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  1. Great performance last night by Eddie Alvarez to finish Dos Anjos in the first round and capture the Lightweight title..

    Oh and Daniel Cormier will now fight Anderson Silva on Saturday at UFC 200 in a three round, non title fight.

    Tate v Nunes has been promoted to the main event, Lesnar v Hunt is co main event and Cormier v Silva is third.

  2. Key points from Jon Jones's press conference just now

    • Jones apologized to DC, fans and the UFC
    • Jones is not sure of what they found in his sample, but he believes it may be a banned supplement.
    • B Sample is being tested today, hope to get result tonight.
    • Jones was very emotional, had a hard time speaking, and had to leave the Presser once to compose himself.
    • Jones still has not spoken to Dana or the Fertitta's.
    • If he does get suspended (2 years) he will still return to fighting.
    • He says he is not a cheater.

  3. Just posted a preview for the Fight Night card in Rotterdam Holland on the 8th May


    Here is a link to my actual blog


    And facebook page if your interested


    Oh and Daniel Cormier v Jon Jones 2 has just been announced as the headliner for UFC 200


  4. 13 minutes ago, ender4 said:

    You've completed pretty much everything in the game within 4 days of playing it? emoji50.png

    No... I got it on release day in November.. 100 hours gameplay in game time. Not sat in front of it for 4 days straight lol

  5. Was inspired by something i saw last week so decided to try something similar myself now that i have done everything. Still very much a work in progress but hopefully the finished article look fantastic. I want to get lighting above each power armour so at night time they are all lit up.


  6. I just need the 100% happiness trophy to plat this now.

    I have also practically done everything in the game including all the endings.

    Im on 321 locations and just have a couple in the glowing sea left to discover.

    My favourite guns in the game are by far The Overseer's Guardian and The Deliverer. I also used Le Fusil Terribles and Kellogg's Pistol.

    Stimpaks were far too common in the game, ive ended up with over 300 in  my inventory.

  7. On 12/12/2015 at 15:29, YLN said:

    35. Felt a tiny bit under powered in the last mission. Took a lot of stimpaks.

    Wow. Im level 55 and and have only just started doing Rail Road missions and have only recently gone to the glowing sea..

    Stimpaks are a bit too common, i have nearly 300 in my inventory.

  8. I bought the game with the franchise book and soundtrack for £49.99 from Amazon.

    Received an email this morning saying it has been dispatched so hopefully i get it Monday.

    I have the week off work, not planned in with the release but falls quite nicely!

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