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  1. No idea what the team will be. Great that it's because we now have so many good options.
  2. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-tyrone-mings-southgate-21579214.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Another one Mings has fooled with his pesky ways In all seriousness great stuff again from him, largely agree with him but even when I don't who cares, does what he does well and definitely the best Villa content creator out there for me.
  4. As a response to the previous stat
  5. There he goes again, fooling the fan base.
  6. He's literally never been wrongly criticised though so this just can't have happened.
  7. Since the beginning of last season he's been referred to as a "donkey" and "arrogant" on a time where nobody else has, particularly on this forum, nevermind beyond. If that is to refuse to acknowledge his mistakes then coloure me guilty but fair play to anyone refusing to acknowledge otherwise.
  8. Yep. Look at how often Konsa passes it sideways or backwards vs Mings per game. It's as much a trait as anything else at this level and it's part of why Mings it more integral to us as Konsa is, despite him having a reputation as a "ball playing defender" when we signed him.
  9. That doesn't actually disprove anything I said tbf. Nobody denied he's capable of making mistakes and if that's your stance then fair enough, don't take it personally
  10. Some of you are absolutely buzzing he's made a mistake. Only thing we're missing is "I know we're not allowed to criticise him but..."
  11. Indigo

    Dean Smith

    Scoreline doesn't reflect how well we played, but Chelsea are a serious team. Hope this doesn't knock the confidence too much because take that level of performance into the Everton game and beyond and we'll be ok.
  12. Can only be encouraged by this. Will he gutted if we keep this up and don't get something from it but proud of the performance all the same.
  13. Do think there is merit in the idea of matching them up formation-wise to limit the overloading their wing backs so often do (James missing is a huge boost in this sense). Villa were lucky not to be punished more for how much joy Chelsea were getting down the sides at the back end of last season and they absolutely killed Arsenal with it a few weeks ago for both goals. Something like: Steer, Cash, Tuanzebe, Konsa, Mings, Targett/Young, Luiz, McGinn, Bailey, Ings, Watkins/El Ghazi ...might not be the worst thing in the world, although if Watkins is fit I can see this 4-4-1-1 set-up becoming the norm starting from this weekend.
  14. "What are they doing over at BMH?????"
  15. Offensive coach that places an emphasis on possession certainly falls further in line with what Smith identified as our issue at the back end of last season sans Grealish. Interesting to see how it plays out now that he's gotten playing and coaching staff in specifically to address this.
  16. Why were we bidding on JWP if the owners have "turned the taps off"? Feel like what's been reported re: the logic behind signing or not signing more makes the most sense.
  17. Glad that's over with finally. Think we'll be grand this season.
  18. In that first half it really looked like we'd landed on a well-balanced midfield with McGinn-Sanson-Luiz, shame the whole performance immediately went to shit in the second half once Wolves started pressing and then we didn't really get the chance to see it in action again.
  19. Seen some OM fans say some nice things about him on Twitter, just in case that buys him some more time with some folk.
  20. Stuck the game on for Sanson and stayed for this lad, he really does look excellent. Was like watching the senior team from the last couple of years at times with Grealish, everything went through him second half and he never failed to look dangerous. He scored twice and yet you could still say that his end product is inconsistent, could be scarily good if he can iron that out even more with added game time. Can't wait to see more of him in the first team.
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