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  1. Completed it twice now, just need to complete on Survivor and Survivor + and then the online trophies for Platinum.
  2. Metro on PS3, not a bad game. Completed it last night, now going back through chapter select to clear a few trophies up.
  3. Save the cheerleader save the world!
  4. 'Ken Barlow's' been charged with 2 counts of raping a 15 year old girl now.. If found guilty surely he will spend the rest of his life behind bars?
  5. Rainer

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    The top 10 answers that were given on the show were the exact top ten busiest by passenger in 2010 according to statistics that i looked up afterwards.
  6. Rainer

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    Anybody watch 5 Minutes To A Fortune on Channel 4? A couple just lost about £48k because the girl couldn't name 5 out of the top 10 busiest airports in the world.. She named 4 but couldn't name a 5th.. Just wondered why they use statistics from 2010 and not more recent.. She said Dubai but it was not in the top 10 list they used, but according to the 2012 statistics it is the 10th most busiest airport..
  7. Rainer


    Maia should be fighting Ellenburger, and Condit should have rematched MacDonald as originally planned. TDD doesn't help much when Maia is willing to climb you standing. Koscheck is getting cut after he loses this fight.
  8. Rainer


    Its all good the UFC having the ranking system, but then Joe Silva goes and does daft things like matching Demian Maia (ranked 5th welterweight) and on a 3 fight win streak against Josh Koscheck (ranked 10th welterweight) and on a 2 fight losing streak... Maia just beat Jon Fitch, this is a step down in competition for Maia.
  9. Rainer


    Jamie Carragher has come out and said Liverpool were right to back Suarez and that he would rather be bitten than have his leg broken... This bloke is unbelievable! http://preview.tinyurl.com/bwrsdt3
  10. If it ends up a Dortmund v Munich final how ironic would it be if Gotze scored the winner for Dortmund..
  11. They won for the first time this season tonight! It was the second time they had won this season. I think they got 3 points took off them for not for filling a fixture.
  12. 3-1 Barcelona on the night, Milan to go through on away goals..
  13. So Danny Welbeck didnt win a free kick as the ball was going out for a throw and would have gone out anyway.. Which leads me to the point i've never understood.. Why are penalties given when a player kicks the ball past the goalkeeper with the ball clearly going out of play, and then being taken down by the goalkeeper?
  14. I had a McDonalds today for the first time in months..
  15. Just been on Sky Sports saying its that lad on loan from Spurs, Hawkins..
  16. You can link twitter to update facebook at the same time..
  17. Did they just say on Sky they were going to our training ground after the break??
  18. David Beckhams salary at PSG is going direct to a childrens charity.
  19. Yes you are correct. Along with CM Punk v The Undertaker. But it is looking likely that The Undertaker will not wrestle at Wrestlemania as he is still suffering from an injury so those planned matches may have to be shuffled around if thats the case..
  20. Do not purchase the Playstation Move.. I have it and it is a waste of money..
  21. Rainer


    Prado has the worst ground defence ive seen in a long time. Props to Alcantara for taking the fight on short notice, AND at LHW and winning.That should earn him a fairly decent deal in the UFC. Talking of Alcantara, what about his brothers fight... Pedro Nobre had clearly had enough and tried to fake injury to get a DQ win. None of those shots were to the back of the head, im not sure what Dan M was thinking either... Nurmagomedov is certainly a beast. He wants Nate Diaz next, that would be an awesome fight. Bisping will never be a top fighter, he just seems to crumble against anyone in
  22. Rainer


    The weigh ins last night will always be remembered for the camel toes
  23. Rainer


    Melendez v Henderson is set for UFC on Fox on April 20th. Bendo will wreck Melendez.
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