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  1. Ha! The last one was taken with my mobile, the others with my DSLR!
  2. A few photos taken early this morning of a Poppy field near Alcester.
  3. For everyone's safety. A few observations from my travels in Spain. Serious shit now. Take precautions Wash hands until they have never been so clean. Then wash again. If you cough, sneeze and even want to scratch your face. DONT! Use tissue and dispose. I've avoided anyone showing mild symptoms. At the moment my ears are tuned to any coughs. Trust me, this is the starting symptom. If possible avoid any travel. I'm feckin pissed off with myself because I travelled on Friday. It ain't worth it. Dont buy toilet paper. Just wash your ass in shower!! Look after your less able friends and family. I've pre warned my elderly parents that they wont see me for 14 days after I get back. They are prepared and self sufficient
  4. I'm in Cadiz, southern Spain at the moment. Well travelled. Quite a strange and apprehensive atmosphere here. Streets deserted, few bars open earlier and now all closed. Beautiful city to wander the empty streets (great photography place) we have been to supermarket to get enough food and vinos to get us through until our flight back on Monday. Lockdown here starts imminently but assume and hope we can fly back to home. We wear masks on flight, and my hands have never been so clean. Take care brothers.
  5. Some photos from my Christmas trip to Cuba. Incredibly colorful, vibrant and photogenic.
  6. Not sure what to do with booking to Hong Kong in April to see family, all paid up, but cant cancel without a travel restriction from UK. Cant see situation improving. If we go it will be pretty shit with masks etc. In a weird scenario that I hope they restrict travel so I can get a refund and plan something else.
  7. Why would anyone want more of the last 10 years of this.... Never seen so much homeless people on the streets, every city in uk is full of homeless people - how is this right? 20,000 less police and rising chrime. Record waiting lists for NHS care with terrible underfunding. Terrible public transport system which is unreliable and so expensive. A PM who lies in every speech he makes, a PM who hates scrutiny. A PM who is the ultimate establishment figure with a cabinet full of his cronies (wheres Rees-mogg?) A PM who thinks Trump is our partner.....Seriously, surely we can do better than this. #votetactically.
  8. Time wont allow a trip to Afghanistan. Looking at getting a domestic flight from Tashkent to Khiva, then working my way back to the capital by train visiting Bukhara and Samarkand - the old Silk route.
  9. Finishing off this year over Christmas and New year in Cuba. Back to Hong kong in April with a side trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Long weekend in Bucharest In May Uzbekistan also in May.(flights booked but still working on an itinerary for the 11 days I'm there) September hoping to walk another Camino, this time walking the Portuguese way from Porto to Santiago de Compostella. Looking at spending next Christmas and New year in Myanmar.
  10. The situation is scary to say the least. Police completely out of control and in no control. Government is non existent and big brother China is intimidating the people. This is a message from my wife (a Hong Konger) 【please spread out】 To people all around the world, We, Hongkongers just experienced a terrorist attack planned and executed by the Hong Kong Police Force. At about 10pm today (31 Aug 2019), HK police force rushed into our railway system in Prince Edward station, got in to the carriage and indifferently beat up all the people in it regardless they are protesters or simply passengers. They ignored the weapon guidelines and fired tear gas indoor in the carriage which is in fact lethal. Also, they beat up innocent people causing them seriously wounded. Some passengers kneeled before them asking them to stop but the response they got were beaten ever harder. Meanwhile, the police haven’t arrested the passengers after they got beaten up, showing that the only purpose of their brutality was to sort their anger to violence but not dispersing the crowd. We, Hongkongers are experiencing a humanitarian crisis and we hope that people all over the world can help us in anyways you can think of. Such as UN peacekeeping forces. Thank you and we will stay strong. #Hongkongers #Hkproestes Write your reply... Post reply Preview Attach files Share:FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditPinterestTumblrWhatsAppEmailLink Witton Lane Contact us Terms and rules Privacy Libel Help Home Forum software by XenForo™ © 2010-2018 XenForo Ltd.
  11. Before Bali was Hong kong. Probably my favourite place on earth.
  12. Some great photos there Rev, particularly like the last 3. Here are a few from my trip to Bali and Lembongan last month.
  13. chicovilla


    I really enjoyed Bali. Spent 4 nights in Ubud, 2 nights in Lembongan and 4 nights near Seminyak. Lembongan is stunning. A really chilled little island off the coast of Bali, easy to reach by fast ferry from Bali. Had a great time touring the island by scooter - It is very easy to get around, you can get from one side to the other in less than 30 mins. Some nice beaches and good snorkelling/diving off its coast. Looked popular with surfers aswell. Very laid back vibe. Ubud was my base for the first 4 nights - lots of temples and a nice Ridge walk, in the town. Had a scooter for my stay there to travel up North to Mount Batur and travelled through some incredible scenery with bright green rice Terraces. Seminyak was my base for the last part of my stay, again with a scooter to travel South and inland to Gianyar and Sideman. In hindsight It would have been better to spend 4 nights in Lembongan, and I would probably skip Seminyak, and stay nearer Gianyar and Sideman on the East. Although Seminyak was ok, I preferred the East and Central parts of Bali. Another thing is try and avoid the Monsoon! Nearly everyday there was a big storm for a few hours, which was great fun riding the scooter through roads that soon became rivers! Some photos from my trip on my Flickr here -
  14. chicovilla


    Flying to Hong Kong tomorrow, then onto Bali next Wednesday. Will stay 4 nights in Ubud, will hire a scooter to travel round the surrounding area, and up to the lakes and mountains in the North. Moving onto Nusa Lembongan ( small island of the coast of Bali) for 2 nights. Seminyak for 2 nights Then wife flies back to Hong Kong leaving me with 2 more nights to fill. Any suggestions? Looked into the Komodo option but from what i've seen its min 2 people.
  15. A few from my recent travels to Slovenia
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