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  1. How is ‘Good times’ a goodbye? If it is and that’s all we get then he can **** off with my blessing. ?
  2. Interestingly we've got reports that he's all but signed for Spurs whilst the newspapers are reporting that Spurs will lose out to Liverpool. Someone is wrong, hopefully both.
  3. I'm very skeptical of 'ITK' information but if this does turn out to be true this club is a joke.
  4. Been to enough games with him. He's been good so far. ?
  5. Did Bruce request all of them? What does Steve Round actually do then?
  6. Been to a lot of away games the past few seasons but took the plunge on my first season ticket in about ten years. Going to be travelling up from London with @dont_do_it_doug.
  7. I couldn't give two **** about eye-pleasing football. Winning football is eye-pleasing football.
  8. Things are very much up in the air at the moment, We've got no idea of what squad we're going to have next season. I can see the logic behind keeping Bruce but I think i'd like a change. A change to what though I'm not sure.
  9. Bold move by Leeds. Think it'll end badly though.
  10. I had to stop short of saying i'd give up on Villa because I know I wouldn't but I share the sentiment. Xia has pissed me off with all this 'fan' bollocks. If he really is a fan of Aston Villa then he should be selling literally everything he can to avoid selling Jack.
  11. I'll be done with Xia if he sells Jack for any price but if we sell him for that we might as well just give up. What an insulting offer from a team that spent over double that on bloody Moussa Sissoko.
  12. If we respond to that in any way other than **** off i'll be fuming.
  13. 32Red are our sponsor again. Lets channel the spirit of Great Olof and erm..... Randolph.
  14. Chester could play for a lower half Premier League team IMO.
  15. I’m surprised that a Villa fan goes towards the negative end of conjecture when it comes to our players. IF both players want out then yes, of course we sell, but that would be highly convenient given the financial situation we are in.
  16. I’ve come to the conclusion that if Tony decides to sell Jack and Chester to make up the shortfall then he might as well **** off anyway. He won’t have the backing from the fans if he does that. Either sell up or find another way around it Tony.
  17. He said "considered". It's obvious he's talking about them in terms of importance to our squad rather than in terms of monetary gain.
  18. Ok, well that doesn't change the fact that the new manager likes him. Not really important anyway. He's probably not good enough for us. I just wouldn't write him off just yet.
  19. He might not be good enough but that's not true about his time at Grimsby. He was injured for the majority of his time there and the manager Slade was slowly but surely crippling the team. The new manager likes him, that's why he's back on loan there. Source: I have a Grimsby supporting mate who follows them home and away.
  20. Cool story bro. Cheers for the opinion.
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