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  1. I wonder if it's noticeable in the moment as a player how desensitized their fans are to success, or you're so elated at scoring that it doesn't register. When he ran up to their fans to celebrate pretty much all of them had their phones out to take a picture. There was no manic excitement with fans desperately trying to get to the front just to touch their hero, just a load of people calmly completing their photographic record to prove they were a few metres away. I get that years on end in a competition may take away some of the novelty, but it's not like they've ever won it. I'd like to think if it was us in the same position that our record signing scoring their first European goal would still be enough to elicit some passion.
  2. Him mumbling along, barely audible, when announcing the Leipzig players made me laugh. It reminded me of a young child being forced to apologise.
  3. I don't think it's us claiming her at all. Presumably she'd be eligible for 4 citizenships but is competing for the only country she'd ever have considered a permanent home. We just got lucky that her British identity won through.
  4. Very rare to see a player take personal responsibility and apologise. Much more likely to get a general 'we weren't good enough as a team' apology.
  5. It's not an outrageous assumption. You see it enough with uninformed football pundits, like the Reet Said Fred guys, who absolutely hate giving any credit to talented flair players.
  6. I'm not going to derail the thread arguing about it, just trying to show a little respect. You're well within your rights to choose otherwise.
  7. Maybe best for the conspiracy theory thread rather than the one made for remembrance.
  8. Yeah, they're not a likeable bunch as a whole. I guess that's why I found it weird that British fans wouldn't support Hamilton over Verstappen, as Verstappen doesn't strike me as an endearing character. For anyone who isn't British, I completely get it. I do find the accusations of arrogance etc against Hamilton strange though. Considering he will finish his career as the most successful driver in the history of the sport less than 20 years after it was taken as a given no one would beat Schumacher's records, I think he'd be well within his rights to go full Zlatan. Vettel seems like a good bloke. Could have sworn he was a bit of a knob a few years ago though, so maybe it's something to do with the edge needed to compete for championships.
  9. I know that, once we conceded the first, we were never winning Yesterday as our finishing wasn't good enough. I'm well aware of the difference between 1 and 2, without needing punditry clichés.
  10. Surprises me how many people on here love Verstappen. Admittedly speaking as someone who hasn't been big into F1, he has always come across a complete cock. Is it just an 'anyone-but-Hamilton' thing?
  11. It's also potentially 0. Like Yesterday.
  12. No idea! Maybe it's a negligible amount for a short period of time. Tbh I don't think it would be a big issue even if Edens did want to sell up. From what we've heard about the Grealish negotiations Nas appears to be more hands on. For a man of his wealth it may also be restrictive for each investment needing to be matched by your partner. It's also coming from a less than 1 month old Twitter account, so may not be true at all. Source: "What's this ".
  13. Our broadcast revenue will cover most (if not all) of our running costs so a loan could be for a small top up, or to cover transfer instalments before the next City payment covers them. It's a business. Plenty of well run, profitable businesses take small bridging loans. Who knows, maybe Edens does want out, but a loan would indicate nothing of the sort. It would also be pretty weird timing after enjoying unlikely success with his other sports team so recently.
  14. Change that to £2m and relegated or £1m with success and it's a far more interesting thought experiment, considering Grealish would have made enough money to set his family up for life when at plucky little Villa.
  15. Agree to disagree. I can certainly see why the club would be aggrieved, but I don't think they'd have a leg to stand on legally. Releasing players for internationals is a contractual obligation for the club anyway. Bearing in mind we're talking about fines here. The club could try to sue for breach of contract, they couldn't just decide to fine the players. Which I'm grateful for as businesses being able to create new indiscretions to fine employees for would not be good.
  16. You're saying they should be fined because they could have missed two games. We have agreed as a club to release players for international and fines would have to be laid out in contracts so there's no reason to fine them however annoying it may be. If we hadn't released them FIFA can ban them from playing for us for 5 days. They'd still have missed the Chelsea game with the added bonus of pissing them off.
  17. Nope. Feelings have nothing to do with contractors agreements.
  18. It's a personal thing and certainly not my place to judge how people interact with football. Particularly as someone who didn't grow up in the area with Villa supporting family. I was facetiously pointing out the hypocrisy of the 'grow up' criticism. Edit - the point you made is also why I hate the "obviously anyone would" posts based on the posters views as its clear we all see life differently
  19. Completely agree some people get way too emotionally invested in football and the players. On that same note, isn't it about time you grew out of the teenage edgelord posts?
  20. Her not starting on the tour until finishing A-levels shows level headed family support, so I'm optimistic she will have good people around her.
  21. Yeah, that's not how any of this works either in or out of football. Think hard and you'll see why an employer being able to fine their staff for any reason they feel like isn't a good idea.
  22. Look into Brazilian bureaucracy. Control is not clear and centralised hence the mixed messages given to the AFA.
  23. Funny you didn't include the actual quote. Is it by any chance because it's not even close to as critical of the club as your 'paraphrasing'? The reason it happened is because of the Argentinian FA being the sort of arseholes to threaten players. The manager coming out and immediately pleading ignorance of the deals made with clubs showed that clearly enough. Add to that **** that is Brazilian democracy and the number of national and regional governments, judges and agencies competing for (and able to exercise) power meaning that, even though the Brazilian federal government had given the go ahead, someone with a point to prove and the ability to do so decided to ignore them. Add to that the fact clubs aren't allowed to stop players going on international duty, or Fifa can ban them from playing in the league we actually ended up with them coming back faster than they would have by being willing to negotiate rather than going for the false imprisonment route. Do you have any specific, articulable criticisms of how the club has acted and how it has disadvantaged us? If not it seems like they're being criticised for the sake of it. p.s. it's the Argentinian FA that are in charge of organising visas for their players, there is absolutely no reason why we as a club would 'do our research' on public regulations that are constantly having exemptions agreed on behind closed doors.
  24. Simon Jordan accusing others of being arrogant and self-indulgent shows his level of self awareness.
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