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    I live in Stafford no transport !any fans near Stafford going can give me a lift gladly pay petrol or money for drinks?
  2. One last season against QPR (then scored winner) and 1 this year I believe.
  3. nazvfc

    Keinan Davis

    Birmingham Mail say he is fit ! Only those I listed they put as not available! Oh!! We’ll find out soon enough!
  4. nazvfc

    Keinan Davis

    Yes he is fit only injuries are jedinak gabby Andre Green Lansbury and Grealish (last two in training so not far off) all others fit for today. Of course Taylor suspended so hopefully same team bar Taylor .
  5. If it dwindles then goodbye to those that only follow villa when they are winning or in the premier league. Different times but we've always had big crowds in the lower leagues. I'd rather we have the supporters that will support no matter what division we are in than those who are 'plastic' and only want to support us if winning or in the top league. Most of us 'old farts' were there in the 70's in division 3 and will be here no matter what!
  6. Because believe it or not and this may come as a surprise there is another team other than villa on the pitch and sometimes we can't play the way the fans want to. I bet it'll be Bristol are a shit team etc etc. We've not looked in much trouble I think our keepers only had to make one save whereas their keeper has had to make 2-3 ;-)
  7. He was good in Happy Days had a neat jacket and bike at least I thought he did .
  8. Yeah I'm moving house this weekend and phoned them to ask when tickets are posted and should I change address with them now. They said they will be posting tickets this week and I should get mine before this weekend! But they said if it doesn't arrive to call them Monday and they would get a replacement sent out. I'm having all post redirected anyway.
  9. Hang on a bit when we lose a friendly the players are cursed (it is only a pre seasonget fit thingy) and we couldn't beat a nothing side. We win and it's too early to judge! What it is to be a fan eh? Judge before a ball is kicked judge after we lose (they are sh*t) judge after we win(too early). Roll on the season then the real crap can hit the fan (pun intended)
  10. Forget signing some whiz kid or whoever who may not get game time for a while. we are told we have some decent youngsters so how about we blood them ? Give em a chance
  11. Thanks eastie didn't know that but from what Jose says he is highly regarded so I can't for the life of me see what the coaches on here find wrong with the loan deal. They may take up the option so they get money for him but I wouldn't be amiss if he signed for us. As someone said he knows a good player via he's watched villa a long time, so have I (56 years to be exact) and I've seen some great and some duff players and Johnstone is not one of the duff ones!
  12. According to the report he has 1 year left on his contract so he could be signed permanently as he would be cheap or a tribunal ? I suspect it could be a loan with a buy clause. He may not be the brilliant keeper expected by the numerous coaches on this forum but he got better as he played for us so this to me is a decent signing!
  13. nazvfc

    John Terry

    So play the same rigid formation but not change it for the circumstances? i thought the sign of a good manager and good players (and we do have them) is to be able to play different formations?. lets become predictable and all the teams know we only play one way in one formation. I would hope he does change formation when the need arises.
  14. Myhill? The one that we had but let go? Don't seem to remember fans saying we should keep him he'll be a good or great keeper ? Johnstone grew in confidence as the season progressed. What's saying he won't get better? I believe the people at villa (and those IN the game) to know better than some fans who have qualified as coaches playing a computer game! :-)
  15. nazvfc

    John Terry

    Has terry a history of racism? No. Is he a racist? No more than anyone else. He's not s member of EDL, BNP or any racist organisation. Ive had fans around me calling players black so and so's but that's in the heat of the moment! And doesn't make them a racist (as far as I know) From someone at the end of racism from all and sundry I know a racist by his persistent actions and a racist has persistent actions! Terry does not. He is no more a racist as I am an aryan right wing white supremacist.
  16. Jeebus! I think you are in the wrong place. That is some sound and profound logic which some cannot compute. That is some novel idea and so radical! But don't hold yer breathe! Never gonna happen! (I agree with you 100% and have always said the same thing)
  17. That's what I meant they are meaningless games and should not really be an indicator of the season to come. We've lost in preseason with O'Neill in charge but our season was not that bad. I meant the over the top moaning will start!
  18. Just wait till we lose a pre season friendly (which mean sweet FA as it is just for fitness etc), but as usual the usual suspects will be out in force with thier told you so's and we are crap's etc.
  19. nazvfc

    John Terry

    yeah s**t - forget you must base all your opinions on Fifa whatever the number is and the only thing that matters - Pace. I actually thought reading the game and knowing positioning and being able to string a pass or win a header when needed and make a tackle when needed was the thing! Never played it but I suppose I'll have to play Fifa to get a real grasp of football!
  20. nazvfc

    John Terry

    Everyone concerned about Terry's age etc. May not be in the same league but when we got Paul McGrath he had dodgy knees hardly ever trained but his timing of tackles and perception of play and situations made up for his age and knees. If Terry can read the game like McGrath did and do the right things then what's the problem? Terry will be a great motivator and watch him give a right b****cking to anyone that doesn't pull his weight. I bet you Terry is sharper and fitter than most of the players in his position in the Championship. He will help the likes of Chester, Bree, Taylor and the young guns like Grealish and Green and RHM and the other good youth. For 1 year contract - and what he will bring it's a no-brainer just my humble opinion.
  21. nazvfc

    John Terry

    You got a pretty chuff?? My Bad in all the excitement of coming back onto VillaTalk for a new season I misread it! :-)
  22. nazvfc

    Ron Saunders

    Ah! Ok but I remember Gary newbon )or whoever) apologise the following evening that the cameras were not there to cover the game so there must have been some obscure footage from somewhere!
  23. nazvfc

    Ron Saunders

    Me too and itv (central tv) took cameras to derby county and so there is no footage of that game as far as I know! Those were great times for us old farts!!
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