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  1. To be honest, I also think that this ridiculous cryptic messaging needs to stop. However, the text is can be deciphered in any which way you see fit. It's easy on first read to think he's sticking, but read through it again and equally I can draw the conclusion that he's on borrowed time. I can also think that on another side, it places some blame on the 'whole' or the team as it were, or the 'leaders' within the team not performing as they should be. Maybe giving a hint to the idea that the players were self sabotaging/ not listening to Bruce's instructions. Who knows! Fin' riddle me this, riddle me that.
  2. Yep, really happy to be hearing this news. Thanks for those 2 (?) excellent free kicks, thanks for that bostin' header against Burton Albion.....that's about it. The fact that I struggle to think back to any high points in Bacuna's Villa career really says it all. I think he's a player who has never really found and will never find his best position on the pitch. Should have moved on a long time ago with the rest of the rot. Especially should have got rid after the 'champions league' incident. Thanks for your efforts Leandro, but it's time to put your headphones on, get on your segway and glide off into obscurity. Aston Villa will be the biggest club you will have played for. All the best.
  3. seannnc

    Keinan Davis

    Just scored a great goal in PL2 match against Brighton
  4. I think we've been caught with this one. Daily Mail have printed a story with no pictures (except for old Jack partying pictures) and have padded it out with speculation. It really is a bit of a non-story and looks awfully like they are trying to stir up some news for themselves. Maybe Jack was there maybe he wasn't but IMO lit's important to look at the fallout of this story. This has played out very well for the papers if you ask me. Collymore who is meant to be a journalist himself, can't spot a poor piece of journalism and jumps to write 'an open letter to Jack'. So guess what's on todays papers! Instead of a one day none story, Collymore has made it a two day back pager. Followed by Tony-Tweet-alot, (who can't keep it quiet about anything that goes on) has also given the papers more fuel for their fire. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/aston-villa-owner-urges-jack-8888727 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/09/21/stan-collymore-writes-open-letter-to-aston-villas-jack-grealish/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-3801043/Aston-Villa-fine-Jack-Grealish-50-000-late-night-antics-Roberto-Di-Matteo-reads-riot-act.html I just think we've got done on this one hook line and sinker, the official word from the club was 'investigating the ALLEGATION internally'. I just wish everyone involved could have stuck to that.
  5. Reminds me of my gym membership, what a false narrative that was. I only went once. Really disappointed by this news. I think everyone needed something consistent with a simple message that everyone could get behind. Something to feel as if we were Aston Villa again. It seemed to be working with Out the door on '74 after the organisers hard work etc. At least it was something! Randy didn't even reply to the letter, but you've appeased them/him before negotiations have even started, for Brian Little. Well what a revolution that was, it was good while it lasted. I think you could still turn it around, the game is still 23 hours away.
  6. I think the players will well and truly give up after that defeat and just go through the motions for the rest of the season. I even expect Remi/Fox or whoever runs this sinking ship to approach the rest of the season with this plan. They might even do a bit of preparation in January by buying some players ready for the championship, however if the last few years are anything to go by in terms of preparation, I doubt it. After todays result and watching the players playing as well as their general demeanour, I think they are finished, no one wants to be there. Sunderland weren't much better, it was a poor game of football, however they bullied a result out of the game. I don't envy Remi at this point, even if he/they have accepted we are down (which i think they have judging by the start of the statements to the media http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35211325), what is the best way to go forward? Chuck the kids in every week? Give some of the prospects some development time? The players who are there who aren't performing or are simply not good enough, send them to the reserves or get them sold. Maybe get them prepared for the championship where they might do well or gain some experience? I think we might see one or two jump ship if any offers come in this month. Gil being one (I could see the 'wtf am I doing here' look in his eyes as he stumbled off the pitch). Even though he scored today and as much as he has proved to be a neat player with a lot of potential, he really got bullied off the ball today, he had no physical presence and basically got pushed over all the time. It doesn't help that not many of these that were fouls were given, but still, I think a real area of weakness, as well as all the other abundance of weakness, is in our physicality, not enough players who can win the physical battles or they lose the ball too easily. Anyway, sorry to single out a strong player (for this team) when there are so many more that deserve to have their wages stopped. Just ramblin' on....
  7. Thought he worked really hard last night! Tracking back (as was mentioned) was great to see. I also noticed how vocal he was. I think at one point he was shouting at Bacuna a fair bit, maybe because of a wayward pass or something, great to see that! Thought it showed a bit of passion and desire. He seemed to really tighten up that right side last night.
