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  1. All true. Yet I'd argue we currently look way worse than all the aforementioned teams. Form may of course change, but ours has been poor for several months, whereas the others have shown signs of improvement lately... and we play Chelsea next who looked almost unstoppable and smashed 4 past Everton. We can hope, but that's about it.
  2. It's all opinions... yours and mine, it seems are very far away from one another. I can't even remember a performance worthy of mention this season. Perhaps Everton at home. I thought we were scared shitless in the final, and never actually challenged them.
  3. I honestly struggle to see how we'd even beat a Sunday league team. You can "think" whatever you like. There's just NOTHING supporting such "thinking" currently. It's all just wishful thinking, and blind fate.
  4. To even speak of survival at this point, considering the way we're playing, is bordering on psychosis. It's been the same for months now. Something needs to change.
  5. I just can't see Jack giving up on us, whatever he may have lined up for the future. Granted he may just be exhausted for carrying the team for too long, but I honestly think there's something else not right at Villa. The manager simply has to reignite the spirit or be gone.
  6. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    That's just bollocks. They're exactly the same. Dogshit that is.
  7. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    DS actually thought we "turned up", but just got "beat by a better team" last night. Think that says it all. He is simply out of his depth, irrespective of the quality of the squad.
  8. You can be sure they'll have found form again, when they finally play us.
  9. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    We've been far too lethargic and scattered with our pressing, especially in midfield, where we so easily get overrun. I think it's partly down to fear, but also a lack of stamina. McGinn will surely add a much needed presence in this respect. I'm really looking forward to Monday. I'm expecting a mighty response from DS and the team.
  10. vreitti

    Douglas Luiz

    TBH there's not much of a difference, from an impact point of view. One could even argue Hourihane has had a bigger impact. Granted Luiz's got more potential, but I doubt we'll be reaping the benefit anytime soon.
  11. vreitti

    Dean Smith

    My guess is he actually knows 4 at the back is defensively more solid, based on the what we all saw in the beginning of the season. However it leads to a more direct and predictable playing style, a style Smith doesn't seem to prefer, which is why I believe he's been tinkering with the formations. I just hope he's learnt his lesson. The constant chopping and changing need to stop. Results is all the matters now. We simply aren't good enough to play the way Smith would like. It's time to get pragmatic or start to preparing for the championship.
  12. Grealish vs. Foden is just an utterly ridiculous debate. Everyone and his mother knows Grealish is head and shoulders above. Foden had a great game though, and Jack was entirely nullified.
  13. We are defensive mess mostly because we don't function defensively as a team. Nakamba's certainly had his off games too, but he's mostly done a good job. Luiz has been far more inconsistent, and it's best not to even mention the other CMs. Luiz might well develop into a real class player given time, but for me he isn't a regular starter yet.
  14. I don't think so. Looses his man way too often and not nearly disciplined enough for a defender. I dunno if it's a question of attitude or lack of skill though. Maybe both. Also he seems too slow for a modern full back. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I feel we're better of with Taylor there, simply cus he's the better defender.
  15. Nakamba is certainly good enough in his current role, and without a doubt premier league quality. He'll most likely improve next year too. Luiz, Hourihane, Drinkwater, and Lansbury are all terrible though. The wings (apart from Grealish) being inconsistent at best, really makes our entire midfield abysmal.
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