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  1. Worst defense in the Prem heading into this game. Nobody has faced more shots or touches in the box than Leeds have so far.
  2. I don't know if ASM is selfish or he just doesn't trust his teammates at all. He's a brilliant player whenever I watch him, but always seems to shoot straight at the keeper when he has a teammate he could square it to, more often than not.
  3. I'm still baffled that they spent 40 million on him... Put it this way, that's more than we paid for Buendia, who is our record signing...
  4. I think he's better than Declan Rice, who is arguably the most overrated player in England at the moment.
  5. Leeds will be in the relegation mix, unless Bielsa prioritizes defending more. This squad gets relegated if he was to leave. Too many grafters and not a lot of quality throughout.
  6. They throw so many men forward that they're always vulnerable on the counter... If Bruceball looks dangerous against you, you're doing something wrong. Also, Newcastle under Bruce look like we did in the Championship under him. Get the ball to your one creative player (Grealish/ASM) and hope he can do something magical. Until that happens, defend, defend, defend.
  7. As a lifelong Lions fan, we knew in Michigan that as soon as it was announced Stafford was going to LA, he would be a contender for MVP. The guy is a warrior who gives his all every single game and balled out for years in Detroit, it's just nobody watched the Lions, so they didn't notice... I see a lot of parallels with Stafford going to the Rams with Grealish going to Man City. We knew for years just how class Jack was, but since nobody watched us in the Championship, or when we were struggling in the relegation zone our first season back up, he was written off as overrated. He's starting to consistently contribute in that absolutely stacked Man City team and is showing everyone in the world what we've known he was capable of all along. The Rams are my pick for the Super Bowl champs right now and I wish nothing but the best for Matt Stafford. I want him to win a ring and have a shot at the HOF, because he's right up there with Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson as the best Lion of all time, and that's not just because we've had an awfully run organization for so long. It's because he's genuine class.
  8. I'm very confident about a win here. We'll be full strength and full fitness for the first time this season and regardless of how Deano decides to have us line up, we'll have a plethora of options on the bench to make changes as the game goes on. The team will be desperate to get a result now that they're all back and there are strong players on the bench who will be challenging for a spot in the team. 4-1 to the mighty Villa.
  9. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    So... You're saying Deano needs to get us to Europe this season or be sacked, with a squad that has cost a lot less to build and are on significantly less wages than Everton, who couldn't even do that last season when they had a world class manager?
  10. Exactly. Just need to keep players out of the treatment room and take things one match at a time. I don't think anyone predicted the 7-2 destruction of Liverpool last season and if I remember correctly, there was a lot of doom and gloom on here before the game as well.
  11. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    Look who Everton have played so far this season Beat Southampton at home Drew to Leeds on the road Beat Brighton away Beat Burnley at home They've only played bottom half teams and have not had the same injury, fitness, COVID problems we've had. Just looking at the table after 4 games won't tell you the full story.
  12. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    I don't... Look at our games so far this season. Watford - Key members of the team weren't fit yet and they smashed us on the counter attack. Newcastle - Players were still not fit and we didn't play well, but still beat Bruceball handedly. Brentford - Were missing more key players to injury and COVID protocol and had to play Ashley Young as a central midfielder. A huge trap game, and we got a vital point. Chelsea - We were missing the best GK in the world right now and our record signing creative midfielder. We still managed to take the game to them in the first half, their goalkeeper played a blinder, while we had a Championship keeper in our net. The gulf in quality was evident, as Lukaku scored with both of his shots. We'll have a full strength and fully fit squad for the first time this season for the Everton match. I can see us beating every one of those teams in our next 6 matches on the right day, but a haul of 9-12 points is not out of the question.
  13. It took Grealish years to do that... Ramsey has two solid games and we're already expecting more out of him?
  14. I love reading this thread. I get to add all these new accounts to my ignore list!!!
  15. Yes, we need a "Mike Dean" level below Very Poor...
  16. Mcginn is MOTM. Was a gladiator. If he would have scored a goal, it would have been his best Premier League performance yet. Ramsey continues to impress. Smith got his tactics right, but individual mistakes continue to cost us. Looking forward to finally having a full strength and fit squad against Everton next Saturday. UTV!!!
  17. Ouch. Lukaku has been quiet all game except for his two shots for goals. That's why 100 million will buy you. I don't think Man City will see that kind of return from their 100 million pound purchase...
  18. Because Atwell's performance was brilliant for Chelsea.
  19. Everton will be the first time we'll have a full strength squad available to us, too. Our season starts next Saturday.
  20. On top of that we did this without our world class goalkeeper and record signing midfielder.
  21. lol... All last season we complained about having Davis on the bench. We address that major weakness and go out and buy Danny Fookin' Ings, but some still are complaining about the decision. I'm done...
  22. No, we lost control after their second goal. That deflated the energy we were playing with.
  23. Lol... So... we're back to usual VillaTalk? Let me guess this week's talking points... Midfield is being overrun, we need a brick shithouse DM Tuanzebe/Mings/McGinn/Dougie is shit and we'd be winning if we had bought someone else Smith's tatics/subs are awful and we'll never progress under him
  24. He's just recovered from COVID, according to reports.
  25. Yeah, you're right. Our captain should be superhuman never make a mistake... Someone like this guy...
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