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  1. You can't say we are going to keep spending otherwise everyone puts their prices up. Better to appear to have spent the Grealish money in advance than say we still have £100m to spend.
  2. Tez500

    Lionel Messi

    Manchester City are currently looking for the Grealish receipt to return him so they can afford Messi!
  3. £30m seems steep, would have stumped up the extra £10m for Tammy personally
  4. We will pay over the odds going for premier league players, especially now with £100m in the bank. We should be looking to take advantage of the Covid hit European clubs.
  5. It's really weird this, why haven't they club formally announced Bailey? Is his dad that much of a control freak he insisted as part of his deal. I can't see anything but trouble from this in the future!
  6. Do the mods know something we don't?!
  7. If a release clause was met he wouldn't be training. We couldn't stop him discussing terms.
  8. He needs a new contract as much as Jack imo. Can't imagine a reserve keeper from Arsenal got given a juicy contract off the bat. Tie him down for 5 more years.
  9. That's not him, check the twitter name
  10. I'm far more relaxed about Jack now Bailey looks done, my biggest concern was how him "leaving" would affect new signings coming in. Also, I believe we would be better playing a 4-3-3. We would have Bailey, Buendia, Traore, El Ghazi and Trez (although probably discount him) plus youth for the wings which is decent enough depth. We should then use the cash to strengthen central midfield especially a top class DM/holding mid who would walk straight into our first 11.
  11. We all needed a bit of good news didn't won? Unusual for the club to announce before finalising personal terms so they must have thought the same!
  12. Leon Bailey confirmed... (Or at least hinted at - see initials)
  13. We were 6th worst (tied) in the league for conceding shots, with only two of the relegated sides, Newcastle, Burnley and Leeds worse than us. https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/8228/Stages/18685/TeamStatistics/England-Premier-League-2020-2021 That would suggest that despite the clean sheets, Martinez in particular, overperformed. As much as I love the guy, I feel he needs an easier time next year, hence my desire for a defensively minded midfielder.
  14. I could go for this if it wasn't for the fact Smith played Nakamba a fair amount towards the back end of the season and results improved. Also most other top teams play with at least 1, City brought back Fernandinho but also have Rodri, Liverpool's form picked up when Fabinho moved back into midfield, Kante etc.
  15. Different players for me, Sanson more in the McGinn mould. A top class DM who can play under pressure would push us further up the table then any other signings we could make.
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