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  1. With our new youth set up and scouting team, I believe he is/was high on our shortlist. We've quietly been buying a lot of "the next generation" of youth players for our U18/U23 teams and have spent some fairly big money on players for this age already, and ESR may have been someone we were looking at before he broke into the Arsenal first team. What we saw from his 1st team performances last season may have been enough to justify a much bigger bid to get him, as opposed to someone who just looks good at the U23 level. The fact he hasn't penned this "new deal" Arsenal fans have been reporti
  2. No, Percy has confirmed we actually bid and it was rejected by Arsenal. There is a genuine interest from us and I think we're actually trying to go after the next Jack. Imagine if Levy didn't fook about with trying to sign Jack when Xia was looking to sell and actually coughed up the extra 5-10 million we supposedly wanted for him at that time? He would be seen as a bargain and Spuds may well be selling him at a 70 million pound profit this window instead of Kane.
  3. He's had two incidents throughout his entire career... Two... The first was a blatant stamp on Ibrahimovic, which he was correctly given a 5 match ban for. The other was the Olivera incident, which was horrific, but accidental. Since the Ibra incident was the last major press story involving Mings, when the Olivera stamp happened, it became international news and the narrative was '"Dirty player with a prior record of being dirty does another dirty thing and should be banned from the game". Apart from both of those incidents, He's been extremely clean and professional on the pitch.
  4. Doesn't look anything like Trez to me... Trez in a nutshell: Can only beat the defender with one move - knock the ball past them and try to just out run them. If that doesn't work, he usually runs down a blind alley and loses posession. Works hard in the press, but usually makes the wrong decision if he wins the ball. Has some of the consistently worst decision making I've ever seen in the Premier League. Occasionally scores by being in the box when the ball falls to him during a set piece. Alverez shows in that montage that he: Has better control/dribbli
  5. I don't get what the press has against Tyrone. The guy is incredibly intelligent, self-aware, and has a work ethic that puts most people to shame. It's quite remarkable that he's only been playing as a central defender for 2.5 seasons and has climbed all the way to being the starting vocal organizer/leader of the backline of England in a major international tournament. Racism has to be a large part of the negative image surrounding him in the press, because he hasn't put in a foot wrong so far this tournament and unlike the Grealish controversy, Southgate has gotten the CB pairing correct s
  6. Alvarez link is from HITC... Aka, it's not happening.
  7. We played 4-3-3 in the Championship consistently and it's Deano's preferred set up. Here is the lineup we played against Bristol City in the middle of our 10 game winning streak. We'd sometimes replace Hourihane with Whelan, but this was our go to set up when we played our best. McGinn - Hourihane - Grealish Adomah - Abraham - El Ghazi When we started the following season in the Premier League, we played 4-3-3 until Grealish was moved from CM out to the left wing against Burnley in week 7 McGinn - Douglas Luiz - Grealish Trezeguet - Wesley - El Ghazi We switched
  8. Hause was fantastic last season in every appearance he made. He's come a long way under this coaching staff.
  9. I'm not English, so I don't care...
  10. Honestly, I'm not bothered if Jack doesn't play for England this tournament. It just means he'll be less likely to return to us injured for next season.
  11. Sanson is a box-to-box midfielder in the style of McGinn. Someone like Smith-Rowe would be fantastic to do 1-2s and be a willing runner for Grealish/Buendia through balls.
  12. I'll support him when he's on the pitch, but I'm hoping we sign a replacement as soon as possible and ship his ass off to Gabby's house.
  13. The Rashica thread was closed several times last summer, and there were actual credible sources discussing the transfer.
  14. Can we close this thread yet? Has there been one credible link to this guy or just more 2+2=5 conspiracies based off of Instagram likes?
  15. Why? Because we're buying yet another player creative player who doesn't play his position on the left? Every summer, it's the same story... 2018 - Sign McGinn - "Must mean Jack is leaving." 2019 - Sign 150 million pounds worth of players after promotion - "Must mean Jack is leaving." 2020 - Sign Traore & Barkley - "Must mean Jack is leaving." 2021 - Sign Buendia & bid for ESR - "Must mean Jack is leaving." 2022 - Sign Haaland & Gio Reyna - "Must mean Jack is leaving."
  16. It became apparent to me after watching the Spurs "All or Nothing" series that Jose's man management style requires a team of strong, vocal leaders who hold each other accountable and police out the bad culture themselves. He had 3-4 strong leaders in each of his Porto, Chelsea, Madrid, & Inter teams, but lacked them at both ManUre and Spurs, but wasn't given the funds or time to buy them.
  17. Article in the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/06/16/aston-villa-close-signing-ashley-young-free-25m-emile-smith/
  18. Percy has spoken, so looks like this is happening... Ashley Young was a large part of the team which made me fall in love with Villa ~15 years ago, and even scored one of my favorite goals of all time in that epic 3-2 win against Everton in stoppage time. I used to have a lot of respect for him as a player, but unlike Milner and Barry, the other great players who played for us and left for a bigger club in the same period, I've disliked Young ever since because of that blatant dive against us for the winning penalty the first game against us for Man United. He's a mercenary and the only rea
  19. Minutes from the bench <> minutes starting because you're not always playing in your preferred position/role and most likely won't see as much of the ball... When you come off the bench for more appearances than when you've started, your stats for the season are skewed. If you only pull his stats from the games he's started this season, they'll show a different story. Having actually watched the kid play on several occasions myself, I can say he is a dribbler. Watch the Brighton game from above where they kick the Hell out of him.
  20. The majority of his appearances were off the bench this season... He's going to be inconsistent as a 20 year old in his first season playing in the Premier League. Here are some of his full appearances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1TYJtdMAgU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsE90CPkAGI
  21. Here is his profile on the #1 footie stats website, but whatever, villalad21... https://www.whoscored.com/Players/363686/Show/Emile-Smith-Rowe
  22. Number 10, but has Ollie's work rate. He runs... A lot. Dribbles a bit like Jack and wins a lot of fouls because of his ball control, but loves playing 1-2s with others in attack. He's also a relentless presser in defense. Reminds me a lot of Mason Mount, but with some of Jack's flair and ESR will actually will take on and try to beat his mark. Still raw, but he works hard and could double in value in 3-4 years, even if we get him for 35 million.
  23. If we've actually bid for him and not just enquired, we have a serious shot to get him... I honestly don't think he's going to be worth as much as some Arsenal fans value him at. He's honestly gettable at ~35 million with add ons.
  24. I'm absolutely howling with laughter reading r/soccer and r/gunners right now. Can you imagine pulling this signing off and singing this song at the Emirates next season? "Grealish on the left, Buendia on the riiiiiiiiiiiight, and ESR middle, makes you Gooner lot cry!!!!!"
  25. This! Signing players for the bench is how you stand still or go backward in the Premier League. Last summer many of us were scratching our heads at the Matty Cash signing thinking "Why do we need another right back? We have Guilbert, Elmo, and Konsa can fill in there if needed!" His performance this season showed just how much of an upgrade he was for us in that position. Also last summer, a left back was seen as a priority signing by most of the fan base because of the mixed feelings about Targett and Taylor. Fast forward a year and everyone only wants to sign someone to sit on the benc
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