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  1. He's had a really strong season so far for Stuttgart in the 2. Bundesliga too. For me he would be a good one to pick up on a free, he certainly has that fight that we could do with... I personally don't think he is that much of a trouble maker. The press have always been gunning for him. A couple of boozy nights out isn't exactly criminal in my opinion. On the field he has only ever given 110% to any club he was at. @The_Rev We could sign him for free, he has no club!
  2. anyone on here seen the news about Kevin Großkreutz being sacked by Stuttgart? http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/39158305 As a lifelong Villa fan who has lived near to Dortmund for the best part of 10 years, I cant help but think that he would be a great addition to our squad. I have a season ticket here in Dortmund and have seen him play numerous times as well as know what sort of character he is. Admittedly he has made a few mistakes, but nothing more than many of our current stock have done. However his comittment to the cause more than justifies the odd slip-up in my opinion. If you ask me, he would be a great player to pick up on a free. Added to that he is also very versatile. For Dortmund he has played nearly every position, including keeper! Just thought i'd throw it into the forum... UTV!
  3. Hi General, Just a quick question, is there any chance/plans to have the fixture list in a format where we can subscribe to it via iCal, Outlook etc.? It would be the perfect solution for myself and probably many others, especially when Sky change all the game times! I presume it would be fairly simple to implement, and would be a great help... As for the appointment, I'll be supporting him and the team whatever his past. He's got 'guts', and that is exactly what we need!!! UTV
  4. For multiple posters, please accept the thread rules. Thanks This thread is for Q&A, the raising of issues and the passing of info two ways ONLY. It is NOT for discussions or banter between posters. [Please look to see if your question has already been asked or answered before posting. Questions about transfers may not be asked, unless previously mentioned by the General. Posts which direct abuse or invective against anyone are not permitted and will be deleted, as will posts consisting solely of fawning praise. The General has stated that hard questions are welcome...the good, bad and ugly...that he is not afraid of them. If he believes any are too incendiary, he just won't answer them. If the General makes a specific comment on a transfer then that specific transfer is "fair game." He asks posters to please understand that comments made on the thread either by Fans or himself are "fair game" to the media and therefore to please understand that we are on an "open site" and the club may wish to avoid certain issues as a result.
  5. I went to see Borussia Dortmund play against City last night as I live out here at the moment. I couldn't believe how slow Barry was! I'm not sure if i'd forgotten or he has actually got slower! I think with hindisght, getting rid of him was a great bit of business! He gave a away the saftest penalty after 5mins, I was wetting myself!!! I say bring in Ireland and let's get this season cracking... UTV
  6. Great words General! Sometimes its easy to get pulled into the trend of 'big spending', but I am sure good things will come to the Villa who continue to always do the 'right thing' for the fans and for the team. It makes me proud to be a Villain. Keep up the good work guys, and I look forward to the new season. UTV
  7. tickets aren't too hard to come by for Dortmund, although obviously the bigger games are harder! If you can get in the 'South Stand' (Sud Tribune) the atmosphere is immense. Almost 30k all standing. I think the tickets there also start from around €10-15, not bad...
  8. Dortmund is the choice for you! I've become a bit of a closet fan myself since moving to the area a couple of years back! the fan base is by far the best in Germany (I think there average attendance is something like 2-3rd in Europe) and the stadium is incredible. Dortmund is good. I won't claim its the best city in the world, but it's also not bad. Location-wise in Germany its very good. If you want to know anything else, let me know, i'd be happy to help out. You said about the financial trouble, but this is much better these days. They have a very young team which is doing very well, and they have got themselves to the point where they can start spending again. In my opinion they are Germany's equivalent of the Villa! What more can you want! Viel spaß...
  9. Hi General, I am a longtime reader of this forum and perhaps a not so regular poster. Either way I love reading your posts & really believe it’s a great time to be a Villa fan at the moment, thanks… I am not sure if you have already seen in the Other Football forum the topic on Attendances across Europe’s top leagues. One club thrown up in this topic who are perhaps not the obvious choice are Borussia Dortmund in Germany. I have been a Villa ST holder for almost 20 years now (I am only in my mid twenties!) and continue to be one although I have been living the last couple of years here in Germany. Unfortunately I am unable to get to as many games these days but still come as regularly as possible. As a result my girlfriend & her family are massive Dortmund fans and I have therefore been able to tag along to many of their games over the last 2-3 years (every cloud has a silver lining!). I know the Villa are always looking at ways to take the club forward in terms of fans, stadium etc. and all I really wanted to ask is if you were already aware of Dortmund? If not maybe you and Randy should have a closer look, as I really believe they have a lot of things in common with the Villa that could maybe help or give you guys ideas for the future. If I understand correctly what you & Randy are trying to do with the club I really think Dortmund isn’t that far off. I think that there is no real reason why we couldn’t emulate something like they do in the coming years and perhaps learn a little from them. In terms of football we are miles ahead of them, but in terms of the stadium, match day experience and relationship between supporters and fans I think we could certainly learn a thing or two from them. In particular the stadium is immense (80k and sold out nearly every week), the build up to the games with huge flags waved by different supporter groups is fantastic and the way the players acknowledge the fans at the end of the game is a really nice touch. I just wanted to bring it to your attention & hope that maybe it could be of some use. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world and short of a ticket let me know, I would be happy to help! All the best, and keep up the good work. UTV
  10. both Coca-Cola cup finals & the last FA cup final! Let's hope I can get to see my fourth, UTV...
  11. season ticket holder & have been for about 15 years, although currently living in Germany so haven't been able to get to as many games as I would like recently but I still make about 5-10 games per season! If we can make it into the Europa league & they draw some Germans teams, maybe I can beat this number!!!
  12. English, & also pretty good in Italian & German. My German is getting better as I live there and my girlfriend is desperate for me to learn it! I also understand 'Brummie' quite well!
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