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  1. Why didn't Dunne and Caulker just leave the ball for Ballotelli?
  2. Howard, Vidic, Kompany, Godin, Mexes, Ronaldo, Messi, Pirlo, Robben, Falcao, Diego Costa Best I can come up with..
  3. Rainer


    Haha, better let my mates know who have been trying to work out the other two that there are in fact only 8!
  4. Rainer


    Well I posted it on Facebook and my mates managed to get the 8 that have been posted on here but not the other 2..
  5. Rainer


    So Fowler, Parlour, Winterburn, SWP, Lallana, Walcott, Ehiogu, Martyn and who's the 9th and 10th?
  6. Even Oscar Pistorius has a better defence than this..
  7. Reading on Sky News that an England fan bit another England fans ear off before the Uruguay game the other day...
  8. Rainer


    Surely the ban from 'all football' will partly get over turned due to his human rights?
  9. A Costa Rica win would officially knock us out aswell. They would have 6 points, Italy and Uruguay would both have 3 and have to play each other.
  10. rainer83, currently level 15 on trophies.
  11. USA 94 for me, and especially the Romanian team. They stood out for me in that tournament, Hagi, Raducioiu, Petrescu, Prodan etc.
  12. Would have been interesting if Cala scored an own goal in the advantage period.. Would the ref have given the goal and sent him off also, or disallowed the goal and sent him off as in theory he shouldn't have been on the pitch...
  13. So in hindsight Cardiff should have just smashed the ball know their own net, concede the goal and keep 11 players on the pitch. Or would he have got sent off regardless?
  14. Everyone wanted Daniel Bryan to come in at Number 30.. Anyone else would have got booed, hence why Rey did. Would have made more sense to put a heel at number 30 as then all the booing would have made people think they were just booing the heel. The only reason Roman Reigns got some much cheer at the end was because no one wanted Batista to win.
  15. Carl Froch ordered by the IBF to rematch George Groves within 90 days or be stripped of his title.
  16. Michael Owen - David Moyes has already made a couple of subs so doesn't have many left..
  17. If your goalkeeper got booked, you would have no option but to but an outfielder in goal for the 15 minutes as if you made a sub then after the 15 minutes you would end up with two goalkeepers on the pitch..
  18. Tyresse has her i reckon. The blood in the car seat is from his hands when he took her out.
  19. Holly Willoughby Rachel Riley Hayley McQueen
  20. Rainer


    IMO Gustafsson got robbed. I scored the fight 3 rounds to 2 to Gus. No way was it 49-46 to Jones as one judge scored it.. Gus is a warrior.
  21. Rainer


    New rankings are out. Chael Sonnen top 10 at both middleweight and light heavyweight.
  22. Gareth Bale has agreed personal terms with Real Madrid according to TalkSport..
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