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  1. Now he's gone, I've got to say the levels of sycophancy towards him on here was some of the most cringeworthy and embarrassing stuff I've read on this forum or any other other. "Tim aint gonna stand for X" and "Tim aint the type to Y", in some cases before he'd even let the ink dry on his contract, let alone before anyone knew the first thing about his personality or coaching ability. It's quite obvious to me that the reason he got so much love was for the simple fact he wasn't Lambert, which you could argue was fair enough. I laughed at the "Tim Sherwood team" bit, give me that over "We go
  2. For the headers he's goin in reckless And the keeper's looking on feckless He eats defenders for breakfast, Oh Rudy can't fail Doesn't really scan but someone might be able to so something with it
  3. Yeah, it can be one of those situations where your cock does all the thinking and you immediately regret it, especially if other colleagues get wind of it. Plus, any fallout is going to be conducted in a very public space where you're expected to uphold a certain standard of behaviour. The other side of the coin is it can be really ****** hot, especially if anything happens at work. There's nothing quite like having one of those days where all the shit in the world gets piled on your plate and you can't stop grinning cos you've just bored your way through a coworker's lower back like a Sandw
  4. Working in the rain all day with far-right noses during the run up to the election. Then getting home soaked and realising you've locked yourself out.
  5. Yes youre right - I am probably best to back down - everyone else has had to do. I m surprised that web page I linked is still standing. Don't be a martyr, it's hypocritical.
  6. If karma was real literally everyone would be equal in every aspect of life. They're not. So it's bollocks.
  7. It's perfectly valid to dislike Liverpool as a club and to look at events like Heysel, Hillsborough with a degree of balance. Aknowledging historical context is a pretty basic cognitive skill to be honest. Smetrov mate, probably be best to back down on this one.
  8. obviously absolute concrete evidence is needed. im not saying execute everyone but imo the death penalty should apply in certain cases. It's not as simple as that though. There are any number of reasons why you could be found guilty of something you didn't do because the legal system operates under the principle of reasonable doubt, not absolutes. There are cases from decades ago that were seen as "concrete" that are only now being reviewed because new evidence comes to light or old evidence is shown to be misleading, misinterpreted or just plain wrong. Add to that the fact that juries are m
  9. There's enough innocent people in prison to tell you that the death penalty is an absolutely moronic idea. If you're wrongly imprisoned you can appeal, or at least do your time and die a free man. You can't undo an execution, so if the state kills someone who is later found to be innocent, by their own standards someone in the judicial system needs to be executed because they are accountable for that murder.
  10. Fair enough, but recreational cocaine use and a serious opiate addiction are hardly comparable. And as for your dealer, him going to prison may have stopped you being able to get hold of his coke, but it definitely didn't stop that coke being circulated, or stop someone else from stepping into his place. All that happens when you increase the risk to the supplier is the financial reward is also increased, simply to incentivise people to take said risk.
  11. What about all those US troops guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan? Surely they play a part in all this... You're going to need a bigger gun...
  12. It's not that strange. A few years ago, when he was in opposition, he said in Parliament that he isn't a football fan. Somewhere along the way someone told him to pick a team to help him appeal to the plebs, and he's got his lies mixed up. Exactly. A dishonest man in a fundamentally dishonest job is found to have lied about something that doesn't matter, that he only said in the first place to draw attention from other lies about things that do matter.
  13. Yeah but an undisclosed number of those 2,467,433 had been naughty so it's kind of fair enough. He's not made of admin.
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