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  1. My WRs are Adams, Hilton, Watkins and Cole. I think I may have a problem this week. ?
  2. Probably because RBs in our league are overpowered and hard to come by.
  3. I could probably do with some TE depth as I’m having to play Charles Clay against the @Xela juggernaut. Come at me with trade offers, I’m pretty stacked at WR and RB imo.
  4. Little does he know that the playoff final is the final day of the regular season when all his best players will be rested......
  5. I don’t mind the scoring system. QB and DST points are a bit mad. The PPC does also mean that if you pick up a work horse RB1 and can then find someone who becomes one for your RB2 you’re almost unstoppable. That being said a good WR, whilst inconsistent, can mirror those points. On RBs i have Dion Lewis, Cohen and Jones just sitting around doing not much if anyone wants one.....
  6. I’m playing in a Dynasty league with 10 backup players and two flex options. Whenever I look at my squad here now I think I must have not drafted the full quota.
  7. I’m not going to be impressed if you match my rookie season title win ?
  8. In my head you won that one. If I win this season it’ll be tainted!
  9. Oh Trey Burton you sexy slut. In my heart I still lost though.
  10. I could be persuaded to get involved. Christ, what am I doing!!
  11. When I was absolutely tonking you I was pissed off that you had forgotton to change it. Now you’re likely to win I’m pissed off that I’m about to lose to someone a man down! I’ve scored a lot of points as well, just one of those weeks.
  12. Skin of my teeth this week. Detroit tried to **** me!
  13. He needs to go. 45 minutes of decent football all season with the quality of player that we have. Not acceptable.
  14. Draft a kicker in the first round. Essential.
  15. @Tubby and @Brumerican in and we're back to 14. Awesome. ?
  16. I can't see @Brumerican It Ertz when Eifert in the matchups. Did you join?
  17. That's not a bad thing. He's going to want to be starting games week in, week out IMO. Best case scenario, he wasn't in the squad, worst case scenario, he starts the game. We're somewhere in between at this stage.
  18. Lol no, he didn’t play wide.
  19. ****! Was he wisked away so quickly to Madrid for his medical he forgot to change out of his Villa clobber??!
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