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  1. There will always be speculation from the w%^k 6 for the best players.....unfortunately we have to live and hear about it every day. But.....i think if we keep showing ambition...bring in better players every window.....I can see him staying for maybe two or three years. Then when he gets to 27/28 like Kane at Spurs...he may choose to move on for a bit of silverware but at least we can say we had for for some good years.
  2. i wouldnt listen to Danny Murphy....part of the liverpool media mafia. He cant say a single thing without mentioning....when i was at liverpool. He has just announced his starting 11 for the croatia.....what a tube. Grealish on the bench. Part of me wants Grealish to do well at the Euro's but the the other half says if he doesnt play then hopefully it will cool the interest in him and we can have a relaxed summer
  3. As much as we didn't get much out of Barnsley Southampton shef utd etc. I didn't expect us to get anything out of liverpool arsenal x 2...Chelsea spurs and Everton so it kind of balances its self out. However I will say....theres no point getting those results if we ain't going to take points in games we should be expecting to win. That's what will get us higher in the table next season
  4. Full backs tucking in again.... Too.many players in our box....no outlet. Too much hoof. Needs to be better
  5. Looks like he knows the season is over form him Knows he aint getting a permanent deal. Looks likes he's towing a caravan he's that slow
  6. Why do our centre halfs never mark crosses amd leave it tonthe full backs Great save from emi
  7. Totally agree but there needs to be a balance. If you end up buying championship you will end up in the championship. Each year playing in the prem will make the Konsa's.....Cash...etc get better. We need to add experience and a bit of quality along with these players to move us forward.....otherwise we will always be waiting for players to develop whilst trying to be competitive at the same time. There are players out there......Wolves were able to pick good players on the fringes of some good teams abroad....we should do the same and now and then pick the best ones from t
  8. I agree with the first part, but the problem with Smith is the later. Its been since Jan we have played this way so what has learned and importantly what has he implemented, I'd say nothing becuae we are playing the way we are. Its almost like he is hoping one day it will work...but will it....I dont think so. This has got to be a concern. Does he not trust the players...does he not think the players can play another way???? Spot on.....i said this last year and this season...we do not have the luxury of having three in the middle of the park because they are simply not
  9. This Plus when the IPL was initially set up it clashed with England tours and domestic leagues. Clubs tried to keep players but ultimately the players won. The leagues and tours were adjusted so players could play for England and IPL. I sense something similar will happen in football...they will find away to keep players happy. Football has been sleep walking in to something like this for years....and it is snowballing now. We had Chelsea with money first then city and others like us and Leeds trying to complete but failing. As much as I admire Neville for his rant he
  10. I'd be phone on the phone to Dyche first thing tomorrow. What did he put in the water at half time...we've been shit since
  11. Same. As a team we have a bad habit of being the generous one. Need a win...play the villa. Need your forward to score...play the villa. Liverpool need a home win...guess who they have coming soon .........the villa
  12. Id take lookman..been impressed........he would be a good addition he has more to his game than Maximin....id say we already have a similar player in Traore....but less pace.
  13. its is too an extent but...ive said this many times...we have too many like for like players who are limited. El Ghahzi..is a winger....just a winger...not an attacking midfielder...so will stay out on the wing and wait......Traore is the same.....chuck in Tez too. Using Leicester as an example...they have Maddison Barnes...Vardy and Tielmens....all Midfielders who can play in all areas of the pitch...but the main thing is they all have movement and play as a unit
  14. Spot on fella....especially the bold bits. This could go in any thread but the main issue and in a way Luiz is a problem...is the team cannot old its shape and importantly the movement when we have the ball is shocking. I've lost count how many times we get the ball and a player is either surrounded by three or...the nearest player is 40 yards away. We dont move off the ball..players are isolated......I look at other teams.....even wolves sat night....15...20 yard passes....through the middle....we do a couple of 10 yards and its long ball....lose...repeat....can we do it....yes
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