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  1. We really are a miserable lot, aren't we? hahaha
  2. I would take Frazer in a heartbeat... He's much better than Treze & El Ghazi.
  3. Has been hyped as a future star in Germany for years, but hasn't delivered on any of it yet and is now 25. He's clearly a talented player who would be in the Wesley-mold, but has only scored 4 goals in his last 41 appearances...
  4. Reminds be a bit of Tammy. Makes so much difference to our system to have a forward who doesn't drop deep for the ball and makes runs in behind defenders.
  5. By that logic, Jack is injury prone because he's missed lengthy spells just about every season except this one... I think Deano would take Axel in a heartbeat, if he thought he could get him.
  6. Hause had one of the worst debuts for us since Curtis Davies, but Drinkwater's performance yesterday was pathetic... Both Hause & Davies got a lot better for us, so I'm hoping Danny will turn out good, too.
  7. Don't really care about the results around us... Need our players to focus on the only thing they can influence, our own results.
  8. Nyland was a fookin' disaster in the Championship last season. I don't want to count on him because he had one good performance before his season ending injury last year and has had one good performance so far this season. He was so far out of his element last year that Smith couldn't wait to get another goalkeeper in BEFORE the window even opened last January. I'm glad Nyland now actually looks like he has played football before, but Reina is still in another class above.
  9. Heaton Elmo - Konsa - Mings - Targett McGinn - Nakamba - Hourihane El Ghazi - Wesley - Grealish
  10. He’s so good... Not going to lie, when those photos of Jack surfaced during our relegation season, where he as passed out on a boozer after one of our losses, I had written him off as another Stephen Ireland. I thought he was just another talented youngster who got all the way to the Premier League on natural ability and wasn’t ready to put the work in that is needed to be a great player. Boy, I’m glad I was wrong! He is looking like a true world class player at times this season. I’m in awe and just glad he is one of ours!
  11. He’s the Egyptian Brett Holman. Works hard, but is a headless chicken and makes terrible decisions with the ball. Badly need to spend to bring in Benrahma or another quality winger/wide player this January.
  12. Once again, I'm absolutely baffled by some of the comments on here... You'd think we have a fully fit, well rounded , title-challenging squad and Smith is just getting out-witted by Nuno...
  13. Yep... Thank McGrath we have a manager who likes to attack...
  14. EXACTLY... I see the same criticism of Smith every game we lose -- "His subs were poor" -- No, the quality of players on the bench is dreadful. The only position we actually have some quality/depth at is Central Midfield, meanwhile we don't even have players good enough to be playing week in and week out as our wingers/wide forwards, which is why Grealish is being forced out wide. We don't have anyone on the bench who can make an impact when we need a threat.
  15. Why is Deano getting slated here? The man did everything right this game and we almost stole a win/draw from the Champions of Europe/Premier League leaders while missing our Captain/best player. We're still a team in transition and have some glaring holes in our squad, which will be addressed over the next 2 seasons by our front office and our owners, who are still handcuffed by FFP rules about spending. A year ago we were a mid-table Championship team playing Bruceball. Now, we're in the Premier League holding our own against some of the best teams in the world. I'm proud of the performance today. At least 4 points from our next 3 games is realistic and puts us back on pace for survival.
  16. His goal is papering over some major cracks in his game and if he didn't score yesterday, would be the first player we'd all be complaining about. He has a great work rate and pace, but he is very poor with the ball and his decision making in the final third of the pitch is hilariously bad... You can count on him making the wrong decision every single time when he has the ball at his feet.
  17. As soon as I saw that "openly celebrates goals Spurs score in games he refs" Mike Dean was reffing the Arsenal - Sheff United game, I knew Arsenal would lose... Pretty sure they've lost like 9/10 Premier League games he's reffed for them at this point.
  18. I'd rather Manure win and Ole avoids the axe for another few weeks. The sooner he gets the sack, the more likely they'll be right in the middle of a new manager bounce when we play them in 5 weeks...
  19. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    History has shown that teams who park the bus and struggle to score goals throughout the season are more likely to be relegated than those who can freely score, but also concede plenty themselves. Statistically, we should be 11th right now and that's where we actually are. We would be top 8 right now, if VAR/Refs hadn't have fooked us over several times already. Some need to chill out... It's only 9 games into the season.
  20. I just want to lay down and cry tears of relief... Villa, why do you always do this to me??? Another terrible refereeing performance... but we were awful in the 2nd half, to the point which if we had lost that game it was entirely our squad's fault... No sense of urgency or drive after the subs came on. Nobody wanted the ball except for Grealish and thank McGrath he pulled that out of his hat...
  21. Ryan Fraser is out of contract at the end of this season. He is only 25 and is a realistic, Deano-type signing who would provide some consistently and workrate in that wide left position.
  22. It's Tuesday morning and I'm still pissed off about those two phantom "illegal hands to the face" calls against Trey Flowers last night. Green Bay couldn't win the game themselves so the refs had to take over last night...
  23. If Taylor is out of the team, who is the new scapegoat???? My money is on Wesley because he doesn't bang in a hat trick every game...
  24. Still at work and didn't get a chance to watch the game. Cue the usual panic after a Villa loss/draw, but stats-wise, we aren't as bad as some are making us out to be. Based on xGoals & xGoalsAllowed, we should be 14th in the table. https://understat.com/league/Premier League xPoints: 14th (Under-Performing by 1.26 points) xGoals: 17th (Under-Performing by 0.85 goals scored) xGoalsAllowed: 14th (Over-Performing by 1.41 goals allowed) Over the course of the season, and provided we can buy an attacker or two in January, we should survive if we continue to play at the same level we are currently at today. Stats-wise, we should have scored at least one goal that game and walked away with 3 points, but there will also be a game this season where we get away with one and win, when we should have lost/drawn. https://understat.com/match/11692 Everyone needs to chill. It's only September.
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