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  1. He's never looked the same since that long-term injury whilst he was around the England set-up, but then again he is 26....before that he was one of the brightest prospects in the country. Not too sure on this one.
  2. He's an unbelievably hardworking and strong centre-forward with a good finish on him...almost identical in the way Tammy plays, just much better. He's also young with room for improvement...for me he is the perfect signing, my Newcastle and Fulham mates both adore him.
  3. You'll find this interview with Henry on Guardiola very interesting, the amount of thought that goes into tactical shape and decision making is crazy in the modern game.
  4. Please don't underestimate how difficult it is to implement fluid formations and tactical approaches when you join mid-way through the season. This is especially true when you overhaul the style of play from defensive to offensive, and espeically true in the Championship were you barely get any respite between games and minutes on the training pitch are limited. I am sure now he has his philosophy embedded he will now use the pre-season to implement a number of tactical approaches.
  5. He's a brilliant player with a brilliant attitude with huge potential. If chelsea don't want him, a premier league team will take him.....it really is that simple.
  6. Kodija doesn't fit our style of play, doesn't press well off the ball and has lost a yard of space....the better alternative is Davis. We need to find a pressing forward that knows where the net is to play the Dean way, problem is there's not many of those about.
  7. Hahahahaha oh my lord what a bloke jack is
  8. Totally agree! That's what i mean, it was so turgid and awful and i'd completely given up hope and accepted that Grealish was leaving ect. I think that's why it's been such an enjoyable season, it's been snatched from the jaws of hopelessness.
  9. I think this has been one of, if not my favourite seasons ever supporting this team, what a journey it has been. I don't know about anyone else but i was at my lowest ever point prior to Bruce being cabbaged, look where we are now. Come on Dean....deliver us to the promised land after so many years in the wilderness.
  10. Always love these reviews, has gotten me (even more so, if that was possible) in the mood for tonight's game....hopefully the review that will follow will be equally as positive and optimistic.
  11. To be fair Smith brought Jedinak on and played him upfront the other week
  12. Surely not, Kodj has the same work-ethic as a three year old with extreme ADHD. So happy Tammy is fighting fit for the PO's, will make the world of difference.
  13. Lots of managers now brief their players to take turns in fouling hard and/or cynically particular key players, this either a) effects their emotional balance and puts them off their game or b) gives them a knock and knocks them off their natural game. Jose Mourinho is well known for employing this tactic, and managers have been complaining for years. Referee's don't usually take into account the context behind fouling tactics like this, and instead judge each foul individually which usually results in not many bookings being given and not much "protection" for the player.
  14. You can pretty much count on Anwar decimating Leeds if we meet them in the playoff final. I for one can't wait to see it.
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