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  1. Does anyone know how much the W88 deal is worth to us per year?
  2. Not snacking at service stations after games helps!
  3. Jim Witton


    As it’s not a Saturday 3pm can you buy this on AVTV?
  4. I thought he had a good game, but really want to see him at CB, seems like a wasted loan IMO to have him at RB when we have plenty of options in that position
  5. Really hope we can bring in a centre half on loan, can't say I was too impressed with the keeper
  6. Was going to order of kitbag earlier but delivery of the away shirt was Aug 18th
  7. I think they are both very smart kits.
  8. I thought the sponsor was going back to 32 RED?
  9. Jim Witton

    Going Under ?

    I heard that the fireworks we had V Boro cost £36,000, might be a drop in the ocean with the some of the major figures we have been reading about but 36 grand when we have not got a pot to p*** in, crazy.

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