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  1. Looking forward to when he smashes in his first goal for us. Think it’ll give his confidence and stature an even bigger boost. Been really impressive this season and I thought he was good last season, he’s starting to gain that consistency in these first few games which hopefully continues on.
  2. Didn’t even want a cup run anyway…
  3. Good team performance. Shaky first 30 mins, with the refs dodgy calls not helping. But that Ings goal calmed everyone down. Standouts for me: Young, Ings, Mings, Dougie + Ramsey (big display from him!). Buendia still looks short of match fitness and trying a little too hard. Think over the next few games Ings will start taking the headlines and take the “record signing” pressure off his shoulders.
  4. I feel like it’s at a point now where the targets we were after are not going to happen. So the club are hesitant to spend ~£30M+ on players who would be 6th/7th choice, if they were even considered. Definitely feel a bit flat, as it feels like we have a good chance to close the gap on the teams above us this season, hoping we might sneak 1 or 2 more in before the end of the window, but as others have said, it feels like we are done.
  5. LW, AM, DM and we’ll have a solid season.
  6. Lacking fitness. He’ll be okay.
  7. Guessing he will most likely miss the opener, even if he gets over his injury he won’t be near full fitness, sounds like he’s been nursing the hip injury for a couple of weeks.
  8. Good to see him back. Pretty sure he’s played more games for us than he has United.
  9. Might see Watkins/Ings rotate/drop deeper into that 10 position. But interesting to see how this works.
  10. Yeah I thought the same, he didn’t really hint at any more faces coming in. Feel a CB is a definite, CM is a tricky one, feel like we are stacked out with central central midfielder options (inc Ramsey, & Chuk) - but definitely need re-enforcements in the DM and AM roles. I imagine Lange is on top of it
  11. I’ve come to terms with it over the last few days. It’s a tough one to take especially with the contract signing last year, the photos of him with the squad in the last few days etc. I understand it and as many have said - we’ll be better off as a club, we have been too reliant on Jack and now I think we’ll see a stronger well rounded squad start to develop out of this. But good luck to him and all the best, that City team is one of the most ridiculous in the world right now - some article likened it to the galacticos era at Madrid. Obviously I would’ve preferred him to stay and cement his status but I get the appeal, there aren’t many other clubs who are on the same level as City’s right now, and we just aren’t there… yet.
  12. It’s a shame how this is playing out. We were just starting to get a settled squad built around Jack. If Jack goes it’s going to be hard to keep the project on track. Will players like Watkins, Emi, Mings stick around or will they look to move on sooner rather than later? Hope he stays but can’t see it happening.
  13. I do wonder how this is going to play out. Jack essentially has the opportunity to play for Villa for another 10-12 years on ridiculous money, and after that no doubt we would offer him coaching positions if he were to go that way. He’d be set for life with us. He has a huge influence on the pitch and behind the scenes which he wouldn’t get anywhere else. Added to this all the ambition of the owners, we should be challenging for serious trophies within the next 2-3 years. The only thing is we can’t guarantee it right now, where as City can. As with everything it comes down to what he wants, be an absolute all time hero at Villa for multiple generations of fans, see where the ambition takes us, or end up as another miscellaneous mega money signing in the history of mega club Man City, win a trophy or 3 then end up who knows where. Ambition will play a huge part in this at the end of the day. Signings like Buendia, Bailey (or that ilk) will be a huge statement of intent - and no doubt something he will of been involved in. Sign the contract plz Jack and let’s get going
  14. TH

    Wesley Moraes

    No doubt he needs some first team game time to get his confidence back. Feel like you can see a hesitancy in his general play at the moment. Need to remember he had an horrendous injury, it’s still going to take him some time to get back to normal. Feel like we’ll start seeing the best of him towards the end of the year - hopefully before, but needs patience.
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