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  1. Has any other player actually been booked for simulation this season? I can't recall a single incident... and I've watched way too many games. Anways, nothing much to tell the grandchildren about today. Thought we were well in the game up until that stupid penalty. After that, we had a horrible 10 min spell, where they did the damage. It happens. I trust we'll be better next season.
  2. That's easy. Just get Kamara from Rangers. Sadly I think he might cost the same.
  3. Come on now, tell us how you really feel.
  4. Same conclusion. Benrahma on the other hand, was quite good.
  5. This is another false narrative that gets repeated almost daily. I swear I've not seen a single post on here, saying Dean is beyond criticism. Actually it's opposite, almost everyone singing his praises, also recognize he's still learning.
  6. What is her best position?
  7. Sure, he recently turned 50. Thankfully age is just a number.
  8. Yeah I suspect a successful next season, won't hinge on us signing Sander Berge.
  9. Don't think he's touched the ball since he came on.
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