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  1. 100% we should move for Edouard, at that price it would be silly not to. Although if Leicester's talks have stalled it could be because of playing time which I imagine would be the same issue with us.
  2. Tifo did a decent video on why Sterling could have been picked over Grealish today: In short, we needed someone to run in behind not play in front like Jack does. It also highlights the importance of Mings and his long balls as well as suggest why Trippier was preferred to a LB (more defensive).
  3. Embolo used to be really highly rated, especially on the Football Manager games. The lad has scored has scored hundreds of goals for me in previous games! In real life sadly he hasn't come on the same way, every year he seems to get less and less goals. Used to be around 1 in 3 now 1 in 6(ish) in Germany.
  4. If, and it's a big if, Southgate gives him the chance. For me he has to play 4 at the back, all the players play in a four for the club teams. I hate this round peg, square holes thing he seems to do all the time. Was the same when he kept talking up Trent as a right Midfielder, if Klopp doesn't then Southgate shouldn't either!
  5. Ming's is already being lined up before a ball has been kicked. Apparently he is a Sunday League player with a left foot reading Twitter. All the journalists jumping in too saying we can't trust Mings, and have to play Shaw/Walker/anyone else out of position in a 3 instead. All very frustrating, every CB we have taken is liable to a mistake, including golden boy Maguire.
  6. We need top 6. Given the ambition of our owners I suspect Dean would be under pressure, if not let go if we didn't achieve this. Also getting European football is the only chance we have of retaining Jack imo.
  7. https://twitter.com/pgr_analytics/status/1403457101192646657?s=19 A whopping 47.5% pass accuracy from the keeper too. Given how good Martinez is with his feet I'm not sure he would fit in! (P.S. how do I properly link a tweet so it shows here?)
  8. Absolutely over the moon about this signing. I wanted him last season and was disappointed we didn't move for him then. I hope Jack stays because it's going to be fun seeing them in the same team! What is scarier than facing Jack Grealish?.... Facing two of him!
  9. If he plays a back 3, sacrificing an attacking player (especially if it's Grealish) and doesn't win, he will get slaughtered by the press. Just play Stones and Mings. We just have to accept that all our CB have a mistake in them and play on the front foot because of it. Also Stones only seems to plays well when he has someone vocal next to him like with Dias, Mings provides that.
  10. Would rather keep Wesley than sign King. Yes there is question marks over him especially after injury. But we are a better side now than when he joined, and he is relatively young and a Brazilian international. He still has the potential to far exceed King. If he is 'beyond repair' then get rid and get another youngster in who we can give minutes to here and there. Would much rather sign a player with potential than mediocre players on big wages.
  11. Would have been torture if the club hadn't released a statement saying the fee was agreed. Would still very much like to see him holding the shirt now though!
  12. I can see Traore being the one down the middle. He has played as a central striker previously and could make the runs in behind. Both Jack and Emi will start wide and drift in so makes sense to me to keep them apart and they can learn to stay out of each others way. We bought Emi off the back of excellent seasons on the right wing, don't fix what isn't broke.
  13. https://twitter.com/Route1futbol/status/1402390415530086403?s=19 Not in the squad but Martinez starts again Hopefully he is having his medical!
  14. I would expect nothing less from them at the start of negotiations. If JWP wants out they will change their tune, and perhaps after year's of treading water he is ready for something new. The issue is the long contract of course, but no one wants to keep an unhappy player.
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