  8. Watch him and Bent go and bang in 40+ goals between them next season now
  9. Maybe it took a while to reach a deal. Maybe it does take a while to get all parties officially in a room to sort it out, they always said they were 'talking' to Delph. I like to think that with all the hard work they do in training at BMH they don't get much chance to do the 'paperwork' . Possibly could have been decided a while back that he was signing a new contract, maybe around the time when the season started looking bleaker and the fans were becoming unhappy. It's perfect, positive PR ammunition to have that can maybe raise a bit of cheer, so they saved it to use at an important time. I think it had a really good effect, and also the media fallout of it has been mostly positive. It's been linked with some follow up interviews with Delph and Tom Fox and there's just a bit of positive buzz floating around atm with a slight hint of optimism, which is a nice change. I also believed a lot of Delphs reasons for staying and felt he was genuine, he's really gone up in my estimations. I think it's an overall nice change to have that bit of loyalty shown in football. Loyalty to Aston Villa for a change too. I also love the media being gobsmacked and trying to work out why he stayed. They see it as no-one ever stays at Villa, especially recently, Barry, Milner, Young, Tommy Johnson . Anyway, i just like how it's a bit rebellious of him to not do what most expected, it just gives me a bit of an edge this week when i'm enjoying all the non-conformists being different. With their long hair and their music. Their Motorcycles and their denim.
  10. I think Grealish and Robinson should both go back out on loan. Lambert clearly does not intend to play them, and all that is happening at the moment is that their development is being interrupted. Grealish has at least had some pitch time though, although nowhere near enough. How can Lambert know what impact Robinson could make without every actually giving him proper game time. It's been the same with Burke, Calder, Johnson and many others who appear in the squad but never get even a faint whiff of football. Which maybe understandable if we were any good but considering we aren't................ Because Lambert sees them in training every single day? If he knows that they are not even half the players that we take them to be at the minute then surely Lambert knows what impact they could have on the team, i.e none. Thats not to say of course that Gabby has any impact... Agreed, I think if he has no intention of playing them, then being loaned out is what's best to ensure their development. However, I would rather see Lambert select a hungry Grealish, rather than some players he selects week in week out, players who haven't gone hungry for awhile...
  11. The Independent are also reporting the Paul Lambert 'I can handle the pressure' quote. Even these little things are starting to wind me up. Also reports of Jack Grealish going out on loan. I hope Lambert doesn't let him go, I think he needs to get more first team football but i'd much prefer that to be in our colours. I think we need a bit of hunger in the team.
  12. Agreed, I think it just shows that Lambert is not getting the best out of this team. I think there is something or a lot of things going on behind the scenes. In terms of Cleverley, I was really optimistic when he joined, but i've now made up my mind that i'd like him to see the remainder of time he has left here on the bench. The only thing I saw of him once, was a dribble at the home game against Leicester, but even my Dog dribbles all the time. Surely Lambert can see this, and Gabby as well. I up until recently stood by Gabby's place in the squad, but he just seems to be getting poorer and poorer. Lambert just doesn't seem to combat any of the bad form. If you're in bad form, you get dropped for a few right, give someone else a go, competition for places and all that. It's these little things that rile me up, these are the basics of management right? I mean it's what I do on football manager ha.
  13. This is my first post, i've finally joined the forum to vent my frustrations at this current situation we are all in. I like many, have had enough. Like many, I've understood the constraints Lambert has been working under. Time after time, i've given it more time (as we all have). Poor results, poor performances and post-match Fifa, smashing the team we just lost to in attempt to make myself feel better. Anyway, I feel sorry for Lambert in a way. I have a little bit of empathy for him and the situation, but my patience has run out. I think the Leicester game did it for me. Baffling tactics. I listened to Andy Gray's interview yesterday and through his professional encryption could sense his opinion. He was saying sometimes a manager just doesn't fit with the club. I believe this to be true with Lambert and Villa. However I just cant see the alternative. If Lambert was sacked, i'd be more concerned who the next one would be. I'm not sure anyone could 'save' us. On the other hand a little bit of me thinks that anything could be better than this. In my 25 years as a Villa fan, this is the worst it's been for me. This football we all endure is even making me start to resent the premier league. Anyway this is not really a very enlightening post, there has been many more like it and unfortunately it looks like many more to come. Just wanted to get off the mark as it were.
  14. Hi there, My name is Sean, i'm 25. I've been following the forum for a few years now and have finally decided to join. I used to live next door to Paul McGrath, he used to have the youth team come and do his gardening. My Nan once saw Savo in Sutton Coldfield getting cash out. She went up to him to get his autograph as she knew he was my favourite player at the time. She said 'Excuse me Mr. Missalot, can I have your autograph please'. He laughed. Sean.
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