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  1. I don't know but I assume last 24 hrs
  2. So unless the info i was given was wrong I believe the fee was agreed very recently.
  3. Random geezer? Don't disrespect the mullet
  4. Trout we'll make it to 300 in time
  5. Honesty I have no idea. The person told me about Watkins 2 days before it was confirmed.
  6. Haha I didnt believe it would happen. I'm sure many thought the same. Delighted it is
  7. Apprantley fee and contract has been agreed
  8. Same person who told me about Watkins and Grealish contract. I posted the Watkins news in here. May have gone unnoticed though. Personally myself I know Jack. Just wanted to share what I've been told. Could be 10th hand news
  9. Haha. News is doing the rounds now.
  10. Rashica deal seems to be all sorted
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