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  1. 10 minutes ago, VillaChris said:

    Shane Duffy available on one year loan.

    Celtic, West Brom, Burnley and West Ham all interested.

    Would be a good pick up for us as a few of us have said on here.

    Has a tendency to defend deep and invites pressure onto the team , he falls into the category of defenders that make these last ditch tackles that look great on TV but in reality is caused by his poor starting position

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  2. 6 minutes ago, dudevillaisnice said:

    Still not convinced, something doesn’t feel right with it all. Maybe drumming up interest in the hope some other club else bids seems likely 🤔

    This was kinda what I was thinking aswel , hope we are both off the mark 

  3. 1 hour ago, Condimentalist said:

    Wilson would be a disaster. He's only once hit more than 8 in the league, is always injured, and would expect a big pay day. We've been here too many times before. 

    I was I think under the media spell that has always told us Wilson is great , when his named popped up earlier i was thinking perfect for us except his injury history,

    After reading your comment and looking at his goal record , it's very poor , revised my opinion not for us

  4. 3 minutes ago, MaVilla said:

    Watkins, Benrahma & Henry - 55m (ish?)

    Beundia or Edouard - 30m/35m

    CM - 30m (or 2 x c.15m?)

    GK - Loan (if Heaton wont be back for season start)


    total spend - 115m/120m.



    For me a RB is badly needed , Konsa was playing out of position to cover for us (did very well) , Elmo thought was great but he is in his 30s, Freddy was a bit hit and miss

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  5. Smith said on TV that Watkins could have made a move to Brentford the season before but decided to stay at Exeter to develop further.

    He sounds like he has a great attitude and exactly the type of guy we could do with around the squad

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  6. Just now, Awol said:





    Think that would finish top half of table if we address few smaller issues at the back

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  7. 3 minutes ago, TrentVilla said:

    Scott Hogan got 7 in 17 for Small Heath... and he scored 14 in 25 for Brentford before we bought him.

    Olly Watkins got 25 in 46 for Brentford....

    We gave them £12m for Hogan and people are in a rush to hand over £25m for Watkins.

    Im not making any sort of comparison between the two players, their ability, qualities etc just highlighting the similarity in the numbers.

    Have to say I’d be very very nervous handing them another £25m for Watkins.

    The Hogan deal really shouldn't influence this , different coaching staff and different player , Smith knows the player 

  8. 4 minutes ago, KevinRichardsonsMoustache said:

    I just watched a YT video of Edouard: selfish, arrogant so and so. But my god, he looks good:. I hate to say it, but I fear he is out of our league. Watkins it is.

    Watched a bit of Celtic ( not a load ,so won't claim to have watched them week in week out)

    He looks like a real talent , probably an upgrade on Watkins

    Moussa Dembele left Celtic in 2018 for less than 20 million and for me was a far better player

    So with the prices being inflated in the 2 years , even so , I don't see where they can quote 40million, 

    Celtic are heavily reliant on gate receipts and will probably have to sell

    My fear is that with us jumping in and taking mcginn while they were playing hard ball , there might be still some I'll feelings towards us

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  9. 2 minutes ago, GENTLEMAN said:

    Am I missing some glaringly obvious fact here? Why would Leeds throw 1 million down the pan, when then can just bid the release clause.

    It's fairly self explanatory with example I gave , it shows how bidding above the release clause is of no benefit

  10. Just now, useless said:

    Clubs are only going to bid what the release clause is, if say Leeds bid £18m and someone else bids £22m, if Watkins decided he wanted to join Leeds that £18m bid  would have to be accepted. That's even if there is a release clause to begin with of course.

    Exactly , it becomes players decision at that point, so let's say we bid 18 and Leeds bid 19 , all Watkins would need do is reject terms with Leeds and our bid is still there 

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