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  1. Just popped on to say i've listened every week this season, by far my favourite villa podcast of the bunch. Thanks for many hours of listening lads, all excellent insight (and like the fact you often disagree).
  2. People very often get "criticism" and "abuse" confused.....calling someone a useless **** is not a critique, it's just name-calling.
  3. The German league and the Premier League aren't too dissimilar, I think he will surprise you.
  4. Remember to stay humble Villatalk, we have to be realistic in terms of the quality we can attract and the money we can spend per player. Personally, the gaffer really rates him by his comments last night and his record at brentford seems very strong. Watching the game last night he was one of the hardest working players on the pitch, that attitude is very welcome in our dressing room. 18million seems a snip, guess that's why its a release-clause.
  5. It's a fair comment, but I wouldn't be spending 40million on anyone that has question marks over his consistency.
  6. Sarr is also inconsistent. (Source: WhoScored.com)
  7. This is the chances created stats of players outside "the big 6" (source: twitter)
  8. We will not be buying Chelsea's 22-year old english top scorer this window, the money that would be required would be eye-watering.
  9. This type of thinking is needed more in our fanbase, we won't be braking our wage structure without very very good reasons. Our previous approach to wages in the prem almost ended up with us having no club to support. Is John Stones a very good reason? No.
  10. 5 sub rule is here to stay, we need 2x quality wide options brought in at the very least aswell as bolstering our bench options. This season our bench was about as dangerous as a knife made out of melted chocolate.
  11. The bottom five’s combined Premier League record since the restart: Played 13 Won 0 Drew 3 Lost 10 Scored 4 Conceded 20 Is there a argument to be made that we are in-fact the inform team out of the bunch? (2 Draws and 2 goals?)
  12. He was being over-played, most of VT was calling for him to have a rest and then bam broke his ankle. This squad is still a bit shallow on players like Mcguinn who can control a game, we have missed him immensely over the last 6 months. edit: just as a follow on pulled up our average player-rating stats from whoscored.com
  13. Pure speculation, but John seems like the type of boy that would have been very focused on getting his fitness up during the lockdown. We haven't actually had the spine of the team play together (Mings/Jack/John) together that much this season, and when we have we've been good....if (IF) John can hit the ground running, then the signs are good
  14. I never thought i'd agree with a comment from you this much, but here we are. Bang on, Smith's attacking-patterns and overall system does not rely on a poacher.
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