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  1. chicovilla

    2019 Holiday Plans

    Will start the new year in Italy, on a roadtrip over Christmas and new year, travelling the south if Italy. Should be in Matera on New years Eve. Will go back to Hong Kong in March, with a 10 day side trip to Bali. I'm walking 120km of the Camino de Santiago in May, a pilgrimage in Northern Spain finishing off in Santiago de Compostella (100km qualifies you for a completion certificate ). Uzbekistan in September is looking likely Will end of 2019 in Myanmar all being well.
  2. chicovilla


    Buddhist themed travel photography
  3. chicovilla


    Mosques and Minarets, love the architecture on these buildings.....
  4. chicovilla


    Nepal travel photos
  5. chicovilla


    Some photos from Hong Kong. Fantastic city.
  6. chicovilla


    Some photos from my travels around Morocco. So many interesting photo opportunities there.
  7. chicovilla


    I use Flickr to store most of mine online, but dont think you can link your photos from Flickr to here.
  8. chicovilla


    Some of my favourites from Italy.
  9. chicovilla


    Some street musicians from my travels. Great people watching and photography opportunity.
  10. chicovilla


    Thanks @bickster photography and travel go hand in hand and I love both. So what camera does everyone use? I use a Canon 600D, although its on its last legs. looking for a decent replacement (body only) budget around £500-£700.
  11. chicovilla

  12. chicovilla


    Been wanting to contribute here for some time, some great photos on this thread! Here are some photos of my travels around India, in my opinion one of the best locations for photography. Only managed to link from my Instagram account as I dont know another way to upload large files. My Instagram photos are edited more and obviously appear square. Most of my photos are on Flickr, and so far been unable to link from there.
  13. chicovilla

    How to post links or photos on VT

    Followed instructions from thread, thanks, but only seems to work from phone, could not link from desktop.
  14. chicovilla

    Instagram How To Guide

  15. chicovilla

    How to post links or photos on VT