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  1. Danny rose. 29 in a few weeks. High fee, high wages. Dropping down from champions league club with likely last big contract, motivation therefore questionable. Very unlikely to even be considered.
  2. If anyone fancies a good laugh today head over to the Bristol city fan forum. 4 or 5 threads going based on villa/ref. Would seem the bitterness and petulance of their manager treacles down to a section of their supporters.
  3. Tony

    John McGinn

    I wouldn’t want us to be tactical with these yellow cards. Can come back to bite you on the arse. In all fairness though when jack was out I think he went that whole period without getting a yellow being on his 9th of the season already. So if needs be he can rein it in.
  4. Tony

    AVFC accounts 2018

    I think people get that. But I believe Bruce went on record / indirectly got it into the press that in fact he’d reduced the wage bill and had to work on a tighter budget. So rightly he’ll be judged on his comments in relation to the accounts. Here’s a snipet for you: Yet the mistakes of the past mean Bruce has been forced to work within a tight financial framework since replacing Roberto Di Matteo as boss in October 2016. Villa have spent just £2.5million in transfer fees during the last two windows, while a number of players have been moved off the books. “I understand the situation. It’s what we have all inherited,” said Bruce. “Clearing up and putting the house in order is part of my job. “I don’t get involved as much as I used to “But certainly it’s part of my job because I manage the club and I would try to manage the club how I would manage myself in terms of finances. link
  5. Tony

    Tom Carroll

    Love how he passed the ball and then moved. Something so simple, that so many lack the ability to do.
  6. Accounts for Aston Villa Football Club Limited were out today. Heres a couple of interesting points I took out of it. Worth noting That these set of accounts do not include player trading and wages. These figures, along with those seen within AVFC Ltd are ultimately consolidated and published within Recon Group UK Limited, whose accounts are overdue. I am only including the rough figures from the accounts, for exact see the links above. Revenue Revenue in total is down 9% from circa £71m to £65m, broken down as such: Broadcasting income is down 16% From circa £48m to £40m, expected due to prolonged time in the championship. Believe its our last year of parachute payments, so likely to decrease further in upcoming years. Commercial income has decreased by 20% from circa £10m to £8m. Gate income has increased by 10% from circa £10m to £11m, most likely due to the playoff run and what was a relatively good season. Sponsorship income has increased by 76% from circa £3m to £5m. Admin expenses Total increase of 23%, from circa £79m to £97m. Staff costs have decreased by 28% from circa £8m to £6m, due from a reduction to staff levels of 283. Broken down this is a reduction in full time employees of 31 and part time (match day and events) of 252. Directors pay has increased by 22% from circa £360k to £440k. I think these sums would only be in relation to Keith Wyness, and if so would suggest he gave himself a nice pay rise while letting other staff go. Speculation though. Depreciation charged to the P&L is relatively the same. Other Accruals and deferred income has increased by 130% from circa £9m to £20m. This pretty much explains the increase to administration costs during the year. Not sure on what they have accrued for though, speculating it might be with regards to the HS2 stuff. No stock suggests we continued to outsource the catering. bank loans and overdrafts were fully paid off. There is a note on contingent liabilities which states that an ex employee has bought a claim against the club for unfair dismissal. See Keith Wyness. However at this point it is impractical to estimate a cost in relation to the claim. Suggests no costs recognised for it within the accounts. Feel free to add any further points i might have missed. Currently an operating loss of £32.5m for the time being, however until final accounts are out from Recon we wont have the full picture with regards to FFP.
  7. Some right pathetic comments on here. It’s embarrassing.
  8. Think the possible issue is that opposition team are so easily doubling up or some times tripling up on each of our wingers as this is currently our only way of creating anything. The Full backs unable to support in any meaningful way leaving them overrun, and with jack out there’s no outlay in the middle to draw players and create space.
  9. Tony

