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  1. You don't know that. None of us do. Let's just wait and see, shall we? You might be surprised come the end of the season!
  2. Don't worry mate, this thread will soon close!
  3. And the reason being, Dean et.co., are surely satisfied with the business we've done and don't see a need for further reinforcements.
  4. We'd have handily lost that game last season. Now that we actually have a squad, we can compete even when the odds are against us. They were well organized and ugly, but we battled well and showed some real grit at times. We'll get much better. Just got to have a little more patience.
  5. Fair observations. Then again, you could likewise argue Watford scored a very lucky deflection and an equally well executed shot. We won't get into Europe playing like that though.
  6. I didn't say the club don't know.
  7. This. I keep telling myself to stay away from here after defeats, yet here I am every single day
  8. Honestly you don't know jack shit about Sanson yet, none of us do. Has he even finished a whole game yet!? McGinn is good enough for where are now. He may even improve still.
  9. vreitti

    Matty Cash

    Madness. Let's instead crucify him because we lost a football match.
  10. Perhaps... I don't mind ppl "expressing disappointment", at all. It's the ridiculous over-the-top reactions, which came in abundance yesterday. I get the frustration, I too wanted to win. But calling for the manager to go and dismissing all of our new signings... after one game... I mean, it's simply pathetic.
  11. This. It's like the expectation is we ought to win every game.
  12. Geez this thread is as depressing as always. Lighten up fellas, it's only the first game.
  13. Buendia should hit the ground running. Suspect it'll take a while longer for Bailey to adapt, but I'm certain they'll both come good. As always, we need to be patient.
  14. Honestly I don't personally care that much for Europe. What excites me most is the togetherness, the quality of the football we're (hopefully) gonna play and the prospect of our outstanding youth players breaking through. E. Don't confuse excitement with expectation!
  15. In all fairness, that's probably peanuts for these owners. The real incentive for CL football is the potential of the very best quality footballers signing.
  16. It's not that simple mate. Let's keep in mind Grealish went for the British record, and we've added three additional players to the squad. Should we just purchase more bodies to fill up the numbers? I think it would be very unwise at this point, and would perhaps further hinder the development of the promising youth too. Should more first team players leave, it's a different issue of course.
  17. How I see the new campaign: I've been a fan of this wonderful football club for roughly 30 years, and never during that time have I ever been this excited for the coming season. I firmly believe we have genuine quality on every position for the first time in what feels like an eternity. UTV!
  18. You make it sound as if they've had to wait ten years already. Just consider where we were two years ago. A little perspective please.
  19. Doubt it'll shut up the doom mongers.
  20. Shsss with your sensible views, let's instead get hysterical cus we ain't signing nobody else.
  21. Exactly. There's no problem. People overreacting as per usual.
  22. We've signed Bailey, Buendia and Sanson will be like another new signing. Midfield is without a doubt stronger now.
  23. That's great and all... if only he'd play more like Roy Keane.
  24. No idea, but he's gonna be first after this season.
  25. He's rather injury prone, so another loan seems sensible.
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