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  1. Matt cash notts going to Southampton for 12m...good right back
  2. I the problems with our recruitment have been discussed before....buy cheap...get lower standard of player. We definitely need to change that now we stayed up. I think the problem we have with the players we have is they are too ridged in their skills and positions. Lets use Hourihane and el ghazi as prime examples...one is an winger who cant play more centrally and the other is a midfielder who struggles if forced wide. The good players in the premiership can all play in any area of the pitch...not position...but area of pitch and have a skill and tactical awareness that's shows that. IMO we need almost at least 8 first team players to do better than this season and get rid of those that are just not good enough. The priority is definitely a Striker, box to box midfielder with a bit of weight, Centre Half, Left Back and winger. That's five players min.....100 mil plus. That's of course if we keep Grealish, McGinn, Mings and Heaton
  3. In an ideal world...we keep grealish, Heaton and luiz get in Benrahma Abraham Cantwell...for legs LB CB Maybe a lallana...looking for team But importantly we need a strong team...no 8 mil players....20.30 mil
  4. I said it a while back...hes got three years left. If the club sell him where they want to go...who they are getting in...i think he will give it one more season.
  5. Watching the Everton game...all over bournemouth but lacking quality in final third...but bournemouthooking to counter attack...definitely another goal in this game
  6. Players buy in to the ethos of the club and where it wants to go. Grealish will know who the board are looking at if we stay up and if we go down. All players want assurances of if, when, what, happens throughout the season, plus players all talk to each these days. I do believe he is already gone...where....Utd or City....but part of me believes that if we do stay up....and invest in the 'right players'...gets sold the plans by the board and importantly the manager.....he may stay for one more season...then leave next year....bit like Barry did.
  7. Targett will just get off the pitch.....offering nothing
  8. Target allowing the winger the freedom of Witton Lane...ffs
  9. Add we defend to deep...yet somehow get walked through. 10 players in the box.....no one on the edge Cant pass No movement I could go on....just shit all round
  10. Due to recent times i would rather see the board go big on a manager with proven qualities over an overpriced championship player who 'might' be good...sometimes you have to spend big to get big. That in its self is worth a couple of points as a proven manager would not have made the basic mistakes Smith has. Like others...as a person...great...getting up...great...and he will part of that success...but sometimes you got to know where you are at and where you want to go and unfortunately Smith wont take us there.
  11. Bazmonkey

    Ezri Konsa

    Agreed...I would ask what Targett was doing sitting next to Mings when the cross came in.....having said that he has done it all season.....poor positional sense and awareness.
  12. Did his usual thing....stand within inches of Mings....never know anyone with such poor defensive positioning
  13. Bazmonkey

    Dean Smith

    Why don't sheff utd have better players. I keep hearing we have better players than Sheffield utd...watford...bournemouth What are we basing this on?
  14. like Wesley and the hammering he gets. Do we create loads of chances for him...no Does he get protection and support from midefield….no Does he have to deal with long balls and 100 mph balls played in to him....yes Is he always surrounded by 2..maybe 3 defenders.....yes. I'd say the issue with the team around him. If we were creating sitters for him every game and he misses them...then fine...he is poor....but lets look at how we play first before we say he's poor
  15. I was in the Holte when this happened....been watching villa for 35 years...these three years were some of the good times...the place was buzzing.....Young...Barry.....Carew....Melberg...i could go on...... Who would know it would end so badly at the start of the following season and 10 years on>
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