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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sunderland

    There's alot of arrogance on here, you can't expect just to turn up and beat teams in this league. The boys were tired, and Sunderland were up for it. We are still producing results with key players missing, that is something to be happy about.
  2. Mile Jedinak

    Very fair argument, and you are totally right. I would question is the difference in pass rates down to the players, or how we were playing at the time? Difficult to know untill mile has a run in the team. You'e definitely correct about the midfield two, but the same goes for Whelan...hes struggled with a two man midfield. Onamah is a god-send for both players. At the end of the day, it's a nice problem to have both fit and challenging for a place in the team.
  3. Ratings & Reactions: QPR v Villa

    I agree with all of this. But what i would say, is that doesnt Bruce have a very good play-off record? I think we are seeing the progress inaction, and with so many points to play for we'll make top two due to the quality of our squad. Failing that, we'll still go up through the playoffs, we really haven' lost many games at all this season.
  4. Mile Jedinak

    Last season I think we won only 2 or 3 games without him in the team. Whelan has done a job, but Jedinak brings superior defensive qualities...even neither of them can pass mind you haha.
  5. Josh Onomah

    Spurs are a title chasing team, with one of the best strikers in the world. If anything they will buy another ready-made world class striker to supplement (llorente already?), there's no danger here on Davis. Onamah is surpluses to requirements, they have; Alli, Erikisen, Winks, Deir, Dembele, Lamela, Benteleb all ahead of him for the CM & CAM. We will either buy him if we get promoted, or he will get sold for a nice english-driven transfer fee.
  6. Mile Jedinak

    Can' wait for him to be back in the starting XI, we play so much better with him.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I have to say, he was bang on the money today...that was a superb performance. Steve has been fortunate in the sense that injuries have forced him to play a certain team & formation. I hate to say it, but could I be that 4-5-1 without Kodija is our best set up? On today's evidence it would seem So, we obliterated QPR.
  8. Ratings & Reactions: QPR v Villa

    We scored, and kept looking to score, which romantically nourished me.
  9. Aaron Tshibola

    I really hate how aggressive this forum is with writing off our young players. The lad has talent, but is struggling...at 22 there is a chance he may prove valuable given the right support and coaching.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Sunderland are ridiculously bad, be realistic. We go on a good run of form, lose a game to Wednesday and now people are predicting 1 point in 12. Come on lads.
  11. Steve Bruce

    @Grasshopper, I understand and respect your opinion based around the style of play and the entertainment factor. My question is, when was the last time we ever had a manager that played the type of football you're after, over an entire season? I can't remember a single season for a very long time in which we have played the assertive, controlling, and attacking football you're after. The difference with Bruce, is that he is actually getting results...whereas his predecessors all failed in that department.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Could you not argue that Bruce created his own luck with Davis, after all, he would of assessed the young lad before he put him into the side. Look at Rashford for example, he only got played when Martial and all the other strikers picked up an injury...now he is the only United player that has started every game. With Adomah, could you not argue that benching him drove the player into hitting his best ever form for us? Football is a game that has a close and direct relationship with luck and fine margins, it goes for and against.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Fair play Trent, this is a great and reasoned post. I think the vast majority of people feel very similar to this. I guess in some ways our season starts now, in the sense that our manager knows his starting XI and they seem to have gelled. As you've said before, we all want the same end result come the close of the season.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Don't underestimate the space he creates for his team-mates. The opposition seem to pay alot of attention to our Kodj, and try and get close. This as a result creates space for the midfielders & Davis, as they have more space to operate, and at the moment score goals. We are a far better side with him, imagine how much better we will be when he starts hitting form.
  15. Keinan Davis

    Fast becoming my favorite villa player.