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  1. There's no denying his talent. He just ain't a team player, which is going to be even more detrimental now, cus chances will be even more limited.
  2. To my recollection he did it well enough back in the day. Perhaps he became a little soft towards the end of his career. The similarities are there regardless.
  3. This. He is as close to Scholes as they come. No wonder manure are "interested".
  4. vreitti

    Wesley Moraes

    It's got to be legitimate. Says so on wikipedia
  5. Where do y'all hear these thing. I've not heard anything
  6. Why not just buy a time machine, while we're at it!?
  7. indeed. I heard his main responsibility was operating the hot dog stand outside the stadium.
  8. As long as he performs and we win, these don't mean diddly squat.
  9. I'd definitely consider Elmo instead of Adomah or Green. Not all that confident with Hause in the centre though. Honestly I'd go with Hutton at RB.
  10. He may yet develop into a player, but no way is he good enough to start games.
  11. They are more physical, more direct, more dirty, and perhaps more tenacious, but no way are they a "better footballing side". We simply have more quality, we just need to show it. If it's them in the final, it's gonna be a tough game.
  12. I think his decision making has improved significantly under Smith. It's so hard to say how he'll fare with better players in The PL.

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