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  1. If Taylor is out of the team, who is the new scapegoat???? My money is on Wesley because he doesn't bang in a hat trick every game...
  2. Still at work and didn't get a chance to watch the game. Cue the usual panic after a Villa loss/draw, but stats-wise, we aren't as bad as some are making us out to be. Based on xGoals & xGoalsAllowed, we should be 14th in the table. https://understat.com/league/Premier League xPoints: 14th (Under-Performing by 1.26 points) xGoals: 17th (Under-Performing by 0.85 goals scored) xGoalsAllowed: 14th (Over-Performing by 1.41 goals allowed) Over the course of the season, and provided we can buy an attacker or two in January, we should survive if we continue to play at the same level we are currently at today. Stats-wise, we should have scored at least one goal that game and walked away with 3 points, but there will also be a game this season where we get away with one and win, when we should have lost/drawn. https://understat.com/match/11692 Everyone needs to chill. It's only September.
  3. What a bad fookin' call... Payton is furious and he should be.
  4. Chargers-Lions isn't... It' like both teams are trying to see how many field goals their kickers can miss.
  5. Aguero just pulled one back... This is when Norwich's makeshift back line will completely fall apart. Predicting 2-5 City.
  6. There is still an hour of football to go...
  7. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    Probably because he is a fan and is just as miserable as the rest of us are.
  8. KMitch

    Dean Smith

    Amazing interview... Deano is a really amazing, humble, down to earth guy.
  9. Fook my life... It's bad enough Villa does this to me already, but now I have the Lions to disappoint me again.
  10. From what the rags are saying, he wasn't interested in joining us and turned us down as opposed to his club valuing him above what we were willing to pay. I completely agree with the fact that we're light on the wings. I think Benrahma was our top target and we held out hope that hope that Brentford would drop their asking price near the end of the window, but it never materialized. Sisto was our backup, but he didn't fancy us at this time.
  11. Nope... If they admit that their highly trained and extremely capable unbiased referees make mistakes, it will open up all sorts of problems for them in the future. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if Deano get's some sort of warning from the FA after his comments post match. TBH, the Premier League refs are all biased and nothing has been done against them over the years. Mike Dean has been shown openly celebrating Spurs goals in games he's ref'd for them and heavily biased against Arsenal in games he's overseen for them over the years. Arsenal have a shockingly low win percentage in the games he has ref'd. Mark Clattenberg is a suspected Liverpool fan and didn't ref Everton games for something like 6 seasons because he got death threats from their fans after a series of awful biased decisions against them.. The two Manc clubs also have had several questionable incidents with him over the years too. I remember reading something about Howard Webb when he retired reffed something like 24 Liverpool games over the years and they only won 4-5 of them. Liverpool fans think he's a Man United fan. Every time Chris Foy would ref a Chelsea match, it was a given that one of their players would be red carded. Something like he handed out 10 red cards in 11 games against Chelsea.
  12. I can't watch this anymore... Going to get drunk...
  13. Man United really are shit, aren't they? Daniel James looks like the only player in their side who actually wants the ball and does something with it.
  14. Finally managed to watch the replay of the Crewe match... No idea why Targett is getting slated... If it's because he isn't Guilbert, that isn't a good enough reason. I thought he was solid enough on his debut.
  15. They remind me a lot of how we were under Lambert. Great against the top sides where we would sit back, blunt their attack and try to hit them on the counter. When we were the actual favorites, we struggled to know what to do with ourselves, which is a lot how Palace looked to me last season.
  16. Doubled his appearances too!!! hahaha
  17. Reading the Bolton thread on Reddit and someone rattled off some great players they've had over the years and one which stood out to me as one I had completely forgotten about was Kevin Nolan. Great hardworking midfielder and captain for them.
  18. Already lashing out at the fans after 3 games? Brucie is off to a good start again it seems... This is going to be good...
  19. Rumors he's about to get a new 100k/week contract this season. Well done, lad.
  20. Just watched Match of the Day... OMG... What is the point of having VAR if the ref watching the replays isn't allowed to make a decision which goes against the call on the field? There were at least 3 penalty shouts around the league this weekend which weren't called, but were clearly peno's upon the replay.
  21. My MOM today, but that's only if I was splitting hairs. Excellent, once again. Winning possession and driving forward all over the pitch. He's a gem.
  22. Mings out of the warm up now... Club doctor is checking him out in the physio room. Mings jogged off, so fingers crossed it's just precautionary.
  23. They just showed footage of Mings pulling up short in the warmup... Looks like he pulled something, the physios came over, but after a bit of hobbling, carried on with the warm up. Hope he isn't out of the lineup today.
  24. ...and we have to do the same thing this season.
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