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  1. Well yeah, but it's far too soon for such conclusions, after 7 games. I firmly believe we'll see more consistency this season.
  2. The same midfield that bossed Everton and Manure.
  3. Based on what exactly? He's done feck all thus far in a villa shirt.
  4. Overreactions are running wild as per usual when we lose a game. Not that I'm surprised. This ridiculous privileged thinking is quite cringeworthy tbh. We are slowly building, and it shows. Yet we could have easily scraped a draw tonight. Furthermore, we weren't nearly as bad as some are making out. There are better days to come. Have some patience (and a few beers). Btw the formation was not the problem today.
  5. What a result! What a day! Mike Dean out! Dean Smith out!
  6. Lol they have to bring on Lukaku to stand a chance in this game.
  7. We really are great to watch. I can't get enough of this team.
  8. You don't know that. None of us do. Let's just wait and see, shall we? You might be surprised come the end of the season!
  9. Don't worry mate, this thread will soon close!
  10. And the reason being, Dean et.co., are surely satisfied with the business we've done and don't see a need for further reinforcements.
  11. We'd have handily lost that game last season. Now that we actually have a squad, we can compete even when the odds are against us. They were well organized and ugly, but we battled well and showed some real grit at times. We'll get much better. Just got to have a little more patience.
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