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  1. Not so sure myself. I'm a bit old fashioned in that sense as I prefer my strikers to score goals!
  2. I have to agree, he does look like one of our better players but he has absolutely no end product and is completely ineffectual in the final third. Pretty much sums the whole team up as it happens. We need a better option until he finds his scoring and crossing boots. I suspect he doesn't own a pair!
  3. Lomaski

    John Terry

    I am just about erring on the side of thinking, or more hoping, this will be a good signing, but lets look at the potential pros and cons: Firstly, he has been an exceptional defender throughout his career and we can hope he is still better than most in the Championship. What I really expect from him though, is that when the players go in at half time following the kind of performances we had to put up with last season, and there's nothing to suggest we won't continue to see more, he will give them a real shake up as he is a winner and will want those around him to have the same attitude and expectations. I simply don't think he will put up with the level of shite performances we have witnessed. However, there is a real possibility he is now shot and barely able to play, even to the standards and requirements of the Championship. It's also very likely that he won’t leave Cobham for the Midlands so constantly travelling and therefore won’t mix much with the squad with the exception of their wives who he will invite back to Cobham when his Mrs takes the kids to her Mums. My biggest concern, however, is his huge gambling problem which has forced him to re-mortgage his house twice and his cars are bought on tick. He is skint and Villa just may provide him with the pension bonus he is looking for. It does appear though, that his addiction hasn't seemed to affect his performances on the pitch. In conclusion, the guy is obviously looking for a big final payday and Villa are repeat offenders where this is concerned. However, just his name alone may be the lift this club needs, and if he can keep his personal problems personal, it may just work out for both parties. After all, none of us are paying his wages and promotion bonus.
  4. Lomaski

    Tony Xia

    To match our performances!
  5. Yacine Bammou - 8 goals in 58 starts for Nantes. Methinks not!
  6. Lomaski

    Tony Xia

    In simple terms: A man has voiced his opinion as part of his job and in turn has been berated, insulted and sworn at by a supposed respected business man. Just my opinion, but I don't want the owner of the club I support acting in such a disrespectful and childish manner. For me, the evidence is mounting up that Dr Xia isn't all he is being made out to be.
  7. I am fully behind the walkout but it seems that everything is conspiring against us currently. Now its the fixtures. The impact that a walkout will have will be massively diluted by the fact that in each of the 3 games in question (Everton,Chelsea and Tottenham) we will be at least 2 if not more down by the 74th minute. If we were playing Bournemouth for example, there is a reasonable chance that we would still be very much in the game, thus I believe that walking out at that point would have considerably more impact. For many watching, they will just assume its a bunch of bad losers going home as the scoreline won't be pleasant reading by then in any of the next 3 home games. Oh well, such is life!
  8. 1 point already Arsenal = Obviously no points and another bashing to our goal diff Newcastle = They are on a high so a soul destroying loss and final confirmation we are down West Ham = Probably another home defeat (given how the lads will feel following Newcastle) but holding out for a point Norwich = Again, given the feeling following Newcastle, one point at best So December = 3 at best
  9. We will definitely be on the wrong side of 20 points, but will be interesting (although probably not) to see how close we can get.
  10. Lomaski


    Hi. 45 year old fan - brought up in Erdington but lived in Devon since 10. Stream most games but don't have any villan friends to share thoughts with. Looking forward to getting all this frustration off my chest - there's a lot so i'll apologise in advance.

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