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  1. So is this finally the midfield beast, that'll make @TRO content?
  2. I'm certainly big enough to admit I was wrong. I suspect past performances (mainly last season), really clouded my mind, and I just couldn't see the improvement. I absolutely concur though, he was brilliant. Just gutted with the result. We deserved so much more with that collective effort.
  3. Another improved performance. I'm slowly warming up to him.
  4. Absolutely fine to disagree mate. Cash was superb. I'd have swapped Elmo for Traore at roughly 60'. Smith is in my view naive, usually waiting until 80 or so before doing anything. I fear it will cost us at some point. Maybe I'm just still nervous from all the shit years, and the many late crumblings in the past.
  5. Like I said in the match thread. It's irrelevant. Fresh legs. Ramsey, Elmo, Nakamba, Hourihane, Davis. Take your pick. I mean he made the changes, but a tad sooner, and we might have had a little bit less nervous ending.
  6. A brilliant point. We were tired and it showed. My only qualm is Smith's hesitancy to make changes. Everyone knows the bench is shit, but they are still professional football players.
  7. It doesn't matter. We are leggy as hell. Ramsey is perfectly fine for the remainder.
  8. We are going to concede soon if we don't get some fresh legs on the pitch.
  9. McGinn is seriously blowing out of his arse now. Smith needs to make changes, irrespective of bench quality.
  10. We still need more squad depth. Ideally we bring in another striker, and a midfield battler. They don't need to be automatic starters.
  11. I've had these exact same worries, and I didn't think he was all that good against Albion, but he was outstanding today.
  12. Let's not get carried away now, he's improved alright, but still looks like a hockey player.
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