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  1. Is he actually any good or are we just basing his potential off of Football Manager?
  2. Mings and Axel. Get the dream team back together.
  3. I don’t think Mings want to be there. No point holding onto a player in those circumstances. Plus this is his opportunity to play for a big club.
  4. I think Bobzy already said it. I think it's universally accepted that he was one of the best readers of the game at his position. To play as long as he did with the lack of pace he has shows he must have had something.
  5. The mirror have mentioned it, albeit incredibly tenuously. Almost like they've picked a name out of out of thin air.
  6. VillaReport is actually Anwar El Ghazi so I think the info is legit.
  7. I’d be looking to see if we could get Harry Wilson and/or Mason Mount. Obviously we’d want to buy or loan with an option to.
  8. Gayle doesn’t really fit our transfer policy I’d suspect.
  9. I don't disagree. I'm just wary of how many people we sign. I think our midfield might just about do for the first window.
  10. Ideally we'd sign a winger comfortable on both sides.
  11. For me i'd look at something like this. Goalkeeper - Steer, Kalinic Right Back - Guilbert, Elmo, Bree Left Back - New LB, Neil Taylor Centre Back - Mings (Must Sign), Tuanzebe (Must Sign or Loan) ,Chester, Hause Deep Lying Midfielder - New DLM, Whelan Central Midfield - Grealish, McGinn, Hourihane, Lansbury Right Wing - Green, New Winger Left Wing - El Ghazi Striker - Abraham (Must Sign or Loan), Kodjia, New Striker
  12. Is that kit made by kappa? It’s hard to tell....
  13. I’m calm. If we lose it’s because we beat ourselves and if that’s the case we don’t deserve to go up. We are better than Derby. They know that, we know that. We just have the task of showing up on the day and proving it. If we play anywhere near our best they won’t live with us.
  14. Nah, stole it from some lunatic down villa park.
  15. TYYYYYROOOOOOONE, HE'S ONLY HERE ON LOAN BUT HE LIKES IT (likes it, liiiiikkkkesss it)
  16. We can’t just blame losing Grealish. For one we can’t be that easily breakable. I’m behind Smith, he needs to be given time but there’s definitely something going on. We looked very poor today and far too many players looking completely uninterested.
  17. Ah ffs. Fell asleep and forgot to take Tre’quan Smith out of my line up. I deserve to miss the playoffs just for that.
  18. Haha don't be. I don't remember waivers clearing that early but it's my fault for leaving it late. I remember being able to set my waivers at lunch at work. Got there to do it today and he's already gone!
  19. I think I forgot that players can be claimed during the week. I dropped him and thought he’d be on waivers throughout the games. Obviously not. Nevermind. Sammy’s Rubbish anyway.?
  20. ****! How did Sammy Watkins clear waivers already?? I dropped him knowing I had the number 1 waiver priority and could pick him back up when they cleared later today.
  21. My team of misfit receivers hung in there untill @Xela enacted the fantasy football cheat code, Todd Gurley. ? Back to 3-2
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