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  1. McCormack, Lansbury, Taylor, Kodjia, Elmo, Bjarnason, Hogan, Chester and Grealish would be my guess as to where a lot of the money is going out of the players that are left, Can't imagine anyone that arrived in the summer on a permanent to be on massive wages. Other than Jack, Chester and maybe Hogan, I would think the club are looking to move the rest on in the summer, making further savings. Shocking to think that from all the players signed since we've come down, Its probably only Chester, McGinn and Hourihane that seem to be worth keeping.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Smith tries to reintegrate Hogan, maybe the whole point of sending him out on loan was to get some more playing time (not that I think he's playing much) ready for next season when the team will be geared more towards the way they played at Brentford. Really hate saying it, but I think Jack will go. For him and us as we can use the money on the rest of the squad. With the January window having been so quiet, I wonder if some time was spent setting up deals/talks for the summer. We're going to need an influx of players early on in the window.
  3. This. Imagine the scenes compared to everything that's going on right now. Even Hourihane would be hailed a hero! More likely 2020 I think, get the right players in and start functioning more as a team. Hopefully we see an influx of players at the start of the window.
  4. Didn't we hire a set piece coach? Our delivery is so poor a lot of the time!
  5. A lot of Villa's problems will go away once Alan Hutton is no longer in the team. Long overdue now.
  6. Getting really fed up of Kodjia and his bad decision making. Does he ever pass?
  7. This. I'm thinking a cheaper version of Fernandinho would be great.
  8. Oh Tammy, really hope these missed chances don't cost us. we could do with another goal.
  9. Just when I was about to say our attackers need to be much better.
  10. Look what Dean Smith has done to us after what, a month? just think we can be even better!
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