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  1. The Bundesliga Thread

    I feel for Hamburg fans, I was at one of the destructions at the hands of Bayern and they were dire that day (Mancienne and Bruma at the back). Leverkusen have so many talented players (like my beloved Schalke) but just can't get it to click enough to get them over the line. Schmidt is a good manager, but nowhere near good enough for a team like Arsenal, he has kept Bayer up in the top 6 for a while now, but I think without some serious medical money from the owners they will never get close to Bayern.
  2. The Bundesliga Thread

    They lost 2-0 at home today to Mainz
  3. The Bundesliga Thread

    Just the 8-0 for Bayern today against Hamburg, they love playing them, last 6 games they have scored 44 goals against them at home. Can see the Bayer Leverkusen manager being sacked within the next couple of weeks, their form is atrocious.
  4. Iceland

    Got back yesterday, had a great time, managed to see the Northern Lights, the evening before we left, I don't think I have ever been more cold in my life! Loved the Golden Circle tour, and went to the Blue Lagoon- we only managed 35 minutes due to our NL excursion but that was fine. We went to another thermal pool in the city on our first night, so had plenty of time in hot water! Went to an amazing fish restaurant called 'Messinn' would highly recommend it!
  5. Iceland

    Hi everyone, I am off to Iceland for 3 days on Sunday, any last minute recommendations? Booked is Northern Lights (Sunday night, poss Monday depending on weather/seeing them Sunday) then Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon. Cheers all
  6. The Bundesliga Thread

    Hoping that Guido Burgstaller can keep up his impressive form this season,could be one of the buys of the year if he does, scored a few goals already for Schalke and only cost just over a million I think. With him and Embolo (when fit) I have much higher hopes against Dortmund than I did a few weeks ago.
  7. The Bundesliga Thread

    They were in the BL2 at that point though, so it was tough to say no, now they're in the BL they won't be selling many players to them.
  8. The Bundesliga Thread

    Bayern have already bought 2 of Hoffenheim's best players for next season and are linked with another from Leverkusen. The problem is that whilst everyone moans about Leipzig, Bayern are just dismantling any team they can when they get close. Obviously, you cannot stop them from doing this but look at the players they buy from their rivals, this is why Leipzig are important as they won't sell players to Bayern and all their players are on long contracts.
  9. The Bundesliga Thread

    Have seen RBL climb the leagues and the fans around the country detest them and rightly so, but this is just appalling behaviour. I am glad that the Dortmund Ultras are getting negative press here, as I have seen first hand how dangerous they can be. I understand that fans are passionate (I am too), but there is a line that is often crossed which is not reported often enough.
  10. The Bundesliga Thread

    Great point yesterday, yes Chris. Naldo is good, but slow and old now, but a good 'leader' I suppose. I think the squad is just cheaply assembled, and the areas where they need real reinforcements are always overlooked. Think they could have had Chicarito a couple of years ago for 8-10 million, but high wages, instead they went for Franco Di Santo as he was 6m and lower wages. Schalke are a team who are vastly rich, and pay big money, but never spend it where they need to. They are unlucky with the quality of players who seem to leave: Ozil, Neuer, Draxler etc but apart from Fahrmann (who was youth team anyway) none of those players have ever been replaced. With regards to the fans, they are very passionate, but very supportive it takes a lot for them to turn on the team, I only ever witnessed it once (funnily enough when RDM was in charge which is why I didn't want him here). They sing for 90 minutes and create a supportive atmosphere, but if they are not being given 100% by the players, and some definitely don't , then they have a right to get on their back. Either way I am off to the derby in March and cannot wait, even though I expect an absolute hammering unless Embolo is back
  11. The Bundesliga Thread

    Hewed has big injury issues (as alluded to, but also is slow, passion cannot compete with quality I guess). Baba is now out for the season, but with Kolasinac doing so well he has been a bit part player. Bentaleb started well, but has tailed off, probably why he's never fully made it I guess. As for Konop, he clearly isn't fancied can never get in the starting team. The issue is the lack of pace and energy, Max Meyer is a huge talent but is wasting it, Goretzka is always injured and the others just don't quite cut it. Real shame as the fans are incredible (best in Germany I have seen)
  12. The Bundesliga Thread

    Feel sorry for Muller, think he needs to leave, I don't think he was well utilised by Low in the Euros and also the Pep effect has probably hindered him (long term). Would love to see him play in England think he would thrive on our style of football.
  13. The Bundesliga Thread

    Top 6 in which country? Chupo Moting for me has 2/3 good games a season and rarely has an impact on a game. Schalke need to actually invest some of the money they recoup on big player sales and buy some quality. I like the new manager this year, but fear he won't last long due to the poor quality within the squad which he has been left with. This year there is nearly 0 chance of Schalke getting European football and this will not go down well with the fans. As for BVB rumours that Tuchel is not enjoying life there at the moment, that Isak was bought without him knowing could mean he is off soon, wouldn't put it past him replacing Wenger.
  14. The Bundesliga Thread

    I am glad they're doing so badly this year, just a shame Schalke seem hellbent on not buying a striker so they won't/can't score.
  15. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Being as my post was the last one before it was locked in the match thread, I will repeat it here. Can anyone explain why he keeps bringing on a striker in injury time? Are we wasting time when we aren't winning as a new tactic?