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  1. I think our coaching staff are very underrated at improving players, are there any players you think have declined since Dean came in..I honestly don't think I can. Dean had a good reputation for improving his players before coming in, and now it's there for all to see. (Taylor, El Ghazi, Hourihane, Mcguinn, and Grealish all noteably have performed better individually imo) With Abraham everyone definitely knew his potential and he'd been a great player at Bristol. I think under deans coaching and the big club pressure maximised through the players, he developed to be ready for Chelsea. He'd be the first to admit that, and I'm sure he holds Villa in great value because of the platform and devlopment we gave him
  2. They recently did something very similar with Angelino with PSV https://www.mancity.com/news/first-team/first-team-news/2019/july/man-city-sign-angelino-psv-transfer-latest-update Granted they haven't sold or loaned him back out yet.
  3. What is likely is that City will buy him back to then sell to us at a higher price...Players of this ability always have a catch when you sign them, his ability is there for all to see.
  4. I think that says it all really, both our current and previous starting striker aren't doing too bad at all...go on lads.
  5. .....and only 5 on target, with only 1 really testing the keeper. Anyone can shoot on a football pitch, it's like when you play your mate on the playstation and he shoots every time he's within 35 yards of goal then laments you "being lucky" when you beat him 2-0.
  6. you can bet your house he will get a new contract, too valuable of an asset to lose. He'll be ready in another 2 years.
  7. We're crying out for an over-lapping left-back to contribute to direct attacking play, do we know when this man is fit? I like Taylor and think he's solid, but a bit of directness down that will give us another option in an otherwise struggling offensive unit (so far).
  8. Worth noting we are joint-top of clean-sheets with 5 games gone, we have a more than capable defence to survive this league (west ham had 1 shot on target, a speculative effort from noble). Personally, i thought at times last night we played some wonderful football with some lovely one-touch passing, but the attacking side of the team at times seemed disjointed. This is to be expected as the team is still learning to play with each other on matchdays, anyone who thought it would have "clicked" this soon into the season were slightly deluded in my opinion. Give the lads some time, the finished article will be worth the wait.
  9. It's about the system that the team operates, bottom teams in the prem have evolved to play short-passing build-up football...including the promoted teams. Caen on the otherhand were a far cry from this; "Caen have made the second most long passes this season and average the third longest passes in the league with Strasbourg and Dijon both marginally ahead of them in these categories." So in my opinion you can't judge a player with the attacking and crossing abilities in a team that played for arguably the worst team in one of Europe's poorer teams, especially when that team is playing long hoof ball....Guilbert is the superior footballer and will be the starting full-back before the end of December i'm sure of it. https://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2019/feature-why-caen-are-the-worst-team-in-ligue-1/
  10. In pre-season he was doing exactly that. Last season he was playing for inferior team that ultimately got relegated, I don't feel like you can compare. I feel like with the way we play we are crying-out for over-lapping fullbacks that overload the opposition on their final third, and Elmo and Taylor (as solid as they have been so far) don't offer that.
  11. I see your point...but money (wage increase and signing on fee) and to train under Pep Guardiola, both very compelling reasons for any player. They recently did something very similar with that Angelino lad from PSV. (who i doubt will get any game time in the league) https://www.mancity.com/news/first team/first team news/2019/july/man city sign angelino psv transfer latest update
  12. City could buy him back cheaply and sell him on either to us or other suitors at the end of this season for a bigger profit...that would make the most business sense their end
  13. carewjust4u

    Keinan Davis

    I would point to the rise of Raheem Sterling. Pep has been very vocal about the amount of work he has spent on Raheem, a player he recognised as having bag of gile, agility, directness and pace. Sterling before Pep was a frustrating highlight-reel player, that would tend to receive the ball out wide and lose possession as a result of headless-chicken runs (ala Adama)...he was labelled a flop. However, Pep used methods such as spray-painting markings on the pitch to show where he should be in each phase of play, and the result is Raheem being the most lethal wide forwards in the league (if not maybe the world?). Sterling now bags for fun by being in the "right positions". In Davis there is a player with all the tools needed to be a top centre-forward, he has strength, technical ability, good vision, attitude and energy. So I firmly elieve that with work on the training pitch you can mould a 21-year old player to read the game and pop up in right-positions....it all relies on the quality of the coaching (worth noting Davis has arguably not received high-quality attacking coaching), so the question is, is that do we believe Dean's attacking coaching set-up has the ability to achieve what has been done at City?
  14. carewjust4u

    Keinan Davis

    I think you will find that the speed of the game will be alot quicker with quicker turn-over of possession, which will suit strikers such as Davis as more space to play/run into....same goes for Kodija (hence the gaffer's comments yesterday).
  15. His scoring stats seem impressive until you look at the other names in contention. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/super-lig/torschuetzenliste/wettbewerb/TR1/saison_id/2018
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