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  1. he's the same age as O'Hare, the boy will become a great player.
  2. This x1000000, Heaton cannot pin-point a pass (which is why Pickford is ahead of him in Gareth's books IMO), so much harder to win a ball when you have to move significantly to get into position. In the Chelsea game they hustled our defence to pass it to Heaton, cos every-time it was going to end with them regaining possession.
  3. See how you feel after the seven very winnable games we have after the game vs the Foxes (Blades A , Liverpool U18s H, Southampton H, Norwich H, Watford A, Burnley A, Fulham A).
  4. Sorry mate you've missed my point slightly, i'm saying that Smith's system is designed to avoid shooting outside the box, Instead it focuses on the overlapping of the full-backs with deliveries across the box. Of which, the striker makes a attacking movement into the front post, with the midfielders/wingers arriving slightly later into the space the striker has just created. This is an attacking pattern you can see over and over again during our games. So what i'm saying is that Wesley will be being drilled to play this way, and facilitate getting the ball quickly into these wide areas high up the pitch. As such, you won't see him wasting chances by shooting outside the box, the tactics simply don't work like that. With your second point i'm not arguing he's a "good striker" based on this particular stat taken out of context. In fact, i believe he has shown he has all the attributes to suit this particular system, and the potential to go on and be very successful for us. Only a matter of time before they start beating the keeper. (I remember a season where Suarez kept hitting the post and narrowly missing, and then the next season scored 32ish goals). Disclaimer: I am not suggesting Wesley is going to turn into prime-suarez, although, that would be pretty sweet.
  5. Is that the PL average for strikers, or for all players? Worth noting that Maupay & Vardy has an average of 0.6. Strikers by majority do not contribute key passes due to their location and involvement in later phases of play. (Source: WhoScored)
  6. Why would you want your striker to be shooting from outside the box? Smith's entire system is designed to get the ball behind the oppo's centre back's with men attacking the 6-yard box. What you're suggesting would be a complete breakdown in the system Dean has been working so hard to drill into his players.
  7. I'll just leave this here. (Excludes the "big six" clubs)
  8. and what about when the ball is cleared out of defence, is 5ft6 SJM going to be trapping the ball and/or winning the flicks?
  9. The key difference between these 2 centre-backs in the Key-Passes, Mings contributes alot more to the attacking play. For example, against Newcastle Mings had completed 2 Key-Passes, whereas Konsa had zero. Konsa was superior in the Defensive aspects, but with our system the balance needs to be a combination of the two. https://www.whoscored.com/Matches/1376017/Live/England-Premier-League-2019-2020-Aston-Villa-Newcastle-United
  10. Sorry mate, that isn't true at all...he always attacks the front post when the ball is taken to the byline.
  11. Bruce's system with Villa always failed against Dean's Brentford....badly. I have every confidence we'll get the points.
  12. Don't rush Jack back, wait until he's is 100% fitness....maybe give him 20 mins at the end, it really isn't worth risking it.
  13. Think those two results show the obvious, that we are vastly superior to injury-ravaged relegation candidates and vastly inferior to polished English champions. If you look at the performances from the other games we've played they've been by far positive, in the respect that we've been very competitive and sometimes unlucky. You're right that we have a long way to go, we have alot of new players and it takes at least 6 months to fully adapt to a new system..even longer to adapt to a new league. This is the start of a 3-5 year project, and avoiding relegation is the target this season. Currently, it's looking positive and I suspect we will results improve as time progresses.
  14. 100% mate, he's got a brilliant attitude and show he has the capacity to learn/adapt his game. His influence on the forward line is only going to grow, I just hope the more impatient parts of our fanbase give him time.
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