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  1. The Bundesliga Thread

    I have no idea how to insert videos on here but this is disgusting! https://streamable.com/zq945
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Jens Keller
  3. Maintain my comment about Sane and Dembele being the future best players in the world.
  4. The Bundesliga Thread

    Yeh, another terrible dive from Werner, he definitely has something of the Jurgen about him. Not sure if he will be the starting striker (I would have him personally), but Low isn't sold on him just yet I think. Hamburg should be safe, but has been said many times in the past and they love to leave it til the last minute to secure it! Don't think Schalke have a fit striker for tomorrow, so should be another fun game to watch...
  5. The Bundesliga Thread

    Brilliant strike from Naby Keita last night against Hamburg!
  6. Text Message from Villa: Season Ticket Suspended

    Assuming someone has already used the Joleon Lescott excuse?
  7. AC Milan

    Anytime, enjoy the game! Let me know what you think of Milan
  8. AC Milan

    Tickets are here now mate Udinese Game
  9. AC Milan

    Have you contacted the club or the hostel/hotel you are staying in? Tell them the area you want to sit in and see if they can sort it, if they can't go to the ground the day before and pick some up. The tour is done by yourselves, but the stadium is worth a look. Hopefully you will get the weather for the weekend we had a storm one day then mid 30s the next. The underground system is possibly one of the easiest I have ever used. Bars and clubs supposedly shut quite early but I am sure you can find somewhere to go.
  10. AC Milan

    They release tickets on the website for matches, we got them a few weeks before for the derby against Inter. They will come up on the website eventually, but also, you can always email the club, or get them when you get to Milan, from what I can remember they rarely sell out, who is it you would be watching them play? Definitely try and get behind a goal, the atmosphere in the side stands was poor, but that was due to lots of tourists who didn't really follow football. When you go to Milan, make sure you go to the Navigli area for drinks its stunning and happy hour = free anti pasta. I will have a look through my emails to see if I can find anymore information for you.
  11. The Bundesliga Thread

    Konopylanka had a difficult season last year because the manager didn't like him, this is where the sporting director doesn't work or benefit teams if they have different mindsets. However, this year the new Schalke manager likes him, and he is playing more and scoring, so hopefully he will do well. Jonathan Tah is a brilliant defender in the making, saw him play for Dusseldorf a few years ago and he was an absolute monster!. Dortmund don't have a money issue, they are very wealthy it's not like it was 10+ years ago, they, Leipzig and Bayern have more money than anyone as they are on the stock market. Timo Horn should look to leave, or Bernd Leno, but there are so many good goalies in that league, Fahrmann at Schalke is great too.
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Slow, always injured and has a diabolical goalscoring record...in other words, sign him up!
  13. The Bundesliga Thread

    Very little chance of him going to Dortmund he grew up in Gelsenkirchen and is a Schalke fan/former player, there would probably be riots if he did that, I would also say similar for Ozil who came through the same system. Also, Chris, Embolo is back in with the under 23s but I imagine they will be playing him after the international break.
  14. The Bundesliga Thread

    Burgstaller I think has a knock or is recovering from one, I would like them to take a punt on Origi for the season, as I think he would be ideal.
  15. The Bundesliga Thread

    I think it was an FFP thing so he will go to them for the money or you're right no point at all. Typical Schalke performance here, the goal they just gifted to Hannover was straight out of the Aston Villa relegation season handbook of defending. They will never do anything when playing Franco Di Santo as a starting striker either.