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  1. Now he's gone, I've got to say the levels of sycophancy towards him on here was some of the most cringeworthy and embarrassing stuff I've read on this forum or any other other. "Tim aint gonna stand for X" and "Tim aint the type to Y", in some cases before he'd even let the ink dry on his contract, let alone before anyone knew the first thing about his personality or coaching ability. It's quite obvious to me that the reason he got so much love was for the simple fact he wasn't Lambert, which you could argue was fair enough. I laughed at the "Tim Sherwood team" bit, give me that over "We go again" any day. What the not so silent majority didn't seem to realise was that we, and most of the country were laughing at him, not with him. The man was a satirical masterpiece who lacked the self awareness to realise it. I remember reading an article just before he joined us where he said that Redknapp was a big influence in how he presented himself to the media. "No shit", you could be forgiven for thinking. Strip away the coaching ability, experience and tactics(and thats being generous to 'Arry), what you're left with is a polished snake oil merchant, a slick mockney gobshite who will hang anyone out to dry in order to deflect criticism from himself, even if only for a few days, even if he knows the majority of the fans will see straight though it. Because ultimately it doesn't matter what they think, as long as there's an army of hacks on standby to flood the internet with articles about young British managers and why 1 win in 8 constitutes a decent haul, as long as the Linkers of this world can keep a straight face when congratulating someone for unfucking a team sheet at half time, as long as someone like Remi Garde can be dismissed by these same sycophants on the grounds that he's French and therefore is unable to grasp the complexities of the Premier League, the chancers will thrive.
  2. Shitting myself and have been for days.
  3. For the headers he's goin in reckless And the keeper's looking on feckless He eats defenders for breakfast, Oh Rudy can't fail Doesn't really scan but someone might be able to so something with it
  4. Yeah, it can be one of those situations where your cock does all the thinking and you immediately regret it, especially if other colleagues get wind of it. Plus, any fallout is going to be conducted in a very public space where you're expected to uphold a certain standard of behaviour. The other side of the coin is it can be really ****** hot, especially if anything happens at work. There's nothing quite like having one of those days where all the shit in the world gets piled on your plate and you can't stop grinning cos you've just bored your way through a coworker's lower back like a Sandworm while everyone else nipped off for a coffee. Ultimately it's your call, only you know how far it can go and how serious it can get. As long as you pay attention the risks and are prepared to uproot if needed then go for it, life's for living and "what ifs" aren't as comforting as carnal memories when you're on your deathbed. Probably the best advice I can give though is if you're going to go down that road, make sure you wear a hardhat if it's going to happen on a scaffold.
  5. That's because he's both a dive apologist and a thick clearing in the woods
  6. Or maybe he'll make a self-deprecating reference in his next Hello! interview
  7. If we can shake things up we're still in with a chance. Not sure Sherwood will make the changes though
  8. Lerner with a characteristic display of passion there...
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