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  1. Deislers thread touches on this subject and how it works (in China). The value of a Chinese player to China vs Europe means there is massive profit to be made by developing them and selling them back (even if they are not too good to be first team regulars here). Also that if we do get a first team Chinese player then the exposure would be massive. Issues would be, 1) Getting them here as eluded to in other posts (visa etc), 2) backlash from the Chinese league in taking good players that would take away from their homegrown quota and 3) Would be a while until these players are in or aroun
  2. You mean never really play and no one remember him being there? Hahahaha yeah that's the one.
  3. Anyone else thinking Debuchy might be the same kind of signing that Garde was for Arsenal back in the day? A link for Garde to the dressing room to help get his ideas across? Hence why he seems to be the only one being heavily linked. Key piece of the puzzle? Just thinking out loud.
  4. Few french sources are also mentioning it. Hope not, he's not the problem.
  5. The way I see it, Garde has a plan. It won't keep us up but I think in this window he will sign some good players and by the end quater of the season have us playing good football. The one problem with that is this good football will in no way be suited to the Championship. We then start again
  6. harris21

    New manager

    I heard it too. Not reading too much into it though. Martin Tyler wouldn't know anything and us probably just going on the recent reports of Garde being close to signing.
  7. harris21

    New manager

    There's nothing quite like a Sir Alex Ferguson letter of recommendation. Might ask SAF to write me a letter of recommendation next time I go for a promotion. Do you think he knows much about the gas industry? Either way it will get me the job!
  8. harris21

    New manager

    player manager more like, need someone with a decent cross i'll get me coat.... This actually made me snort with laughter!
  9. harris21

    New manager

    I have no idea who I'd want tbh. Even if I did I have no confidence in the board to appoint the right person. I think we're doomed this season.
  10. Got an awful feeling he ain't going anywhere soon. He's time is done in my mind unless he wins 3 in the next 5 games. But I don't think they will pull the trigger for a while ????
  11. 17th- 15th is my thinking. Desperately needed a proven PL goal scorer but was unlikely considering the prices being thrown around for mediocre players this window. Like TS said... just need to stay up this season and move forward. Kind of the same aim for the last 4 years... We go again?
  12. We need to start calling ourselves "La Villa".
  13. What's in those boxes? Cakes for the lads? Nothing. Just proving he is a box to box midfielder. This made me laugh way more than it should have! People at work now think I'm crazy. [emoji2]
  14. or the Champions League thread. at moment we are in an automatic positionDon't be so bloody positive - you'll ruin it for some on here. Remember second place is the first loser. Not trying to be pedantic here but shouldn't we be 3rd because of AFC Bournemouth? Edit: Some tables have us in 3rd but most have us 2nd. Depends if they use the full name. Sorry.
  15. Press association apparently saying it's 16m up front with the rest being paid over is 5 year contract! Rediculous.
  16. Totally agree. Villa Park should always be Villa Park. Rename the stands (apart from the Holte) to generate some income. Just not the whole ground. Could also rename BMH and link it to a sport brand? Anyone be against additional advertising on the shirts? A lot of Italian and french clubs have sponsors just below the numbers etc. Could be an option although a bit messy on the top but would people care much about that?
  17. 18... let's see what he can do. As the old saying goes... If you're good enough you're old enough.
  18. I agree, but isn't his wife expected to go into labour very soon? But Villa could fly him home quick of anything were to happen I suppose.
  19. Seems Man City are signing Kevin De Bruyne as well as Delph. I know he is a different kind of player than Delph but with the players they have Delph may not make the bench at this rate!!! Edit: Just realised I've said "Delph" way too many times in that post. Apologies.
  20. Still says pending UK visa... maybe announced it early because of all the heat from the Delph news? Edit: WELCOME BTW!
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