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  1. Sorry for not replying sooner, 14 hour shifts & a pregnant wife & all. I dont buy into the whole "superfood" craze that's sweeping the fitness world/supermarkets, I'm the first to tell people it's all a marketing. So I don't buy into all that kind of garbage. Just as my views on paleo & all that kind of thing, I don't buy into it. So I don't just read a few articles & believe what I'm reading. My views have come from working with top nutritional people due to my horrendous food allergies, as well as my own experience with food/supplement companies ect Ive competed a
  2. For each one calling it a myth there's those who say otherwise. So no I'm not wrong, it just depends on which you would believe. I go with the people who's been in the industry a long time with decades of experience. I also know elite lifters, whom have gone to represent this country & they wouldn't touch MP with mine or yours.
  3. Yup as I said, it's pricy. Your average gym bro will more than likely stick to what suits their budget & righty so...so don't get me wrong. MP stuff gives me a bad stomach as well, so I stick with the above or their biowhey which is cheaper. But I go the same route with meat. I probably eat less than most per day but I only buy local so I try to go quality over quantity. I think it's better eating 150g a day from organic sources than 250g a day on supermarket cuts (unless it's sourced well) Maybe awful was the wrong word. Like you said it suits those at certain levels of
  4. Well guy I know it's injecting it. Along with God knows what else :-/
  5. Majority of mass produced whey will come from cattle fed on grain. When they're fed grain it completely changes the amigo profile, that's just fact. It's not there natural food source. I source proteins from grass fed cattle, its pricy but of a better quality. Don't take my post as me being a dick, I work with (to a degree) with some companies & see just the amount of budget whey that gets processed. I'll say myprotein then maybe the best of a bad bunch. I genuinely believe this is about as good as your will get right now http://www.geneticsupplements.
  6. Yes & read it all. As I said, 5kg for less then 60. Can't be that good. Telling me this is better sourced than from grass fed cattle? Course it's not, much better companies not on that list.
  7. Don't really care for articles inside the fitness industry like that. They can twist it however they want to fit their agenda.
  8. When I saw the first picture of joker in this my first thought was "looks like something from a shitty nu-metal band"....opinion still hasn't changed
  9. Myproteins whey is pretty awful in general. Reason why you can get 5kg for under £60 This is an intra formula with fast acting carbs http://www.geneticsupplements.co.uk/EliteEvolution/WORKOUTFOOD2 A friend of mine has started doing insulin as part of his "stack" his missus has to wake up at 2am to make sure he's not gone into a coma. Absolutely mental.
  10. I've purposely dodged all trailers for this. I just can't bring myself to watch any of it, I hate every image I've seen.
  11. Put in a few hours on this. It's a bit chaotic (no surprise there with console players on a moba) but in all I think it could be a gem of a game. Anyone ne else pull the open beta down on ps4 early?
  12. Ah pork cracking...I love & loath it
  13. Yup a 11g dose is roughly like 9.7g of protein from the one I use. As Stevo/myself said they're good for certain things but as a main source of protein you have better options.
  14. I think its a common misconception that Bcaa's act like a pre workout, not saying that's what you wanted from them. More than a few people have said that to me & they aren't really a stimulation supplement. They're however very good if you train early am & want to sip through the workout. I train early & prefer to do so fasted, exceed is decent but sustain is prob the best intra work out. The company is only small but really do use quality, but it's pricy. I keep the Bcaa amount round 10g as I don't want an insulin spike/crash while I train. That's one thing with dosi
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