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  1. Cure - Just like Heaven
  2. Isles for me - went to a game v Tampa at the beginning of April in Brooklyn. Ironically they now have them in the current playoffs round!
  3. Fantastic online, beautiful graphics - a winner.
  4. He has just had heart surgery after stepping down from Crawley.
  5. Here you go Smart guy, Randy Lerner. In 2006, he bought an underperforming company whose annual revenue was £49 million. It is still underperforming, but now it generates more than £100 million a year – and this before an imminent new Premier League broadcast deal which, on its own, is likely to be worth upwards of £70 million a year for a club like Lerner’s Aston Villa, just as long as they stay up. What has Lerner done to turn this historic football club, from England’s second city, into a financial success story? Remarkably little, actually. He spent heavily for the first four years and
  6. If we were ever in for him........................?
  7. Who said we were in for him....oh yes his agent of course.
  8. Forza is great isn't it? Controller is an improvement on the 360 too - a great achievement. Ryse is graphically stunning too.
  9. To be fair - it was rushed out and on launch there will always be issues/bugs etc but it will improve without doubt (as did the 360). If the maker and developer can unlock the potential of box this and the PS 4 we will all be happy.
  10. Make that 2 of us! (re: the Surface)
  11. You bought them one each? The eldest had his as a belated birthday/GCSE results present and the younger one wanted one for Xmas. We did sell his PS3 to help fund this!!
  12. Bought my 16 year old one (has a 360) and he loves it (for his birthday last June) - pretty impressed myself and I think the scope is there for some great developments over the next few years. Also bought the 12 year old one but he has to wait until Xmas to get his hands on it and is not impressed. Gameswise he is focussing on Fifa and BF4. At Xmas will have Ryse, CoD and Forza with the latter looking pretty impressive.
  13. Well 2 x Xbones pre-ordered in my house. Never any doubt and the youngest has a PS3 which was bought to 'replace' his 360. He abandoned it in weeks and went back to the 360. I have raised the MS issues with them but they never waivered and now the u-turns have happened they feel justified! For whatever reason Sony has never attracted them?
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