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  1. It's a troll account... I'm embarrassed and ashamed! I'm sorry.
  2. Seems like a game of chicken, who will blink first? We are being linked with other wingers, they are stating they will play him. Something surely will happen this week (hopefully)!
  3. It's time to wrap this up. The longer it goes on the more likely someone else will come in for him, which according to some is what Weder want. I could see Man United enquiring if Sancho is off the table. Let's hope we get movement this week .
  4. I agree, Liverpool are linked with Sarr who would seem to cost £40m and recently Jota from Wolves. I have seen plenty of fans saying they should be looking at Rashica for half the price particularly seeing as they seem to sell to buy.
  5. He could already be done by now, maybe just announcing late to mess with Wilder's match plan.
  6. I hope its us, just because their fans seem to hate us since Hawkeye gate!
  7. Rumours are Sheffield United have agreed a £20m fee for Rhian Brewster, we have been linked previously
  8. Good tonight, keep finding space and nearly getting onto the balls in the box. Should have had at least 2.
  9. Finally paid his bonus?
  10. Missed a sitter! Ollie out, bring on Sammatta!!!
  11. Why not? Jack has hust been given £140k a week if reports are to be believed. That will be the yardstick used in all future contract negotiations.
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