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  1. Indeed. He sure uncovered some true gems like Eirik Bakke, Eric Djemba-Djemba, Didier Agathe, Phil Bardsley, Shaun Maloney, Moustaoha Salifou, Zat Knight, Marlon Harewood, Nicky Shorey, Steve Sidwell, Habib Beye, Stephen Warnock, etc.
  2. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    I agree, Smith is to blame. We have a terrible squad no question, but he isn't helping himself at the moment. I really wan't to believe he can turn this around, but I struggle.
  3. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    It really makes no difference who we have starting, when we've got no gameplan. It's difficult for sure to match them regardless, I'm just really disappointed with DS because we seem to be giving up without a fight.
  4. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    Formation mattered diddly squat. It would've been damage control at best. The result simply reflected the obvious difference in quality. We are in the wrong league, with this squad.
  5. Of course they do, we all know who's managing them. Still, they've got far more quality in advance positions compared to us. I just don't see them being sucked into the relegation fight myself, sadly.
  6. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    THIS. I think most of us knew the squad wasn't good enough, but I never thought we'd capitulate they way we've done. Whilst I'm not advocating sacking Smith (yet), I really have a hard time seeing how he's turning this around.
  7. What is this crap? We're playing like a pub team. Surely the difference can't be this big? E. I knew they were just waiting for my comments
  8. He's got experience and is an upgrade on what we have. I'm thinking he wants to make an impact and resurrect his career.
  9. Dean seems to have a slightly different idea of how to play the game. Fwiw I largely agree with you, I've said so before, but perhaps we're just plain wrong. It's an outdated approach tbh, and I don't really see Liverpool or Man City needing it, the way they move the ball. Perhaps that is what Dean is slowly trying to emulate? Don't think he's interested in turning us into the likes of Burnley, or Sheffield United.
  10. vreitti

    Wesley Moraes

    Whilst I don't think much of him as a footballer, I'm really gutted for the lad. Seems a top bloke too, hopefully he makes full recovery.
  11. I'm slightly biased, but Kamara would be an absolute awesome signing. He covers a lot of ground, is a great tackler and very calm in possession.
  12. I've been too critical, so credit to Wesley, who was superb today, considering what has been. Hopefully his injury isn't too bad. Great team effort today too. Grealish another class as per usual. Long may it continue, but now we need to strengthen.
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