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  1. The Bundesliga Thread

    Curious as to how they are like Newcastle? He got 20 points from 11 games with a poor team in the BL2 hopefully he will be decent, I have reservations.
  2. The Bundesliga Thread

    My beloved Schalke are about to sack their manager again, if they don't get Tuchel it is a disaster.
  3. The Bundesliga Thread

    Pete Bosz is the new BVB manager, let's hope he is as successful with them as he was in the Netherlands last year!
  4. Christian Benteke

    I think if you look at how his career has gone since he would definitely question his decision, no longer a starter for Belgium and in terms of career has made no progress. Yes he is richer, but I don't think he is ever going to struggle for money.
  5. Christian Benteke

    I still think that no matter how bad our season was the year we went down, that if he was asked now if he regrets leaving us he would say he did. It was a terrible career move, and I am glad he is hitting form again this year. Would be perfect for Everton if they lose Lukaku.
  6. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Game was poor, but the 3 points paper over the cracks, give us even greater bragging rights and hopefully send them down. Next season SB has a lot to prove to us, as the football has been turgid, I will allow him this season (big of me I know), as he has had to clean up another mess. However, next season I want to see us attacking teams and playing football we deserve to see for the money we have spent. Purely out of interest as I was in the North Stand today, but was the Holte End quiet? we couldn't really hear it when the North Stand was quiet.
  7. The Bundesliga Thread

    Such a shame there is little to no BL2 shown on tv over here, I would much rather watch that than the Australian or Scottish leagues that we get to see. One thing you are guaranteed with German games is lots of goals and entertainment.
  8. The Bundesliga Thread

    Purely out of interest, but which stadium do you think has the best atmosphere in it?
  9. The Bundesliga Thread

    It definitely had a massive impact, the season before they had Draxler bought, but as soon as the company got found out, they had to cut the funding to the club and start to sell players. It is a shame, as having been to Wolfsburg, there is literally nothing else there but the VW factory and the football stadium (and they're about 200 yards from each other). I have nothing against any of the teams, they all break the rules or flaunt them somehow. If you think about it Bayern and Dortmund are on the stock exchange whereas others i.e. Schalke are still 51% owned by members, so they are not as wealthy. I just want the league to be competitive and for Bayern to not dismantle other teams by buying their best players, oh and for Dortmund to stop being everyone's second team....boring.
  10. The Bundesliga Thread

    Was a strange one to be honest, he was electric at times, but he has been played through the middle recently and excelled ,however, they put him on the right on Saturday up against Coke (who hadn't played all year) which was a massive mismatch, so I don't think I saw a true reflection. I think he will be a huge player, his footwork is incredible, he had an early chance and wasted it. If I was offered Sane or Dembele, I would still pick Leroy, he has aerial prowess which Dembele doesn't have and is more likely to score.
  11. The Bundesliga Thread

    The fans don't kick off with each other in the seating sections like they would in England, as long as the away fans don't infiltrate the standing sections there is no trouble. I was at the game and we saw no trouble inside or outside the ground again, English fans could learn a thing or two. Schalke should have won the game too, disgraceful decision in the 90th minute to not give them a penalty when Bartra handled it in the box, would have been an amazing way to win the derby. On Sunday I was at the Stuttgart v Dynamo Dresden game too, around 10,000 away fans and the atmosphere was incredible! We were sat next to them in the home stand, but were surrounded by away fans (again no trouble). The game was on BT Sport if anyone saw it they'll know how good it was, 3-3 with a 94th minute penalty for Stuttgart having been 3-0 down. I would put some pictures on here, but I can't work out how to make the pictures smaller. Finally, I would love us to sign Simon Terodde he is class.
  12. The Bundesliga Thread

    Really hope they do (for obvious reasons) so far its 1 win, loss and draw, so something has to give. They seem to have finally bought in to how Weinzierl wants to play, so they have a bit of form, shame the international break came when it did. Always wanted to go to the Mercedes Benz Arena, so I'm hoping it is as good as I think it will be, but there will be 16,000 away fans there, so should be a great atmosphere anyway.
  13. The Bundesliga Thread

    Schalke v Dortmund tickets and Stuttgart v Dynamo Dresden tickets in hand, roll on next weekend!
  14. The Bundesliga Thread

    I feel for Hamburg fans, I was at one of the destructions at the hands of Bayern and they were dire that day (Mancienne and Bruma at the back). Leverkusen have so many talented players (like my beloved Schalke) but just can't get it to click enough to get them over the line. Schmidt is a good manager, but nowhere near good enough for a team like Arsenal, he has kept Bayer up in the top 6 for a while now, but I think without some serious medical money from the owners they will never get close to Bayern.
  15. The Bundesliga Thread

    They lost 2-0 at home today to Mainz