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  1. There's some comments on twitter just now suggesting its all agreed but there are some other issues to sort out implying that its personal family stuff, relocating etc. FYI - Twitter account is Tom Cowley
  2. Less than a minute to find his generic profile picture on google pics https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/video/handsome-senior-man-smelling-and-then-tasting-a-glass-of-stock-footage/466864700
  3. He seems to have got the hang of it very quickly considering it's his first day on twitter. Lots of appropriate hashtags and copying links etc. Fake agent for sure.
  4. Interesting stuff about Grealish's average game stats. Saw quite a few twitter posts from THFC fans through the summer quoting game stats and asking what all the fuss was about. Clearly not many have seen him play week in week out. If you hadn't watched the game last night you would have no idea the impact he had when he came on. Certainly my eyes were nearly bleeding watching that dross until he came on. BBC match report- "Conor Hourihane sent Villa through with just over 10 minutes to spare as he tapped in Jonathan Kodjia's pass." Kodjia's little dummy aside, we all know who made that goal but it wont show in the key stats.
  5. He reminds me of Gary Gardner ?
  6. Totally agree @villabromsgrove We don't have a system or a style of playing. There is no way those 11 player had worked together in a match scenario before they trotted on that pitch last night. Its ridiculous, not a Bruce hater but this cannot continue if we're looking to progress forward.
  7. He looks clumsy and naïve. I kept thinking he was gong to misplace passes but they were surprisingly accurate. He did ok I guess. We've basically got one reliable CB in Chester, very worrying.
  8. There's no way those 11 players have spent time preparing for this game. Bruces plan was obviously to throw them on the pitch and see what happens.
  9. Surely some of these Yeovil players dont play like this week in week out, they look awesome
  10. I was surprised he was interested in Villa, I heard through a Bristol City fan a few weeks back that he hadn't signed a new contract as he was looking for Premier League football. Cant really blame him for going after the Fulham offer. Hutton it is at LB!
  11. That Daily Star article is surprisingly well written.......I'm in shock.
  12. I think he is gone and its just a haggle now. I wasn't sure until Monday, his reaction at being subbed as he came off wasn't normal. The upsurge in transfer activity in past 2 days is an indication the club know we have £25-30 million coming in before the close of the window to satisfy FFP this season.
  13. My overwhelming thoughts on Saturday were that we would lose Jack if we didn't win. He's had much better passing games this season than on Saturday but the media was still raving about his performance at Wembley. Leicester would be a good stepping stone. If he progresses like he has done this season he will be world class. We are a very average Championship team without him. Gutted. ?
  14. blimey, that list is so depressing. Moyes, Big Sham and Pardew are just Bruce Mk2 The rest all have a whiff of Sherwood and Remi Garde about them. I guess Dean Smith would be my choice but would worry about him dealing with some of the names we've got in the squad.
  15. There is no way Steve Bruce will turn this around. He's utterly clueless and by all accounts has been for years. Amazing when you consider he's accrued over £30m through the game and doesn't care about tactics, formations or plans.
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