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  1. TH

    Dwight McNeil

    Having read this, it makes sense he would be someone of interest. Our set piece deliveries and free kicks have been lacking in quality this season.
  2. Hey bud. You should definitely give Foxtel Play a shot – link. I used it last season and about to sign up again, it's $50 a month but you can watch every game live. You can stream through your xbox 360/iPad/Laptop and a bunch of other devices. You can cancel anytime. Foxtel also do a "Premier League Season Pass" (link) - $89 for the season, 4 games live and the rest on demand. •edit* just saw the post above. good choice.
  3. I ordered the new home kit tonight. Went for large as last season I bought the medium and it was a bit tighter than I'd like. The season before that though the medium was a great fit. Hoping I've gone for the right size as its gotta come a long way and it's usually a faff to return it and swap it over.
  4. It used to be 1.97 miles when I lived in the JQ, now it's only 10,600 miles or so from Sydney to Villa Park
  5. TH

    Alan Hutton

    I'm guessing the original plan was to get rid of all the high earners. One stumbling block would be their wages putting off other clubs so they stuck them in the reserves to encourage them that if they wanted to play football then they may need to take a pay cut and move elsewhere. Now it hasn't worked but we are in a fairly stable position financially, they might as well use them. I had thought they had been frozen out due to appearance/goal/other contractual bonuses. So keeping them out the squad would've meant they would only have to pay the base wage, keeping costs down etc. Now they're
  6. This popped up on NewsNow/The Telegraph. Cruise ship tycoon in the premier league for Aston Villa takeover
  7. £200 million for a team that just escaped being a championship team is a lot, considering whoever comes in will have to plough a fair few million into the team to keep us up next year. From £65 million to £200 million in 8 years, fair?
  8. TH


    Going in July on a stag do. But would definitely like to visit at a time when I'd get a chance to see the Northern Lights - my mate thought this would be a possibility in July...
  9. TH


    Check out the loynava dinner cruise - worked out at 2000BHT or something pp but the food was incredible. www.loynava.com - does take up pretty much most the evening, we got picked up at 5.30 and dropped back at 11- too stuffed to do anything else after
  10. Neelams, Bearwood. Make sure you've had a minimum of 8 pints and it's after 3am. You will not regret it. Until the next day.
  11. I'm going down under for a few months for work and travel from mid September. Would be good to grab a beer with any other Villans in the NSW area. What's it like in terms of watching games out there? Do places show it at ridiculous o clock?
  12. I'd prefer we just went for a full cash deal. The problem with taking players in exchange is that they're probably not to happy about being shipped out so a better player can come in. They might have a point to prove or they might do an 'Ireland'. The club already got it's fingers burned on that deal, let's not do the same again.
  13. TH


    Go to HVAR when you're in Croatia, you can get there from Split. One of the best islands I've been too. When you're in Zadar, check out the Sea Organ.
  14. Most places have been covered well but thought I'd add in on MILAN and NICE... MILAN - Not loads to do, see the Duomo, pretty impressive. San Siro tour was pretty cool too. For drinking - head towards the Navigili (canals) south of the centre, loads of cool little bars, most weekends they do a free buffet (obv providing you buy the beer). Near there I think is a piazza where all the locals take beers and drink, there is a shop right on it. God laugh. NICE - Beautiful city, loads of cool little bars in the Old town near the sea. Have a stumble around and you'll find somewhere good to drink
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