    Dean Smith

    Fans in horror shock that high press, control based football can’t be played with 30+ non tenchincally gifted players in the last years of their contracts. Grow up. Will take time, not the manager that needs changing at this point.
  10. He’s good enough just needs to start games consistently now to develop. Pace, skill and desire to track back, something I noticed kodjia wasn’t doing leaving Taylor constantly isolated. Took his goal well, needs to work on his crossing, over hit all of them.
  11. Think I remember it being around 7m. At 4/5m I’d probably take it up. But 7 would over paying I think. Still young however and hopefully the inconsistency gets ironed out as at the moment he’s are only creative winger.
  12. I bbet she does a cracking job
  13. Wouldn’t have no effect on FFP unless he was to be sold. Value of the asset recognised, from my understanding, is the purchase price of the player. No purchase, nothing recognised in assets, and when purchased can’t be revalued based on how good he is. Even if you could do that, it would seem counter productive. FFP concerned with the profit and loss, assets concerned with balance sheet. When player is sold profit / loss on disposal recognised within the P&L based on difference between players current value within the assets, and the proceeds received from buyer. Hence if you increase value of asset from 5 to 10mil and sell for 7.5m, keeping the asset at 5mil value would have created a profit of 2.5, whilst increasing value to 10mil would instead create a loss of 2.5m. Believe that is accurate.
  14. Tony

    Dean Smith

    Most of the best teams in the world right now have full backs, who as you would mention, bomb forward. Problem being ares just can’t get back. Personnel rather than system.
  15. Tony

    Dean Smith

    as long as there is a long to medium term clear idea of what we want to do, how we are going to do it, and a show of inplementing it I’ll be happy to ride the tricky spells through for a sufficient period of time. This team has been left unbalanced and aging due to short term suicide planning over the last 3 years. Littered with players likely to be fazed out and because of this lacking motivation. Ds might or might not be the answer, but I prey that the plans, style, recruitment and overall ethos are implemented at a higher level and any replacement (if necessary) would be following on the work rather than changing it drastically.
  16. Tony

    Dean Smith

    The cb sub I get. As smith said they were pushing Chester on to his weak foot and he brought someone on to add balance who is naturally left footed, additionally to try break the first line of their press. I get the idea, it just didn’t work.
  17. I was always under the impression that fosu Mensah was a DM ?
  18. It’s worth noting that since smith came in Tammy has 13 goals in 14 games. Previous to this he had 3 in 6 under Bruce. In comparison neal maupay had scored 10 goals in 11 games with smith in charge, and since leaving he now has 5 goals in 13 games. Whilst Tammy is an all round good striker and I believe premier league level, smiths system is very much set up to benefit a half decent striker. And while he’d be a loss I’d expect an adequate replacement would still score a good amount of goals, be that kodjia, hogan or someone brought in. Lets not forget hogan scored circa 14 goals in half season under smith and kodjia I believe got 19 for us in his first season. We’ll be just fine.
  19. Just let the guy get on with his career however he sees fit, let’s not be petty about it. As for would he fit into this side, he currently has a pass accuracy of 65%, which is frankly horrendous, and suits blues style more where the ball is likely to bypass him, so no.
  20. From what I could gather doing abit of research, is an LB for Everton who is doing well for u23’s but not good enough for first team. Went on loan at Sunderland and played CB, fans didn’t seem overly impressed with him, although some said he was a good defender. Had issues with injuries, contract up at end of this season would be free to move. Is quick and athletic, differing opinions on whether he was good on the ball in the air etc. Overall doesn’t look an inspired signing to say the least. 24 and hopefully with abit of coaching becomes an adequate signing, not holding my breath. Edit: having looked a little further it says he’s also played rb so take your pick.
  21. Tony

    Alan Hutton

    Have thought this before when he has had to make a last ditch lunge to block a shot on goal from the winger. Unfortunately many people see the last ditch challenge and laud him for that rather than see that his positing was s**t in the first place, and had it been right he wouldn't even need to make one.
  22. The lack of pace in that centre half pairing scares me with the high press we usually play.
  23. Out of interest, as a scout when looking at a player do you ever check fan forums for general opinions and easy highlights of strengths / weaknesses? I know a lot will be reactionary comments to possible one off performances, but always thought it gives a half decent indication to how they will be.
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