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  1. I’d love to see us in for Chris Mepham, Rico Henry, Rashica and someone like Guendouzi on loan with an option to buy, though not sure if he has the personality DS likes. Can see Guilbert, Engels, Jota, Nyland, Samatta and Kalinic moving on and also Taylor and Lansbury if anyone puts an offer in.
  2. I think Traore will be our signing of the summer.
  3. Blue nose in the office reckons Hogan will join them by the end of the week. I can see why we’ve been a little slow in getting players in whilst we have so much deadwood on good wages. Can imagine Lansbury, Hogan, Nyland, Kalanic and Jota collectively taking up nearly £150k a week.
  4. Has there been any further word on King today?
  5. Naturally not all of his goals are down to it, I’m just saying from the clips I’ve seen the goalkeeping and defending is generally woeful and if it were up against Premier League defenders and goalkeepers he doesn’t get in that space or the keeper saves it. £10m is a no brainer but the touted £20-25n we can move on to someone else.
  6. Watkins for the price suggested is a massive no. The goals he scores is down to poor goalkeeping. If it was £10m then definitely worth a punt but anymore nah come on.
  7. Out of curiosity, how do people listing all these players playing abroad know they are actually any good? It’s different when it’s a top tier club like a Madrid or Juventus but just curious outside of that group unless watching lots of foreign football weekly?
  8. Is that tweet from Jack calling Southgate the c word genuine? sorry just noticed it was from a spoof account
  9. Let’s focus on what we’re doing and not what other clubs are doing. It would be naive to say we’re not trying to get signings on board, because we are. As with any transaction, you have to purchase at the right time for the right price and we’re in a very uncertain market. Have some patience and keep faith with what is a very capable team. Up the Villa.
  10. Nixon is up there with the worst journalists on Twitter.
  11. Hardly anything to worry about based on the quality of sources. Just like the Birmingham Mail doing a paper click headline about a ‘transfer rumour’ of ours.
  12. With people saying we don’t need a new full back, would you remain happy if we had Neil Taylor fill in for Targett? Completely changes the way we attack when Taylor plays and stifles us.
  13. We need competition at left back, get rid of Taylor. Two new starting wide players, a creative central midfielder, a box to box midfielder, a starting striker and another centre half as back up. Think we’ll see Hogan, Lansbury, Taylor, Nyland, Kalanic and Jota leave. Wouldn’t be fussed if Hause goes too.
  14. I’d get rid of Taylor, Hogan, Lansbury, Kalanic, Nyland and Jota.
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