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  1. Ive a feeling Buendia is going to be what i wanted Carlos Gil to be
  2. i may have missed it, but have pictures of the away kit been leaked?
  3. Been waiting all my life for an adidas villa jersey. All claret with 3 blue stripes on the sleeve. like the luke one but with the blue stripes.
  4. just checked for an update on the transfer and i cant make out if its a well done deal
  5. racists are a small minority of people. the problem is in some places its a bigger minority
  6. i would love to see us with an adidas jersey. all claret and 3 blue stripes down the sleeves
  7. A couple of things I came across online. Old mocks ups obviously https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/u578ef986-f8d2-4855-80e5-1ec466d10090/Villa-Park-60-000-seats
  8. i wouldnt mind seing hourihane get a run out.he seems to always bounce back and play well when dropped
  9. Cork, Ireland Started following around 93/94 when paul mcgrath andy townsend steve staunton and ray houghton played with them. liked the name too hehe. always been an irish conection since; richard dunne, stephen ireland, ciaran clarke, robbie keane even roy keane.
  10. hadnt logged on here much lately but going through threads frm the last few weeks i keep seing your name and endless negativity in your posts. why do you even bother id say you must depress the shit out of yourself. you actually put me off visitng this site because sometimes its tough enough being a villa fan without the constant glass half empty stuff thats here too. not saying we are going to be european champions any time soon but isnt it better to have a good outlook on things instead. its like you want players/ coaches etc to fail
  11. i know tony said he will listen to fans opinions but i hope not too much as their are alot of people he shouldnt listen too
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