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  1. @JoeDrinkhall @AVFCOfficial @JackGrealish1 what a weird thing to say. He's got his whole career minus about two years under diff. managers

  2. @apple_bonkers ha, yep, it looks even more insightful now though. Will have to just accept taking out Gomez, Wilson and Chadli for -4.

  3. @JamesPriest21 can't imagine anybody doing a better job tbh. It'll pick up.

  4. @apple_bonkers good prediction.

  5. @K_Khatib93 okay well I've given you a free pass to my FPL team. I don't even want anything in return. See you later

  6. Obscenely early. http://t.co/9oozhMRXGw

  7. @Villafandan not raining at all in New Street :)

  8. I scored 5/5 in the Birmingham Mail Aston Villa v Birmingham City: Villa missing players quiz http://t.co/vzTGfklqzs @BirminghamMail

  9. Ffs, Garth. https://t.co/n8MlhcZb8P

  10. @dvdgtt @FF_Tosey if you both get Martial so will I. Massive bandwagon incoming though.

  11. @apple_bonkers I angrily tweeted last week that Chadli was out of my team. He's still here. He's done okay but see him hitting big scores

  12. In Bean, ITV cut the motorcyclist swearing at Bean but not the bit after where he swears at everybody for what is now completely random.

  13. Winning at Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City after six games would be quite impressive.

  14. RT @andros_townsend: @FootballManager do you wanna tell her or shall I? @Hazelosullivan1 http://t.co/3GkgMEgiMy

  15. @champagnerabbi have no friends tho.

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