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  1. General Could you or the club make a statement on Curtis Davies loan / signing. My understandiing is that he is a Villa player period (signed and agreed) . It was just the terms of a 1 year loan and then a fee would be paid to WBA that is a little unusual. However ever since last summer there has been debate about whether he would join us, be sent back or a host of other options and now he is injured people are again debating the options. If you have a definitive response you will save us time and confussion.
  2. Given the fact you are asked this question every game - how about putting a tickets sold counter on the AVFC web page. It sould only take someone 2 minutes to update it each day. You also never commented on the Webcam outside Villa Park and Bodymoor Heath. If it won't work, I can take it!
  3. #2 will look the best on TV. #3 is OK but we gobnna win something soon and it will then be outdated.
  4. General How about putting a couple of strategically placed web-cams around Villa Park and Bodymore Heath. Daft as it seems I would take a look to see the comings and goings. Match days for sure but also just to see the place. It would also be an opportunity to show the Villa brand around the world.
  5. Kerms please. I am sure that the delay is not due to somebody sitting on their ass until Feb. As the General often says, chasing coats for you will not be in his remit. General my question. What progress is being made abroad. After the summer tour to the US I half expected news of links with a team over here or the opeing of an Academy or 2. Other teams seem to moving in that direction to get their name ingrained in the public's mind.
  6. Load of tosh Corscombe_Villa. Frustration is high due to lack of signings. The buck appears to stop ith MON on this. End of story.
  7. General - this whole transfer setup is ridiculous and making Villa look like they have no clue what they are doing. Can you tell me who actually performs the negotiations - hopefully MON should be advising on transfer fees and targets but not be haggling over prices. Questions for the General do not include rants about the squad size, something which he has no control over - 306
  8. Pettyfog... chill. The report is not bad, take a look at other sites when the games get real and you will see real downgrading. Our defense (defence) did suck in the 2nd half and needs to be looked at. Thankfully the 1st half defense is good enough - at least until we get injuries. The PA was a little over the top. I am used to US sports but even this guy made me laugh...... "Corner Kick Creeewwww". You had to be there other Villa fans. Everyone I met in Columbus was great, the Crew really did a good job in making us welcome with scarves, beer and dogs all thrown in. Pity you didn't have
  9. I don't pay VAT when I buy from the site. Therefore this would be a site for a worldwide audience and as we are marketing ourselves to the world, we should sell products as such. Another step forward to marketing of Villa!!
  10. General MEETING FANS ON TOUR (Point 3 above) Columbus Crew have told some of us that have already purchased tickets that they intend to have an after game celebration/party and they hope to invite some of the Aston Villa players (apparantly it worked well with Everton last year) Maybe you could point the person at the Club that takes care of such things in the direction of Columbus Crew people. Be great if the whole team showed up.
  11. General Toronto FC are selling tickets to play Villa on July 25th but we have not had any official message on the USA tour plans. This makes it difficult to organize. Do I buy tickets for Toronto but then find out we have a game somewhere else that I cannot attend now. Do I wait and see and then find out all the Toronto tickest are sold? I gather they have 16,000 season ticket holders and only 21,000 seats. When can we expect an update on the complete tour. I want to travel up from Dallas with my son but would like to know where we start and where we finish before I start buying tickets
  12. DDID Give the General a break..... it has been answered many times. Let me try and read between the lines. Aston Villa would love to change the sponsor, all the fans would like to change the sponsor, But they will not break a contract unless it is agreed by all parties. In other words if we can make it work for all concerned 32red will more than likely be gone, otherwise it is 1 more year. Just one consideration though General, shirt sales will be so much greater if we can lose 32red. I for 1 will buy a couple for sure otherwise I will be tempted to wait 12 months.
  13. I have no problems with a 2nd or 3rd kit having some link with the browns. I always like our white away colours but look at some of change strips (scary)..... what harm would it do to have a different colour. The 3rd jersey could be the key, a mixture of Villa and the Browns. Only wear a couple of times a year... sell them in the UK and USA..... I like it more and more.
  14. get over it, nobody is going to turn us in to worldbeaters overnight (if at all). DOL is as good as we can get rirght now.
  15. Sometimes you just need to see a change. Vass has been the same frustrating player year after year. He has 1 year left on his contract and will struggle to get back into the England team. Baros would sign for 4 years, hasn't lost his international place and I also think will get better but Vass will always be Vass. Take a chance, we need change. I vote Baros!
  16. If he didn't want to come in January we shouldn't bother with him the summer. How loyal would he have been to Soton had ManU, Ars, Newcastle, etc wanted him. He would have been out of town before you can say 'relegation fight'. If he isn't excited about joining us...we don't want him. He'll make a good Championship Player!
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