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  1. The interview is up on the Guardian. Very good read. I think getting him in could be the last piece of the puzzle in us taking major steps forward. Is it possible this could all already be done? There's been a few youth development hires recently as well.
  2. Lets try to get the players out who don't contribute anything first like Lansbury and Hogan. That must be about 60-70k a week in wages right there. Use that money for talented young players that can phase the rest (Taylor, Nyland, Jota etc) out over the next few windows. Going to much more of a squad game now, can't see anyone that signed last year leaving unless a good offer comes in.
  3. Obviously easier said than done, but I want to see players coming in that can consistently perform week in, week out. I know there's been a break but I can't remember the last time El Ghazi actually did something meaningful given how excited we were to get him signed at the start of the season. I think with someone like Deulofeu we'd be getting the same thing, one decent performance every 4 weeks.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/19/michael-emenalo-the-narrative-that-white-is-good-has-to-change Michael Emenalo - a big part of the successful players that have come through at Chelsea. Ready to get back into football. Seems like a no brainer to replace Suso if he's willing to potentially work in the championship for a while.
  5. This. As poor as Davis and Samatta have been. The service they get has been awful. We look clueless when we get Into final 1/3 of the pitch. Some players that can cross the ball well on a consistent basis would be a great start.
  6. Definitely think the influence 1 & 2 have had on this season is underestimated. Can't recall any other squad needing such major surgery. Combine that with FFP and we were at a major disadvantage before we'd even started. Being hopeful, I'd like to think the club is in a better state wherever we end up. Most of the high wages are gone, any player that leaves we'll actually get some money for (12 players going out the door for pittance didn't help much with no.2). Much better platform to build on next season. We just need the right people to do it.
  7. KB_Villan

    Dean Smith

    Awful from top to bottom, so many questions need to be asked. I feel sorry for Smith as it seems between Suso getting in players he didn't want and Terry waiting for him to fail, he's managing with a hand tied behind his back. The problem is he's not helping himself as we don't seem to have improved anywhere across the pitch. Where are the ideas? the creativity? a plan to deal with whoever is in front of us? And if we don't have those where is the fight? We're staring relegation in the face, but we have a very good chance of getting out of it, yet no one seems bothered. So so frustrating, that surely lies with Smith. Ultimately, FFP and the decisions/signings made the last few seasons have screwed us over. We'll have a better foundation to work from next season whichever league we're in. The way this run in is going, I'm not sure if Smith is right person to take us forward.
  8. Whatever happens, (hopefully a win) let's hope we get through the game without any injuries. We have another 11 finals after this one. UTV!
  9. This, though I think he did a few things well. It's time the club moved on from this now so we can concentrate fully on the league. Hopefully all the companies house activity means NSWE are preparing to buy out the last of what Xia owns.
  10. Think De Laet would have been decent for us had he stayed fit, we then went on to sign 20 other right backs. Hopefully we can get a fee for Bree. Can't complain at the rest and wish them the best as they all played a part (bar Richards) in getting us back. Very refreshing to see us getting this all done quickly as well.
  11. Really seems like Albert isn't happy. Annoyed not to start maybe? Didn't seem that bothered when he did come on. Told Grealish where to go after taking a poor shot. As for the penalty, the technique was awful and lazy. Almost felt like he jogged up to the area, blasted the penalty over, then ran off down to the changing rooms!
  12. so poor, as much as I want it, not sure we deserve it.
  13. We look totally out of ideas. I think the short corners are because of their tall guys, but at some point. you've just gotta get it in there.
  14. Green poor, I know Adomah's not been great, but I think he offers more. I'd rather Taylor just have a shot or pass it backwards, just stop giving it away!! No one's really been great so far. Massive second half.
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