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  1. Popped into the Villa store today. I was told that the kit launch is on the 4th July but could be bought forward.
  2. If Spurs are getting £60m from Utd then I would add another £10m to jacks price!!
  3. I'd still like us to go for Nakhi Wells. Fast, two footed and he can finish.
  4. Meant to post this sooner.... Saw Troy Deeny going into Villa Park with Gary Gardner before the qpr on tuesday
  5. when im viewing site through safari on my iphone i keep getting directed to zynga poker app. it works fine thru puffin and on my laptop
  6. Not a bad game from concrete Ron but I dont think he's captain material! He's seems very quiet. I sat right behind the dugout and first half the only Villa player you could hear shouting was Guzan!
  7. I hate being away first and last game of the season!!!
  8. Well I know that isn't accurate for a start. Im only passing on the Information I was given.
  9. I popped into the club shop today to buy me a support stan t shirt. The sales assistant said the new home kit should be revealed soon as it is going on sale from the 16th June. She also said there will be over 120 villa macron products available to buy which is more than double what Nike provided. She said we are going to be macrons flagship team and all products will only be available via the clubshop. She seemed to think that macron will treat us a lot better than Nike did. Im going to reserve judgement until I have seen the quality of the products but I think the deal and the way we will be treated by macron sounds promising
  10. Sorry meant candidates that WERE available!!! Before i get slated for mentioning Jol!!!
  11. If we end up with Martinez then questions must be asked of the board... There are a number of other better candidates available ... Carlo, rafa, Hughes, Jol. If if we r going to go for a manager already at a club then go for moyes. If we end up with Martinez what does that say for our ambition??? A manager who's team only stayed in premier league on the last day of the season?? Hardly inspiring for the likes of bent and downing or potential new signings for that matter! Only my opinion!
  12. No true. Did you see the reception he got at the Hillsborough memorial service in April?
  13. I hope it is Rafa now. I read an interview he did with the BBC's Dan Walker and to be fair he came across really well. Seems to have learned from his past mistakes and is still hungry for success
  14. Can't believe I'm saying this.... But I'm coming round to the idea of Benitez. Watched some his old interviews on you tube. I like the way he creates a siege type mentality and his belief in his team.
  15. If Carlo is definately a no go then it's Moyes for me. Followed by Jol or Hughes

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