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  1. Both home and away are horrendous. Really cheap looking and that sleeve sponsor makes them look even worse.
  2. Not a fan of it at all myself. Think it looks really cheap and tacky, but sure no biggie - I'll just buy the away/third kit
  3. Luckily enough for me I fall into all three of these categories
  4. Nice to see Tonev return in an El Ghazi mask
  5. Jedinak should not be in the team regardless of what position he's played in. Age has caught up on him - so slow and his distribution has been woeful today also.
  6. Yep but still some people won't be won over. His experience at this stage of the season with playoffs more than likely coming up will be crucial
  7. I agree he played well. Definitely going to need him over the last 7 games including the playoffs.
  8. Yep, agree with this. He's played his part this season - Blues away comes to mind when he was battered and bruised and got the MOTM if I remember rightly. Almost scored a worldie last night too on the volley.... Whiskers wide
  9. That's us waiting til the end of the summer again to see our new kit
  10. Yep I think the star just above this badge would be perfect
  11. Agree that all were great to watch but McGrath was hardly at the end of his career being 29 and going on to play 7 seasons for us. My 7 favourite seasons as a Villa fan I might add
  12. Really starting to see his worth now. Absolute workhorse.
  13. If we want to be in the mix we can't let players like him go no matter what offer comes in. On a side note the missus has banished me to the spare room for a few days after I came in from an all day pub session yesterday and woke her up singing the Conor Hourihane song. Well worth it Conor lad!!
  14. Whatever happened to the fan mosaic appearing on the away shirt?
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