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  1. Before Bali was Hong kong. Probably my favourite place on earth.
  2. Some great photos there Rev, particularly like the last 3. Here are a few from my trip to Bali and Lembongan last month.
  3. chicovilla


    I really enjoyed Bali. Spent 4 nights in Ubud, 2 nights in Lembongan and 4 nights near Seminyak. Lembongan is stunning. A really chilled little island off the coast of Bali, easy to reach by fast ferry from Bali. Had a great time touring the island by scooter - It is very easy to get around, you can get from one side to the other in less than 30 mins. Some nice beaches and good snorkelling/diving off its coast. Looked popular with surfers aswell. Very laid back vibe. Ubud was my base for the first 4 nights - lots of temples and a nice Ridge walk, in the town. Had a scooter for my stay there to travel up North to Mount Batur and travelled through some incredible scenery with bright green rice Terraces. Seminyak was my base for the last part of my stay, again with a scooter to travel South and inland to Gianyar and Sideman. In hindsight It would have been better to spend 4 nights in Lembongan, and I would probably skip Seminyak, and stay nearer Gianyar and Sideman on the East. Although Seminyak was ok, I preferred the East and Central parts of Bali. Another thing is try and avoid the Monsoon! Nearly everyday there was a big storm for a few hours, which was great fun riding the scooter through roads that soon became rivers! Some photos from my trip on my Flickr here -
  4. chicovilla


    Flying to Hong Kong tomorrow, then onto Bali next Wednesday. Will stay 4 nights in Ubud, will hire a scooter to travel round the surrounding area, and up to the lakes and mountains in the North. Moving onto Nusa Lembongan ( small island of the coast of Bali) for 2 nights. Seminyak for 2 nights Then wife flies back to Hong Kong leaving me with 2 more nights to fill. Any suggestions? Looked into the Komodo option but from what i've seen its min 2 people.
  5. A few from my recent travels to Slovenia
  6. chicovilla

    2019 Holiday Plans

    More definate plans now.... Italy was superb (as usual) over Chrismas, highlights were Matera and Alborobello, but the whole trip was superb. Managed to sneak in a 5 day trip to Slovenia visiting some stunning places. Ljubljana, Bled Bohinj and Skofja Loka. Really beautiful country and reasonably cheap. My flights were only £20 return. Going to Bali via HK next week, over 3 weeks, Bali being my 1st time south of equator. Budapest booked for a long weekend early May, been before but love the place. Camino in Northern Spain booked, walking over 100km to Santiago de Compostella late May. Copenhagen in August for a long weekend break. Havana and Cuba booked for December for 2 weeks over Christmas. One pending trip is to get back to India for my 5th trip there. Hoping to go to udaipur, Ajmer and Pushkar in October for a photo project. Uzbekistan will wait for next year!
  7. Great photos..how do you upload high res photos? I've linked loads from Instagram, but not best format. I use Flickr, but cant embed from there
  8. chicovilla

    2019 Holiday Plans

    Will start the new year in Italy, on a roadtrip over Christmas and new year, travelling the south if Italy. Should be in Matera on New years Eve. Will go back to Hong Kong in March, with a 10 day side trip to Bali. I'm walking 120km of the Camino de Santiago in May, a pilgrimage in Northern Spain finishing off in Santiago de Compostella (100km qualifies you for a completion certificate ). Uzbekistan in September is looking likely Will end of 2019 in Myanmar all being well.
  9. Buddhist themed travel photography
  10. Mosques and Minarets, love the architecture on these buildings.....
  11. Some photos from Hong Kong. Fantastic city.
  12. Some photos from my travels around Morocco. So many interesting photo opportunities there.
  13. I use Flickr to store most of mine online, but dont think you can link your photos from Flickr to here.
  14. Some of my favourites from Italy.
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