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  1. TheEgo

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I'm pretty certain Bruce has been told he can only sign younger players, he's already quoted as saying as much. This is in direct contrast to his approach since being here and him constantly saying we need experience etc etc!! I don't know why Bruce IN/OUT debate runs through every thread, but if we are talking him, let's not dress it as he ACTUALLY has just decided to sign young and hungry players, having just quoted this as 'their' (the new owners) vision. Note the 'their part and not 'our' vision. He wanted Terry and Snodgrass again and was told NO.
  2. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

  3. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    This is a huge misconception. They worked with him and yes a lot of the players they signed under Redknapp where his clients, but he can't force players on clubs, the club and Redknapp ultimately decided.
  4. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    I agree, hands on can be interpreted many ways, but I'd say you've probably nailed it. I just posted that there are rumblings that a guy called Jake Suski might be deployed by Edens to get involved.
  5. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    A guy called Jonathon Brill, a lady called Erika-Marie Wakid are here with Nassef (no idea of their roles or purpose) and another guy called Jake Suski (a Wes Edens Milwaukee Bucks guy) are names I know of connected to both our new guys and MAY be working at Villa. There is a suggestion (and this is just a rumour, not anything I've heard directly) that Dein is advising on transfers. I can't imagine for a second they'll leave Bruce alone to do as he pleases.
  6. TheEgo

    Steve Bruce

    I meant the ones that came on. 2 defenders and a defensive midfielder
  7. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    I don't think there support is as 'full' as the brief statement said. Rumblings of discontent and some control being appointed elsewhere (ie not Bruce)
  8. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    Of course a CEO is possible, I said over the weekend that Sawiris has indicated he will take a very hands on role, so we will have to see what that entails. I would personally like to see a really experienced CEO, poached from another club.
  9. TheEgo

    Steve Bruce

    Look at his subs, all defensive, kinda sums him up for me. His here now though, he will either do well and be here for a while, or do badly and be shifted rather quickly. I can't see there is much else to discuss, certainly not across every other bloody thread
  10. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    Don't think we will have a CEO, we have Sawiris as a Exec Chairman. A DOF/Sporting Director on the other hand is essential. This will be an indicator of where we want to go football wise. I find it odd Bruce hasn't spoken about his meeting, you'd think he would be delighted to tell everyone, I think we need to see how the full story plays out with regards to our new owners and what they intend to do. I think their short term decisions won't mirror their mid to long term ones.
  11. TheEgo

    Time for a takeover

    Don't we just, if only!! As for getting some brains around them, they appear to have quite the entourage, so I'm sure some names will come to the forefront. I know a guy who is acting on their behalf, but I don't know if he's just a rep or if he will have more involement. He's called Mr Brill awesome name haha!!
  12. TheEgo

    Time for a takeover

    All good points Rob, I'm certain their tests will be very straight forward, there is immediately a lot of verifiable public information, so privately submitted evidence will be in abundance and as you say they will have also being rigorously audited/checked for their other roles. Nassef at Adidas for instance. Nothing to worry about with these guys credentials. All about their decisions now.
  13. TheEgo

    Time for a takeover

    hahaha!! Well spotted (ooops) You have a keen eye
  14. TheEgo

    Time for a takeover

    What's the chances of having two multi billionaires owning us that BOTH have a lazy right eye?! The video was fine, you can see they were asked to put 'something' out and as a result we got a awkward (ish) generic (albeit it nice) quick video. I'm sure we will hear a lot more about their vision after they have undertaken a full review and had more than a few days to buy the club and get the keys, so to speak. Keeping Bruce wouldn't have been my preferred choice, but I totally get it (I'm afraid to go in the Bruce thread) On balance it's a sensible and pragmatic approach (a novelty when it comes to Villa owners) He will be on a very short leash though. I suspect they might want their own man anyway, so it's a win win. if he fails, they've had time to properly scout a replacement and if he succeeds, great!! I like these two, they feel like 'real' owners and only REALLY rich people wear a suit like Wes Edens haha!!
  15. TheEgo

    Nassef Sawiris

    He definitely wants to be hands on, whether that's instead of a CEO remains to be seen. The Executive Chairman title suggests so.