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  1. With people saying we don’t need a new full back, would you remain happy if we had Neil Taylor fill in for Targett? Completely changes the way we attack when Taylor plays and stifles us.
  2. We need competition at left back, get rid of Taylor. Two new starting wide players, a creative central midfielder, a box to box midfielder, a starting striker and another centre half as back up. Think we’ll see Hogan, Lansbury, Taylor, Nyland, Kalanic and Jota leave. Wouldn’t be fussed if Hause goes too.
  3. I’d get rid of Taylor, Hogan, Lansbury, Kalanic, Nyland and Jota.
  4. Best bet will be one of the Irish bars in Puerto del Carmen
  5. He was close to the sack before lockdown and it’s now 4 more games without a win? Needs to go.
  6. Thought Hause was fine today.
  7. Utterly gutless. Yes Chelsea are better than us, but nobody wanted it and that system/shape was laughable.
  8. Just stands on the touchline scratching his chin and folding his arms all match. Can see his positive body language getting that extra 10% out of the players...
  9. Like the players it’s a learning curve for Dean too.
  10. Big learning curve for Jack, you can’t play like that by your own 18 yard box against a team like Spurs that late on. Free swing and a match to learn from early on in the season.
  11. Played well against very good opposition. Fair play Neil.
  12. I wouldn’t read into Sky’s foreign football experts too much, they had Balague as the Spanish football expert for years who talks out his arse.
  13. quazzie goat

    Keinan Davis

    Needs game time and more confidence. Loan move to a good footballing Championship side would suit him. Definitely has a future here though.
  14. Unless 2 leave, I don’t see us having 5 strikers on our books for a squad of 25.
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