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  1. Football Manager 2017

    You havetempted me to start a Torino save or perhaps one at a German club. Do you enjoy those saves more than the English ones?
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Ah I meant that I only play with wingbacks so the only position I'd realistically be able to train them into is either a striker or AM but they don't have the passing/finishing attributes. May just keep loaning them out and sell them on and try and poach players in positions I now use.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    I'm totally bossing it with Villa but I do have quite a lack of youth talent minus 4 or 5 players. Trying to be in a position with my squad where I can start selling the stars and replacing them with the youth players. Problem is, my youth talents are mainly wingers and I don't play with wingers.
  4. Nathan Baker

    Favourite player.
  5. Football Manager 2017

    Its so hard getting a new stadium or expansion with Villa. Anyone ever had a new stadium built? I've won the Prem two seasons in a row and Tony still won't expand it.
  6. Football Manager 2017

    What formation does everyone play? Found 3 centre back formations work really well. I opt for a 5-2-3 but with wing backs.
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Goalkeeper, centre back, DM, CM, winger and possibly another striker depending on McCormack. Still feel we're short if Hourihane/Lansbury get injured - leaving us with Gardner.
  8. Football Manager 2017

    It won't work straight away, I initially loaned them both out for a season then managed to get rid in the second season - such a waste of FM wages let alone real life
  9. Football Manager 2017

    I put Gabby and Richards in the reserves and listed them both for transfer/loan and managed to get them both to move on for about 500k compensation, maybe try that?
  10. Football Manager 2017

    For GK try Predrag Rajkovic. He's young but available for 6/7m probably - not sure if this is different on the current patch. Jorrit Hendrix is pretty solid for a defensive mid - can also fill in at other positions. What I sometimes do mate is look at the transfer rumours page, then look at some of the players teams are linked to - snagged a few gems from that.
  11. Football Manager 2017

    What positions are you looking at strengthening?
  12. Football Manager 2017

    Are you using the winter update or the old patch?
  13. Jonathan Kodjia

    I remember Bruce saying about needing to get legs around Jedinak to get the best out of him so that might be partly down to him playing on the left too.
  14. Football Manager 2017

    May the Football Manager gods be generous with your injuries and work permits. Going to start at Tamworth and get them into the Champions League again.
  15. Nathan Baker

    He had a good match without the bearded super powers too.