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  1. Whelan ran the game today, his footballing brain is a class above at this level.
  2. carewjust4u

    Keinan Davis

    I disagree with the sentiment that you can't coach "scoring goals", look at sterling's development under Pep. The boy has gone from being unable to finish a dinner to the highest shot success rate in the country. Davis gets in the right positions, just seems to snatch at his chances or hesitate on the ball...this is something that can change with a bit of form/confidence.
  3. If you were the current owners, surely you wouldn't sell until the club had achieved promotion and thus soured in value?
  4. I agree, but my point is I don't think Kodj currently has the fitness level to start and lead the line on his own. It's a tricky problem that is for sure, can't really start Davis either as he's not had the minutes.
  5. any of the 3rd/4th choices full-backs Southgate likes to take.
  6. King Kodj was blowing towards the end of that second half, I personally wouldn't start him and would use him as a weapon off the bench. Against tiring defenders his agility and power on the ball is deadly...he completely annihilated that left side of their defence.
  7. The EFL brought in a rule to stop teams from resting too many players I believe; “For any league match played on or after the fourth Thursday in March, any team sheet for a league game should include at least 10 outfield players who featured on the team sheet for the league match before.” The EFL added: “In the event any club breaches the threshold, they may be charged with a breach of Regulation 24 and the matter will be referred to a disciplinary commission.”
  8. Got criticised for his crossing last week, but my word what a cross for mcguinn. The boy had to slide to the byline and hook his foot round it, magnificent.
  9. Bruce tried to move him on in the summer and told him on the last day of the window he was moving him on for being "too old". Hence the old man celebration. Loved the fact the two key moments of the game were Adomah and Steer who were both poorly treated by Bruce.
  10. You tend to find wingers at a young age gave poor decision making, even Sterling for example has been agressively coached by the best manager in the world for 2+ years before finally starting to show some consistency. It's a very difficult position to play. Green obviously has the talent and ability, we have seen flashes of it during his time around the senior team and Dean clearly see's that too. We on this froum are too quick to write off players, I remember when posters here wrote off Tuanzabe after a handful of appearances at RB..and look how that is turning out now. Reserve your judgment, and give the young boy some time to understand the game and grow as a player...wouldn't it be class if he becomes a quality player?
  11. He's not consistently good in possesion, but what he does have is the ability to do something special and open the game up...he was a constant menace today, and his finish was a joy to behold. Most impressed with his change of on-field attitude, whenever he loses the balls he busts a gut to make a challenge. He's enjoying his time under Dean Smith and progressing finely, sign him up.
  12. Since the return of Jack, this is some of, if not the best football I've seen us play in the last decade. I watched the Leeds vs Blades game, and on this run of form I'd happily back us to turn them over.
  13. That was fookin briliant that was. Who's gonna edit the Hutton goal to the titanic theme music?
  14. Sounds like Wilder knows Brexit means Brexit.

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