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  1. Football is a game of fine margins, and yesterday really proved that. The game was pretty even for most part, until Grealish missed that exceptional solo effort, and soon after Bamford got that lucky first goal. Perhaps our heads dropped a bit, and Leeds just kept on playing and applying even more pressure. In the end they fully deserved that comfortable victory. There wasn't much Smith could do either. We now have a great first eleven, but not enough depth to substantially change things around. I do think we were a tad complacent too... we finally got some much deserved media reco
  2. I'd rather we bought an experienced player, as opposed to these "highly rated" kids.
  3. He's just plain thick. Also I wouldn't be surprised to find out he has some sort of grudge with Jack.
  4. Well your stance is certainly clear. It will not matter much how Dean does in this or any other respect, since I'm sure you'll just find something new to hold against him.
  5. I hope we finally sign Joe Bryan.
  6. Why, when we could just offer them Bruce's favourite son Elmo for a straight swap?
  7. Integration sure, and if only we'd have had an actual football manager at the time, I recon it would've helped.
  8. With that profile pic, can't really blame her!?
  9. So are we gonna talk about why our posterboy isn't seen in the new kit
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