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  1. we should be putting these away
  2. Richie k

    Louie Barry

    surely they arent leaving him out of their team when hes applying himself?
  3. The fenian movement were a big part of kickstarting the last irish move against british oppression which won independance a few decades later. Weird that some people think its offensive to the irish
  4. i bet they dont even know where the word fenian came from
  5. all out attack, get the goal by shocking them, then park the bus
  6. Richie k

    Ezri Konsa

    dont understand why he played on. as a player if i wasnt 100% i wouldnt want to hinder my team
  7. he left him hanging i thought too
  8. Richie k

    Masks !

    not sure what you mean by that as im not british but of what i know of torys it sounds way too sesnible for them
  9. Richie k

    Masks !

    yeah thats kind of what i meant, but you expanded more on it lol. pity everyone doesnt have the same mindset
  10. Richie k

    Masks !

    people should know at this stage in any given situation if they should or shouldnt wear it.
  11. The last thing defenders low in confidence need is fans on their back. we need to get behind both full backs
  12. Richie k

    Matty Cash

    I think he needs to mature a bit. Looses his head sometimes. Great crosser but never really takes on players to go around them. This year will be harder for him and id be quite happy to have him and Guilbert rotated to push each other on
  13. with him being injured now and missing southamptons opening games does that mean we cant sign him because he wouldnt pass a medical?
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