20. I know people who drink tea without milk who swear by putting hot water in the cup first and then dropping the tea bag in, which would would be the middle ground of what you do and drops the temp a bit but not too much.
  21. Just on way to London for Italy Austria later. Was intending to be good and not start too early but got to New St and saw M&S at barrier, ended up with one of these. And a Gamma Ray Awful will power
  22. I had tickets to the Wembley round of 16 game on Saturday, which I lost when capacity was cut. We are meeting up in London anyway for some beers but just managed to get some again. So will be going to Wembley for Italy v Austria, the last match I went to was our cup final.
  23. I've only done 3 winters but generally the weather doesn't bother me. There's been about 3 VERY wet, cold, windy days, where it's been a pretty horrible experience. It has been a good move for me, I got a new job, which I didn't enjoy at all. So was looking for something else a few months later and got out after a year. Like many it's a job I thought, I could do that's, so thought why not go for it. It's been great allowing me to spend time with the family (I was hardly seeing kids in previous role apart from days off), even though since I changed offices I work 6 days a week (with a full week off every 6 weeks) it's still great. I'm now starting to think about what I am doing career wise. As I said it's been great family wise and improved my health but I do feel like I need something more. More money would be nice too, although it's not too bad pay for what it is. Also from about 6 months in I started suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Which I've been managing, and it didn't really affect me while working, it was more after work and in the morning. More recently there's been times where I start to struggle after about 3 hours. If I can't get it under control I will have to find something else anyway. I'm off for 2 weeks now so at least I can give my foot a bit of a rest. Just checked and I walk an average of over 10miles a day. Which is my overall average including days off. One day last week I walked 21 miles, throughout the day.
  24. My old place did staggered shifts for social distancing. Some finished at 1330 others 1630 and some at 1830. So may have been something like that or may have been down to work load.
  25. I became a postman 2 1/2 years ago. My contract is 30hours. It does vary a lot from office to office. After a fair while of just doing my 30hours at the start, I managed to increase it to full time 39 hours plus an extra 3 hours collecting on a Friday afternoon. I then relocated in August to buy a house and transferred office. It's a bit hit and miss whether I work full time hours at the moment. There is overtime available if I wanted it, as there are local offices that are struggling but this would be after my normal shift had finished or working days off. So I don't tend to push for it as I usually have the kids to sort out. In my current office I work 6 days for 5 weeks then have a week off. So this week and holiday I'll only get my paid my part time 30hours. Although the week off does allow for overtime if they need someone. So I can only talk for the 2 offices I've worked in but yes you can bump it up but can depend on office, you may need to push for it, and some people tend to get asked first, but if you're reliable and keen you can ensure the manager thinks of you early on. Things can change though, like early on in lockdown, with loads going off to isolate. They panicked on staffing cost, with all the sick pay and the cost of covering them, they cut all overtime. It didn't last long as offices were struggling so much.
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