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  1. Careful there, we'll probably end up signing him if he becomes free I'm expecting nothing from this game So we're going to win 4-0
  2. Let them play at villa park, rub salt in the wounds
  3. I know Lerner didn't get out his checkbook a lot but I don't think even he would consider 8 mil a cash in
  4. I don't care what he did if he gets us promoted I'm happy we're not in the position to take the moral high ground
  5. Really dont think he's going to sign a new contract
  6. Apparently desperate for a loan move with 5 clubs interested WTF is going on?! Something must have happened behind the scenes
  7. Leeds was a reality check But i'm going to ride this wave until it crashes
  8. Thinking about it, we really can't afford to hold grudges at this point if we want to get the most out of the transfer window F**k it, let's try and sign Gary's brother while we're at it
  9. Good, I was sick of true geordie being so cheerful
  10. The guy who's the reason Newcastle aren't 3 goals down

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