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  1. Barcelona

    Thanks for the concern, but yes, fortunately I got back on Monday before everything happened.
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

  3. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Jens Keller at Union Berlin would be my shout for a foreign coach, was good at Schalke (sacked for Di Matteo...should never have happened) and has taken Union Berlin from relegation candidates in the BL2 to just missing out on promotion last year and they have won their first two games this year.
  4. Dean Saunders

    Did a marvellous job at Wolves too, let us never forget that.
  5. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    They have signed very little, which leaves me thinking it is going to be another long hard season. The players they have got are: Amine Harit, Bastian Ozckipa and Pablo Insua. I am hoping that Harit will provide some quality going forward, but Breel Embolo is back now too!
  6. Other Transfers and Rumours Summer 2017

    I am so pleased Chupo has gone, he was so inconsistent, I saw him have one good game in the past 4 seasons I have been going to Schalke. On his day he can be very effective just a shame his day is as often as Gabby's! Hope he does well for Stoke, but as said before Kolasinac is going to be brilliant this season.
  7. Barcelona

    I have seen there was a topic on here a while ago for Barcelona, but thought that people might have been more recently. So does anyone have any hints/tips for my trip? I am going for 4 days next week from Thursday to Monday, I have got tickets for Barcelona v Real Madrid on the Sunday night, but nothing else planned. Thanks
  8. Nathan Baker

    £4m for a very average defender is fantastic business well done to the club. He is slow, injury prone and makes a lot of mistakes too.
  9. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Does anyone know or have any contacts in Spain who could get tickets for the Super Cup final in either Madrid or Barcelona? Or does anyone know if these games sell out generally? Thanks
  10. Telford a 12th July 19.45

    Was very impressed with Jake Hayes tonight when he came on, didn't give the ball away once and looked very useful with the ball at his feet.
  11. Telford a 12th July 19.45

    I have a few 'family' passes for the games which are for 2 adults and 2 children, if anyone would like to buy one to save some money then I would put it towards getting my school football team an end of year treat then let me know.
  12. Telford a 12th July 19.45

    I am a teacher at a local school to the club.
  13. The Bundesliga Thread

    Best bet might be Viagogo (disgusting company) or eBay.de but for 12 tickets it is going to be tough.
  14. The Bundesliga Thread

    You will struggle for the games, you might be better getting away tickets for the Leverkusen end as they have a low support. Cologne might be easier, but their customer support is dire and they are very unhelpful . You might be best looking at BL2 teams, the league is much more competitive than you'd think, we have had a great time at Bochum before, and Dusseldorf isn't a bad stadium to go to.