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  1. carewjust4u

    Ross McCormack

    Isn't speculating exactly what we are all doing in this thread? We don't personally know either the manger or the player and don't know any of the conversations/actions that have taken place since RM pretended his gates didn't work.
  2. carewjust4u

    Ross McCormack

    Blaming Bruce for McCormack being a colossal and un-interested turd is beyond ludicrous. For the record I want Bruce to go ASAP, but McCormack is now beyond useless as a can't help those that don't want to be helped. Are we just going to pretend he wasn't complete gash during his loan to Nottingham Forest?
  3. carewjust4u

    Ross McCormack

    When we offered him back to Fulham, their players told basically begged the board not to sign him. That should tell you all you need to know, some problems can't be fixed.
  4. carewjust4u

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Here is the opinion of England international Luke Shaw; "I think Axel is unbelievable," Shaw told MUTV. "I think the talent he's got is frightening. He's strong, he's quick, he's energetic, he reads the game well, he's a good passer of the ball, and he's got everything. "For me, his main position is probably central defender. I think if he nails down one place, it will be central defender. But like I said, he's got everything and he's still very young.
  5. carewjust4u

    Axel Tuanzebe

    So what you're saying is that if is broke don't fix it? I do agree the whole situation is a farce though, but actions must be made and solutions must be tried.
  6. carewjust4u

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Are you counting the games in pre-season and for reserves? and many many years in one of the most competitive academies in the world. And yes i do think there would be a noticeable improvement, positioning knowledge is specific to particular positions. Look at Jedinak being a prime example of that or centre-backs when played at DM. Also, don't underestimate the difficulty in playing out-of-position in a massively under-performing defence that is lacking organisation. Just out of interest, who do you think should be the CB pairing?
  7. carewjust4u

    John Terry

    Same people said that when we originally signed him, then proceeded to romantically gush about him for the remainder of the season. Short memories and fickle opinions ect ect.
  8. carewjust4u

    John Terry

    Big rumors that Bruce has lost the dressing room, bringing in JT would certainly fix that problem.
  9. carewjust4u

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Not completely blind though as he has played that potion for the senior, and youth teams for the biggest club in the country, and has been rewarded with multiple contracts. I know he's been shit at RB and I hear your points, but you're coming across a tiny bit prejudicial. Give the lad a chance before writing him off in his actual position.
  10. carewjust4u

    Axel Tuanzebe

    * at right-back, and is untested at CB in the senior team in the league.
  11. carewjust4u

    John Terry

    I honestly cannot believe there is so much negativity towards Terry coming back, one of our most consistent performers and a huge positive presence in the dressing room (look how much love he is still getting from the players on social media). It's obviously not ideal we are currently short in CB position, but bloody hell pull yourselves together it's borderline embarrassing.
  12. carewjust4u

    Steve Bruce

    Get Rudi Garcia in.
  13. carewjust4u

    Tammy Abraham

    If we get this chap and that defender then we've pulled off a blinder of a window.
  14. carewjust4u

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Most of those players were signed during Bruce's tenure.
  15. carewjust4u

    Pre-match thread

    you and me both brother, that QPR game hit me especially hard as i also went the week before to see them struggle against sunderland ffs.