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  1. Enjoyed the Daniel James goal today. With what he's been through the last few months i thought it was a nice moment. Echo comments about Sterling too
  2. When is the away kit actually available in the club shop? Want to see it in the flesh before i decide home or away.
  3. Getting back on topic, I'm excited that the new owners want to push the women's team further. Its wrong seeing Small Heath have a better team than us (though they seem to be collapsing these last few weeks with player departures) and i want us to be the dominant force in Midlands football in the women game like we are the mens.
  4. I know. Women playing sport. Whatever next
  5. The women's game has grown massively in the last few years and with it, the quality is improving. I do admit, the goalkeeping has always been the weakest aspect of the game, but you can't knock some of the outfield play. Over time, this will only improve further but it has to be given the chance to grow, rather than have men just moan women should get back in the kitchen (i have to hope these men don't have daughters) Will it ever be on par with the men's game? Most likely not, but Serena Williams would get likely beaten by a man barely in the top 100 rankings. That doesn't mean Serena is not still great to watch or that she is inferior to her male counterparts. In regards to pay, of course they don't bring in the revenue to earn anywhere near to the men, but in defence of the USA women's team, they do actually win World Cup's and the Olympic's so are a lot more successful than the men. The women's game is actually bigger than the men's over there so i can understand why they complain about that based on both points. While people knock the quality of football played, at least you are watching people play for the love of the game rather than the money. The lack of diving and rolling around like they've been shot if they get tackled is also refreshing. I write this as a woman (we do exist on football forums).
  6. 5-1


    Same thing that happens to me every time I try to add to my basket. Damn the PL semi final not counting otherwise I'd be there rather than in a pub at home now
  7. 5-1


    I just saw 4 tickets come up but it wouldn't let me add it to my basket. I'm 2 references plus semi home leg so obviously they are keeping it at 3+. Gutted
  8. Well he's just gone and scored for Reading.
  9. No. Halfway through the season I got a new job and had to relocate from Brum to Yorkshire. After spending £50 in petrol every 2nd weekend to watch our pathetic display's I can't justify it. If I was still in Birmingham. despite all my moaning, I would most likely renew.

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