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  1. Nyland is a good keeper for this level. Our defence isnt great but neither are most in this league. We have the players to dominate every game so our defence shouldn’t be under loads of pressure but we have a manager that lets us get dominated by how he sets up.
  2. We have the best attacking players in the league by a mile. Name another team with a £30m winger or a a CM worth that? Our players should be top 6 easily and with a good manager we’d piss this league.
  3. The playoffs distort the league. We should be aiming for top 2 and have the playoffs as a fall back. Last year it wasn’t all about finishing top 6 after our bad start and it’s looking to that way already. That’s nothing good enough. This squad will challenge for the playoffs regardless of who I supported In charge. That’s not good enough. We need to win our next 3 to get back to top 2 form of 2 pts a game. That’s easily achievable with who we have. Will-we do it is another thing.
  4. Good point but Even in our best game in years( Bruce’s words not mine) we couldn’t beat them. Don’t even try to compare Bruce’s football with Smiths. We play good stuff occasionally Brentford are coached to do it all the time. Smith may not cut it here for multiple reasons but I’d rather give him the opportunity than watch more of Bruce’s crap. Dean Smith, Oscar Garcia are achievable. Brenda;n Rodgers would be the dream for me. I’d even sound out Dyche as Burnley have hit their ceiling. There’s loads of manager better than Bruce out there. Let’s get one.
  5. Let’s stop seeing the top 6 as doing well. We should be looking at top 2 and finishing in the playoffs is failure but with a silver lining. Once we realise that 3rd to 6th isn’t actually a promotion place we can judge Bruce properly. We aren’t 4th. We are behind the points needed to get automatic we shouldn’t wait until we are outside the top 6 to act. If we fall behind the top 2 we should act before it’s too late to give the new man a chance of automatic never mind the torture of the playoffs.
  6. Tonight is now the bench mark for me. I’m one of bruces biggest critics regarding the style but even if we’d have lost I’d have praised him for that performance. If we follow that up on Saturday we will win easily.
  7. If we played higher up as a team then the CF wouldn’t have to run wide as much With Jack and McGinn 433 is best formation if played correct and as a 433 not a 451
  8. Adomah scored a lot last year but his overall performaces weren’t all that and he’s been crap since January really. Chester has been a good player for a long time and still is. As for Jack and Johnstone they are good young players who are developing and getting better with games. Who’d have guessed if you trust young players they get better. You can argue the affect Bruce has on individual players but as you say one thing you can’t argue about is the stuff we see on the pitch. We are a well drilled side unfortunately the defensive mindset of the coaches overides any attacking intent. We have some cracking attacking players and Bruce seems to be trying to get more in but he’s has to gamble a bit more as I think then the rewards would be far greater and outweigh any risk of losing. Last year in critical games we dropped points by not going at teams from the start or in the case of Wembley lost out on promotion. Tonight is one of those nights We have to beat the Brentford’s at home if we want to go up.
  9. Bruce seems to be a very popular bloke and this is a big asset for the club to have but his teams are awful at playing football. If he wasn’t so pig headed I think he’d admit that the coaching set up isn’t working and if he’s doesn’t address it it’ll cost him his job. I’d sack Calderwood promote Agnew and get another young enthusiastic coach in to get our players moving.
  10. 3 wins with 1 crap performance 1 bad performance and 1 I enjoyed but need to do a lot better (Wigan) performance. Ive accepted Bruce won’t get us playing like Brentford and it’ll be individual performances that’s win us most games but what’s im finding baffling is the way Bruce state should we must do better but doesn’t seem to be able to understand that’s his job. For an experienced manager to come out time and again and say it but he’s teams dont actually play any better is baffling. Last night I watched Whelan run away from our keeper every time he had the ball instead of looking to get it and start our play. He takes too long to do anything and we’d end up playing too slow and infront of a packed defence. That’s why we struggled until Jack came on. JDH should’ve played DM that’s his role mainly. I hope Bruce’s can get in 3 ready made players so the team improves as he can’t do do that through coaching. We are lucky we have an easy start and until Brentford and Sheff Utd we won’t know if we are any good but regardless of Bruce if we keep Jack fit we will be involved.
  11. The Premier League squad lists should be interesting a few have very top heavy squads. Hopefully there’ll be some good picks girl us from them.
  12. It says £17m fine paid over 10 years elsewhere. I’d take that.
  13. Why? You could easily buy the stadium for 10 years and have it cash upfront. There’s nothing stopping how you do the accounting.
  14. Offer him a new deal with a release clause next summer If we don’t go up. If we do he gets a bonus and payrise. That would unite all the fans in one go
  15. Unless Bruce’s changes I can’t see him being here by October. 532 doesn’t work work for us. Go back to 433 and drill the players in it. Stop trying to be clever playing full backs at CB. Get your own ideas. Pick energy over experience. TRust the kids.
  16. dn1982

    Thierry Henry

    Billy Big bollox? If he was like that why come here? Why not wait for a big job? He’s been number 2 for Belgium to learn a trade. HES quit sky and belgium to get on the ladder. Nothing Billy big bollox about that.
  17. Lots of questions and no way of us knowing. How much of future income have we lent against? The £13m last parachute payment? I know we loaned against a few transfer fees but what about Gil and Gollini? That’s about £7m added to your savings and the parachute and we are nearly there. How much did Recon sponsor stadium for? How much is this new kit deal and sponsorship worth? That’s just things we’ve already done we dont know about. How much more sponsorship can we get in? These blokes don’t look like mugs so hopefully there’s a plan other than weakening our squad now.
  18. Crap owner are crap owners. Nationality is irrelevant. Let’s enjoy the prospect of having a good owner with big pockets for a bit as the reality as we know may be different.
  19. Not to play them Involve them and use them if needed. We’ve had a bomb squad it seems for years. Alienating players doesn’t work.
  20. dn1982

    Going Under ?

    Don’t think think it’s debt essentially. It’s cash flow. We are running at a loss and Xia hasn’t the funds to keep going.
  21. I think he’s fee must’ve been buffering everytime I’ve seen our u23 play it’s been fast fluid football. I thought Tish looked good and was settling well until Bruce came in and then something happened.
  22. Villa keeps me awake at night as it is
  23. For stadiums sponsorship you’re looking at about 2/3m a year hence you do it over 10 years or something. Amortisation is where you need very clever accountants so you sell at the right time. We probably can’t afford one though! I’d be looking at anything and everything. I’d ask Richards to sign a new 5 year deal so his 60k a week drops to 12k for instance as he’ll never play again. We need to think outside the box to get money in to the club but I fear we are solely focusing on survival and day to Day costs and not even looking to keep the squad intact to try to get up. Hopefully todays reports are true and the DR is on his way very soon.
  24. On FFP We have still got revenue streams untapped. For EG let’s pretend Xia or a new owners was loaded we’d could easily sign a lengthy stadium sponsorship deal and get the money upfront. Stand renaming etc are all possibilities. FFP was supposedly a £40m hold. So far we’ve lost £15m on wages from last year With our surplus players we could easily shift another £15m off the wage bill without touching the Crown Jewels or depleting the squad that much. We got about £7m in from Gollini and Gil and would probably get £10m in If we sold the likes of Jedinak Birkir Hogan and a few others so theoretically we could get up to £40m saved this year. Also FFP isn’t judged till March so we could gamble a bit till the Jan window and then sell if needed. It’s strange how a few weeks ago Round and that said things weren’t as bad as it seemed then in 2 weeks it’s a all gone tits up.
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