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  1. I can see that happening yeah, what youngsters do you think will make it onto fut like Bradley Lewis did this year?
  2. Who do you guys think will be upgraded from silver to gold from Aston Villa on Fifa 16? Will EA pick up on Clarks performances and has Cleverley left it too late?
  3. Hello, I wanted to become more social with fellow Villa fans. Hopefully I can contribute my own opinions and interesting points on topics on this site. I'm a very passionate supporter and am very up to date with my knowledge despite only being 16 which hinders my experience with anything pre- 2004. I have been a fan since 2004 and have always tried to keep up to date with every match day since despite living too far away to attend match days. I try to stay positive despite the current troubles but I don't mind calling the faults in our team when necessary. I hope to contribute to many future debates, thank you.

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