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  1. I don't think RDM is the right coach for these players but time will tell.
  2. How did you guys get a goalie that was worse than the gringo? for 5 million pounds? Jesus Ospina cost Arsenal 3. You could throw a rock and find a decent keeper for 5 million pounds if you look in the right places. I mean you could of gotten Robert Green on a free. I mean goalkeepers have to be top players - there is zero room for the kind of mistakes we see consistently from the Villa goalies. Not even the A-League goalies or MLS goalies are that bad!
  3. We are spending way toó muchos money on championship players.
  4. The thing with Jackson. He has played 4 games in China and scored zero goals since he moved there. Rumors are he's very unhappy. He's either benched or injured in the past 6 months. The Chinese team probably want's to loan him to Europe to see if he regains his form somewhere else.
  5. I'm watching a lot of sports media and ITK Colombian twitter accounts and I am almost sure that the world class striker is going to be Jackson Martinez.
  6. Guys - Guys. It's really obvious. They're bringing back Juan Pablo Angel. Balotelli. I can't see him doing well in the Championship. How about RVP?
  7. 23 year olds are eternal promises. You should have cemented your qaulities by now.
  8. Yedlin is fast and good on the offense but he's not a good defender. He's also a bit old and has really low amount of playing time over the past few years. I'd be wary at purchasing. Much rather a loan
  9. It's a shame he used to be such a promising defender.
  10. I think Chester is a great signing. He's a defender that is Premiere League quality and very solid.
  11. He'll do well in France. His value hasn't dropped has it? He was acquired for 3m right?
  12. So if Tshibola comes in I assume some of the midfielders will be leaving; as we have quite a few of them. I think that's probably the position we have most players competing for.
  13. It was the most retarded sending off I have ever seen. Wasn't even a foul. He was one of the only Colombian players trying the first half of the match. Nearly scored a goal with an excellent Volley. I'm thinking a move back to France or Italy would be best for him.
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