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  1. Sorry, i normally despise these kinds of compilation videos but couldn't find any running statistics. However, think it does a sufficient job of showing his speed and skill.
  2. Sorry mate he is very quick and skillful, what you said just isn't true. However, his reading of the game, positioning, and final product all need serious work. There's good potential in the lad.
  3. Kodija doesn't want to play and risk his money move to the UAE, it takes two to tango. I get that we all want to see a full and competitive team out for these crucial games, but we have to be realistic.
  4. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/burnley-boss-sean-dyches-difficult-17352346 "He was close to starting on Saturday and we discussed it as a staff but I had to make a decision," said Dyche of Drinkwater. "He is good around the place, his sharpness is nearly there. "You can't get truly sharp without playing, as in real games, but he has certainly put enough energy and effort into performances into the reserve games. He is around the group and he knows the demands of it. Sounds like his attitude and sharpness isn't as bad as feared, hopefully Danny takes his chance.
  5. I think we tried to offload him in the summer and were unnsuccesful that time, he won't be here much longer.
  6. If i chuck a dart at a dartboard whilst blindfolded, it could hit a treble twenty.
  7. Think that's very harsh, in the championship we were class till Jack got injured, then when he returned we smashed it.....in the Prem it's been a range of factors including getting the new quad up to speed.
  8. He's great at holding the ball, allows the team to get up the field quicker...I think our problem in recent weeks has been our inability to hold the ball under-pressure, and he'll help solve that issue.
  9. have a day off mate, we made 10 changes from our starting 11...including 3 players who haven't played in months.
  10. I didn't realise the fan's willingness to look at results in a balanced manner had any on the player's performance on matchday. This all reminds me of when Steve Bruce referenced the "Mass Hysteria", at the time i thought he was a complete moron..but perhaps some truth in it?
  11. They are talking about the bigger picture, play-off winner that had to rebuild the squad entirely with young players. In some aspects if you compare to Fulham last season, we are performing above some expectations.
  12. he's the same age as O'Hare, the boy will become a great player.
  13. This x1000000, Heaton cannot pin-point a pass (which is why Pickford is ahead of him in Gareth's books IMO), so much harder to win a ball when you have to move significantly to get into position. In the Chelsea game they hustled our defence to pass it to Heaton, cos every-time it was going to end with them regaining possession.
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