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  1. Ideally they would all go, however if RDM happened to get any of them playing like a decent footballer for Villa then I'd happily be cheering them on next season like the true fickle fan that I am
  2. Except hopefully we wouldn't pay 8 million for him
  3. I thought Dallas looked decent who played for Northern Ireland, he's also looked good the couple of times I've seen him play for Leeds
  4. Yep, but what seems more likely to happen from nearly every other take over is that the owner passes the test and then the club get stuff with a shitty owner. How many owners have failed the test? I have my doubt on the new owner, but you would assume that Hollis has been given evidence that they can afford to buy the club.
  5. Everyone moans that Lerner won't sell, then they moan that he sells to someone who's not right for the club, believe it or not, I doubt there are many people out there that have a 200 million quid in cash spare to buy Aston Villa. We all wanted Lerner out and looking at every other take over that has happened in recent times, lots of the seem to have owners from dodgy background. Hollis had a job, sell the club, if Lerner gets his money, Hollis gets his bonus, I don't imagine an angry backlash from the Internet is much of a concern
  6. Would definitely keep Clark, people say that he's not worth 5 million, Baggies paid 8 million for James Chester last season and that was when there was last money in the Premier Leauge, plus the fact we don't want to have to get 3 new centre halves as we will have Baker back but Okore seems to have delusions of grandeur and he's a bit shit however I'd happily keep him, Lescott is complete shit and Richards is shit and the a sign of everything that was wrong with us last season. On from that I quiet like Clark, at least he takes responsibility, however if there is a 5 million clause we wi
  7. Who from the Derby squad would you like us to sign? I must admit I don't know much about the Championship team.
  8. Lescott was useless for the majority of the season, but he did have a spell for about 3 games where he played well which is more than the rest of them. If I HAD to be pick someone to stay out off Richards, Gabby or Lescott I'd pick Lescott, but then again, that's kind of like pick how you'd like to die, drowning, been shot or torture (Gabby staying)
  9. Embarrassing that he is basically talking about sacking people to the press and managers he wants
  10. I said this a few pages ago, I want the rumour to start as I had a couple of quid on him at 50/1. Doubt he would do any good but it would increase our profile in China which is what it's all about isn't it?
  11. Ryan Giggs is looking an interesting bet at 40/1, **** all experience but you'd think he'd appeal to the Chinese market!
  12. That's what Eddie Howe has done as well and I'd love him as manager as well.
  13. Would be a fantastic signing for us if we could pull it off.
  14. But has failed as his last two jobs, one been Villa and played some of worse football I'd seen at Villa Park (until this season) so seems a bizarre suggestion unless you were trying unsuccessfully to be amusing
  15. It's an idea isn't it but Warnock is to old and I find him a massive clearing in the woods
  16. Isn't the most important thing about Pearson that he got them promoted which is all we should give a shit about at the moment, getting out the championship
  17. It was a mistake to sell Cahil but he is still average at best and shows how poor England are at the back that he is even in he squad let alone first choice
  18. At least he's apologiesed, doesn't stop the fact that he is shit.
  19. Not another striker out in town late the night before a game!
  20. Football ownership is a bit of luck as well. Leicesters owners didn't seem the most clued up in the past, like any business they are trusting the people they employ. Lerner needs to go, no doubt about it and he has fooked us up but for a time he tried, even this season we spent some money and we moan about the wage bill. The press report a lack of spending but also that we are paying people to much. They can't both be right. Miss management with out doubt but unfortunately I do worry who we will get when we get brought
  21. Best punishment would be to make him play in the next home game, then Gabby would find out what been booed would be like. Flabby Agbonlahor, Flabby Agbonlahor....
  22. Personally I think the club are trying to shame Gabby out of Villa, it's a bit embarrassing, suspending him at first, then saying he had a virus then he's unfit? Non of this they needed to announce, I want rid of him as well but I don't like the way they are going about it in trying to make the fans hate him to shame him out.
  23. No need to be so rude when someone that supports another clue takes time to give feedback on a potential manager
  24. It's obviously for smoking the shisha pipe, unfortunately I think we would struggle to sack him for that. Would be amazing if we could though.
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